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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

For those courageous souls brave enough to look and see what is,

who are unwilling to blindly accept

the lies and rules of tyrannical authority.

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.

One word of truth outweighs a world of lies.


If perchance a post of mine you think extreme

heed this from Kahlil Gibran:

“In battling evil, excess is good;

for he who is moderate in announcing the truth is presenting half-truth.

He conceals the other half out of fear of the people’s wrath.”


One of my goals is to think and act as if I fear no man’s wrath or deed.

Observation And Integrity

Wednesday 12th April 2023


Hope this finds you fit and well.

Here is a sampling of what recently crossed my digital desk.

I hope you get something from it!

Aboriginal Memory Code

Weathering The Storm

Connect With Nature


You Are My Life

Doodling In Class

When You Realize

Rules Of War

Six Types Of Courage

MSM’s Job

Frog In Pot

Only Twenty Percent

Most people would not recognise tyranny...

Nothing Is Normal

Private Property

Ryan Cristián and Catherine Austin Fitts

I Want to Stop CBDCs – What Can I Do?

A Brilliant Summary Of The World Economic Forum: Please Share

Have a great week!

Aboriginal Memory Code
Rock Art

Long before the ancient Celts, Aboriginal people were recording vast scores of knowledge to memory and passing it to successive generations. The people from the First Nations demonstrate that their oral traditions are not only highly detailed and complex, but they can survive – accurately – for thousands, even tens of thousands, of years. Yet most of us struggle to remember what I did last Tuesday. So how did they do it? Researcher Lynne Kelly was drawn to this question while investigating Aboriginal knowledge about animals for her PhD. It was evident to Kelly that Aboriginal people catalogued huge scores of information about animals – including species types, physical features, behaviour, links to food and plants – and wondered how they do it. A MEMORABLE THING Aboriginal elders explained to her how they encode knowledge in song, dance, story and place. This led to a theory that may revolutionise archaeology. It has long been known that the human brain has evolved to associate memory with place, referred to as the method of loci. This means that we associate memory with a location. How often do memories come flooding back to us when we visit our childhood haunt? Loci (Latin for “place”), can refer to landscape features, ceremonial sites, abstract designs – anything with distinct features where information can be linked to memory. Kelly developed this into a framework that may explain the purpose of famous sites such as Stonehenge, the Nasca lines and the Moai of Easter Island. The meanings of these sites have been a topic of controversy for decades. What Kelly proposes in her new book The Memory Code is that sites such as Stonehenge and the Nasca lines are actually memory spaces. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER In oral cultures, knowledge is power. It is imperative that the most important knowledge be maintained and preserved by a few select custodians who have proven their worth. In Aboriginal cultures, elders who have passed the highest levels of initiation hold the deepest levels of knowledge. This is reflected in ceremonial sites where knowledge is passed down. Aboriginal initiation sites include a secret area where the most sacred knowledge is discussed. We also see this at Stonehenge, where the perimeter of standing stones shields the centre of the ring, where the most important aspects knowledge are passed on through ceremony. These sites include features that are unique in shape and form. At Uluru, the Anangu elders associate every crevice, bump, and notch around the perimeter of the mountain with knowledge that is stored to memory. STAR MAPS AND MEMORY But loci is not only linked to places you can touch or visit. Aboriginal people also use the stars as memory spaces. For example, groups of stars can represent features on the landscape. Aboriginal Law Man Ghillar Michael Anderson explains how the Euahlayi people were able to travel long distances for trade and ceremony. The Euahlayi would memorise star maps at night and learn the songs that talk about their relationship to the land. Each star was associated with a landscape feature, such as a waterhole. Later in the year, they would sing the song as they travelled across country by day. These songline routes became the foundation of some of our highway networks that criss-cross the country. Rather than navigating by the stars, the stars themselves serve as a memory space. In The Memory Code, Kelly provides new insights into how oral societies are able to store vast quantities of knowledge to memory without it degrading over time. It may explain how Aboriginal memories of land that existed before it was flooded by rising sea levels during the last Ice Age survived in oral tradition for more than 7,000 years. To test it herself, Kelly used the technique to memorise all of the world’s countries in order of population by linking them with features around her neighbourhood, including buildings and gardens – making up her own stories for each one. And she can now recite them flawlessly. You might be surprised how easy it is to do yourself. LISTEN TO LYNNE KELLY INTERVIEW ABC RN 'Conversations' with Michelle Ransom-Hughes (Sovereign Union Audio online) MP3 podcast link:

Weathering The Storm
Weathering The Storm

Connect With Nature
Connect With Nature


You Are My Life
You Are My Life

Doodling In Class
Doodling In Class

When You Realize
When You Realize

What we commonly call reality is a composite or agreed upon reality. At the most reductionist level, you and I are only doing what we are doing because we are not choosing to do something else. For instance if you and I decided this society was so far gone it was doomed and we needed to gather people and create a new one, we would be doing that and creating a new paradigm, a la Buckminster Fuller. (Don’t try to alter the current paradigm, create a new one.)

