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Tuesday 24th October 2006


Basic Computer User

Recently the SandBox technology of Norman Virus Control added another esteemed award to its long list of achievements, once again being recognised for its outstanding industry leading security capabilities.

Info Security Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication, and the world’s leading publication on security-related products and technologies has named the Norman SandBox a winner of the August 2006 Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award in the two categories “Virtual Environment Solutions" and “Forensics".

This prestigious award recognizes security vendors with advanced, ground-breaking network security solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of information security.

In addition to the above, it has been found that antivirus applications from Symantec, McAfee or Trend Micro -- the three leading AV vendors -- are far less likely to detect new viruses and Trojans (Up to 80% less effective!) than the least popular brands. Less to do with the actual software and more to do with the fact that they have been targeted by virus writers who engineer their work so as to penetrate the defences of these top sellers.

Tips when Buying a Webcam
These tips are based on assumption that you are to use it for communication purposes via the internet;

· The most important factor is the lens quality (not the number of pixels). The more expensive webcams are usually have a glass lens, instead of the cheap plastic ones.

· Low lux capability. Higher end webcams often performs better in poor lighting condition.

· Processing. Again, some of the more expensive products do their own image processing in the webcam itself, thus using less of your computer resources. This is an important feature to consider if you are using an older computer system.

· Number of pixels usually translates to the maximum resolution capable. Most internet chatting is done at 320x200 resolutions or similar. So, this resolution is normally enough for the majority of internet chatting. Higher resolution requires higher pixels, but does not necessarily translate to better quality picture.

· Number of frames per second will determine how smooth the motion video will be. The quality of your internet connection will determine this factor. Keep in mind that the internet upload speed (which is usually much slower) is an important factor.

· A better webcam gives a better quality image.

Consider other features such as type, shape, colour, size, etc. based on your personal preferences.

Apple reportedly files iPhone patents
Is the world ready for an iPod phone? Apple could roll out two iPhone models early next year, according to several media reports citing patent filings. More

Apple ships iPods carrying virus
Some of Apple Computer’s iPod digital music players shipped in the past month carry a computer virus, according to a posting on Apple’s technical support Web site. More

Yahoo beats Microsoft to punch with IE update
It posts an optimized version of Internet Explorer 7 before Microsoft’s own final release of the browser. More

HP regains spot as No. 1 PC maker worldwide
Despite slowing growth in the PC market, HP edges Dell in global shipments. More

Mozilla sets sights on Firefox 3.0
With Firefox 2.0 waiting in the wings, Mozilla wants to hear which browser features you’d like to see in the future. More

Spoof Microsoft IE7 emails install trojan
Security experts warn of fake emails. More

US lawmaker opposes taxing online virtual economies
LONDON - The Republican head of a US congressional committee said it would be a mistake if the Internal Revenue Service introduced regulations to tax virtual economies such as Second Life and World of Warcraft. More

Industry act to contain offshore scandal
Australian IT managers last week sought assurances from offshore providers that their data was safe in the wake of a controversial documentary showing identity thieves purchasing the credit card details of 200,000 customers in Bangalore. More

Microsoft’s Live Meeting Craps Out At Bad Time
Microsoft Corp. says its Live Meeting software allows collaboration online in real time among colleagues, customers and partners—but it better not try telling that to the nation’s security software makers. More

8,000 File-Sharing Suits Launched By Music Industry
The music industry launched a fresh wave of 8,000 lawsuits against alleged file-sharers around the world. More

Spam Trojan Installs Own Anti-Virus Scanner
SpamThru Trojan uses P2P technology to send commands to hijacked computers and an anti-virus scanner that introduces a never-before-seen level of complexity and sophistication. More

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Advanced Computer User

Know who can make changes to your Internet domain registrations More

Trojan variants hide behind rootkits
New variants of the Haxdoor Trojan have been discovered in the wild, security firm Panda Software has reported. More

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From Michael Bending at Alliance for Health Freedom Australia

We urgently need your support. You may be aware of the impending NSW Health Amendments Bill 2006 which is in its 4th and final reading due to be tabled this Thursday or Friday. This Bill left in its present language is a can of political worms. The problem with this bill is that it leaves the unregistered practitioner at the sole mercy of bodies such as the Health Complaints Commission who know little about alternative health or complementary medicine and are more familiar with orthodox medicine. Its akin to asking the wolf to look after your grandmother......

The Health Care Complaints Commission already can investigate complaints about any health service provider now. That ability will be expanded to specifically include the investigation of breaches of the code of conduct by unregistered health practitioners. This code of conduct has not been formulated yet and if this law is passed in its current wording it will be like writing an open cheque to the government and the adversaries of the alternative/complementary health industry to create or manipulate the code as they see fit.

The term “unregistered” refers to all alternative health practitioners who are not registered under an Act of Parliament which gives them "Professional" status....Chiropractors, GP’s, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Osteopaths etc. Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy etc are not registered bodies in NSW hence they are classified as un-registered......Chinese Medicine (TCM) is registered in Victoria however the NSW government is trying very hard not to register TCM or any other complementary modality in NSW.

Below is the part of the bill that is objectionable ( Division 4 Miscellaneous ), further below is an amendment to this bill by the MP Sylvia Hale MLC from the Greens party. Sylvia Hale has suggested that it bee set in stone that the unregistered associations should be consulted when the government tries to draught the codes relating to them. So far the government has resisted this. The legislation was set to have its 4th reading last week however many cross benchers indicated they would vote for Sylvia Hales amendment so it seems the government retreated and this week they may be trying to twist the arms of the cross bench which is made up of independents and minority parties.

We have created another online petition for you to send to the cross benchers telling them you support the Sylvia Hale amendments and asking them to please support these amendments. Please feel free to delete the standard text we have provided and write your own words. This would be preferable as more weight is attributed to personal correspondence. You only have to write that you support Sylvia Hale’s amendment and maybe a few more words to this affect.

Click here to send your petition (residents of NSW only)

NWS Health Amendments Bill 2006
Division 4 Miscellaneous

10AM Code of conduct for unregistered health practitioners

The regulations may prescribe a code of conduct for the provision of health services by:

(a) health practitioners who are not required to be registered under a health registration Act (including de-registered health practitioners), and

(b) health practitioners who are registered under a health registration Act who provide health services that are unrelated to their registration.

Note. Section 41A of the Health Care Complaints Act 1993 permits the Health Care Complaints Commission to make a prohibition order in respect of a health practitioner if the Commission finds that the health practitioner has breached the code of conduct and poses a substantial risk to the health of members of the public. The Commission is also able to cause a public statement to be issued in such circumstances identifying and giving warnings about the health practitioner.

Sylvia Hale MLC Amendments

Page 15, Schedule 1 [2], proposed section 10AM. Insert after line 10:

(2) Before a code is made under subsection (1), the Minister is to consult with professional associations representing health practitioners to be covered by the code.

(3) If a professional association provides the Minister with a code of conduct for health professionals represented by the association that is endorsed by the association and the Minister is satisfied that compliance with the code would protect the health and safety of the public, a code prescribed by the regulations for those health professionals is, as far as reasonably practicable, to be made consistent with the endorsed code.

Michael Bending
Alliance for Health Freedom Australia ’All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing’ - Edmund Burke (1729-1797), British writer and politician -

Some days we get mail that you should know about. Today was such a day. This story could be told by hundreds, maybe thousands, in Victoria and it would be just as true, except many don’t survive as this person has done. They are the few fighters who risk their freedom by speaking out.

If the CCHR Exhibition saves one life it will have been worth it. If it loosens psychiatrys strangled hold on the politicians and media we can celebrate. Meanwhile, based on recent figures, as you are reading this four people had Electro Convulsive Therapy in Mebourne today.

Here’s one story. You can pass it on.



"No one is more responsible for addicting patients to dangerous drugs (medication) than psychiatrists.

I should know because for 17 years I believed all their claptrap about what they had diagnosed was my problem and like a naive, trusting fool, took the stuff they told me to. What happened was that I started manifesting the side effects of “toxic psychiatry” i.e. they said I had a chemical imbalance. By the 1990s I was a walking dead - everytime a tried to wean myself off the medication I had convulsions and blackouts. Just as I despaired of life and escaping from these lunatics, luckily for me, I found a book about how to quit tranquilisers and sleeping pills - a very complex business which can infact kill you - worse than quitting heroin.

I my case of course I was taking psychotropics as well - but beggars can’t be choosers and in was in fact facing a horrible death from toxic shock anyway.

By following this book’s instructions to the letter I managed to quit - then had to deal with the withdrawal effects - diabolical - among the symptoms being a permanent migraine for several years, anxiety, hyperventilation etc. etc., and long term effects which I have to this day - intolerance of sunlight, heat, bright lights, insomnia, anxiety etc.

However in no way was I going back to the psychs or the medication or their ridiculous theories.

Was it worth it - YES - to be free of the psychiatrically caused addiction - never to be having to worry about prescriptions, never having to make constant visits to listen to their claptrap, sexual advances etc., never having the very food I ate react with the medication to make me ill - the vomiting, exhaustion, comas, aggitation etc. etc. It was like walking into a heaven on earth after 17 years of a hell on earth.

I can only say that I made a life ruining error consulting a psychiatrist in the first place when - with hindsight - all I really needed was counselling.

At the time I was so naive I knew nothing about psychiatry or the drugs, shock treatment, shooting people up with sodium pentathol, bullying, and in many cases sexual advances - and to achieve this aim (sex) the “softening up” of the patient over several months or years - drugged of course and easy to manipulate.

Believe me since I quit seeing the these buggers I have spent many hours researching psychiatry and I can confidently say these people are snakeoil salesman, criminals of various kinds and a danger to the community.

I could tell you many stories of the things these people get up to but I don’t have the time here.

I lot of my experiences have been documented elsewhere - I have done this for my own protection.

You might just say that I am in fact giving a fairly rosy picture of my suffering as I did not want to go overboard.

What happened is in fact much, much worse.

Okay to email. A.W.""

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Online reports / book announcements

Dear readers,

Were you aware that food companies add chemicals to their products that stimulate hunger and disrupt normal appetite control?

It’s a clever (but downright devious) strategy for selling more food and boosting the profits of food corporations.

But the truth about these chemicals -- known as excitotoxins -- is never explained to consumers. The food companies don’t want you to know that these chemicals cause obesity, infertility, migraines and cancer, among other health problems.

Dirty food company secrets revealed!

Now, in an exclusive Mike Adams interview, Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals the startling truth about these common taste-enhancing chemicals: monosodium glutamate, aspartame, yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed proteins and more!

Download the full interview right now at: here

In this tell-all interview, you’ll learn:

How MSG and aspartame are related to cancer, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, and metabolic disorders.
How food companies hide MSG on food labels by using a “secret code” of innocent-sounding ingredients.
Why kids eating Splenda may end up with suppressed immune systems.
How the manufacturers of artificial sweeteners enforce scientific censorship on the dangers of their products.
The real reason why the American Diabetes Association won’t speak out against aspartame.
Why yeast extract is more dangerous than monosodium glutamate.
The hidden link between soy and dementia.
Why many foods labeled “all natural” aren’t healthy -- or natural!
How you can slow MSG and glutamate absorption using nutrients and herbs.
How aspartame both causes and accelerates cancer.
Why the pharmaceutical industry needs MSG to help create more patients.
... and much more. Read it yourself at: here

Check your food labels now

How common are these dangerous ingredients? Check the ingredients labels of the food in your pantry right now. Look for yeast extract, aspartame or monosodium glutamate. Also check for any ingredient that’s hydrolyzed or autolyzed. If you spot any of these, you have excitotoxins in your food!

You’ll find these excitotoxins in:

Diet soda
“Sugar-free” drinks and sweets
Canned soups
Frozen pizza
Vegetarian foods, including veggie burgers
Snack chips
Diabetic foods
Salad dressing
Breakfast sausage
Beef jerky and chicken strips
Frozen foods, even “natural” ones
Instant dinner mixes
Baby food
Ranch-flavored dips and sauces
Gravy mixes and dip mixes
Bullion cubes and flavor packets

... and hundreds of other grocery products and restaurant foods.

As Dr. Russell Blaylock explains, these excitotoxin ingredients are known to promote:

Neurological disorders
Blurred vision
Increased appetite / overeating
Infertility and reproductive disorders
Impaired brain function
Cancer / brain tumors
Heart damage and cardiovascular harm
Endocrine system damage (affecting hormones)
If you suffer from any of these symptoms or conditions, it is imperative that you download and read this interview today. Get it at: here

To your health,
- Mike Adams
Consumer health advocate

Psychiatry’s latest disease mongering scheme: Compulsive shopping called a disease requiring “treatment”: More

Breast cancer screening harms ten women for every one it helps More

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Invisibility Cloak Made -- For Microwaves
U.S. and British scientists said on Thursday they had found a way to hide an object from microwave radiation in a first step toward making a what they hope will be an invisibility cloak. More

Relentless civil war has created heartbreak for almost two million children and their families in Darfur. And as situation will only worsen unless we keep up pressure from the international community. Tell Prime Minister Howard to send humanitarian aid to children and their families in Darfur!sign here

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