Rules Of War
Rules Of War

The WEF trained leaders in our governments would not be guilty of using these factors in waging war against their own people to forward the stated population reduction agenda of those behind the WEF to solve a sham climate crisis. Don’t be ridiculous!

Six Types Of Courage
Six Types Of Courage

MSM’s Job
MSM's Job

We’re getting there! I saw a survey in the last few weeks that said about 50% of Americans are of the opinion that the media's job is propaganda.

Frog In Pot
Frog In Pot

Only Twenty Percent
Only Twenty Percent

Most people would not recognise tyranny...

Mark Changizi posted on Twitter:

Most people wouldn’t recognize the arrival of tyranny even if it

1/ banned church services

2/ shut down their business

3/ forced them to stay home

4/ stopped schooling their kids

5/ lost them their job cuz “inessential”

6/ kept sick family from seeing their loved ones

7/ prevented their doctors from making their own medical decisions

8/ demanded they cover their identity and ability to express themselves in public

9/ coordinated which speech and viewpoints would be allowed in the public square

10/ jabbed them in the arm with a rushed medication, and refusal to submit meant being fired and banished

Nothing Is Normal
Nothing Is Normal

It IS true that everybody is unique but it is NOT true that nobody is OK.

There is a scale of almost infinite graduations from rock bottom to the stars and we are all on it. AND we change position on it. Sometimes by the minute.

IMHO the first attitude to have is that you want to improve your position on the scale.

The second is that there are laws and rules and truths to be known and we need to learn AND APPLY them to move up on the scale.

The third is to recognise is that the above process will not be easy. There will be tough times. Unimaginably tough times.

There will be obstacles that seem insurmountable until you overcome them.

There will be trials that test your patience and resolve until you pass them.

There will be distractions galore away from which you will need to discipline yourself.

There will be things in your past you find difficult to confront, for it was the lack of confronting them then got you to where you are today.

But as you walk the path to enlightenment and truth, things get easier, they get better, your relationships iron out, you become more at cause over your work and life, you are more productive and feel happier.

This I tell you honestly from personal experience. And I wish for you what I have gained for me.

Private Property
Private Property

Ryan Cristian and Catherine Austin Fitts
Ryan Cristián Interviews Catherine Austin Fitts

discuss the recent banking scare, what’s really driving it, as well as the true motivations behind the seemingly world-wide push toward CBDCs, digital IDs and social credit. The financial side of this is what Catherine calls “the financial coup”, an integral part in the long-sought plan to bring about The Great Reset.

I Want to Stop CBDCs – What Can I Do?
Cash Or Slavery

One of the most important projects to which we can devote time. If CBDCs reign, we are slaves or dead. Let’s have fun and win this one!

A Brilliant Summary Of The World Economic Forum: Please Share
Forget The Politicians

Those of us in this movement sometimes forget that for most people, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a meeting in Davos where the rich and famous like to hang out once a year. They have no idea of what the WEF truly is about and what it has accomplished over the course of the last 50 years. Even those of us who follow the WEF can forget what their true mission is, and how deeply they are involved in crafting the new world order, ergo: The Great Reset.

The is truth is that transnationalist companies want control of world governance. The Great Reset is a planned attempt to redistribute all the world’s wealth and power into the hands of corporations, billionaires, banks and and most of all, the World Economic Forum’ leadership. The “Great Reset” plans to use the fourth industrial revolution to further their own ambitious plans of world dominance.

Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a term used to refer to the next generation of technological advances; where it is anticipated that the differences between physical, digital and biological technologies disappear. This is a world where machines and computers evolve independently, where new biological entities and evolutionary changes are being controlled by artificial intelligence, where brain waves can be manipulated. It is, quite literally, a brave new world.

It is a world where transhumanism has become a reality. The boundaries between man and machine are blurred. This is the world of nightmares, of a dystopian future of overloads and underlings; of the “technologically augmented” and the “normies.” Of physicals, virtuals, machines, and overlords.

What truly sets Industry 4.0 technologies apart is the novel way in which hardware, software and connectivity are being reconfigured and integrated to achieve ever-more ambitious goals, the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data, the seamless interaction between smart machines, and the blurring of the physical and virtual dimensions of production (Industry Analytics Platform).

To get an idea of how the WEF is using industry 4.0 now, take the example of smart cities. The WEF is using of the threat of “climate change “to drive the development and State/business endorsement of smart cities. These are proposed to be run by the World Economic Forum, who is leading the G-20 to build a “Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance.”

The ability to track and control all peoples in a city, to control crime, carbon credits, food, transport, etc. is a future most do not wish to partake in. This is a future which forms the basis of the near term dystopian Spielberg film “Minority Report”. Yet, what choice do us underlings have? Who gets to decide what is right and wrong when the infrastructure is being developed globally and implemented regionally with little or no transparency? Is this just another case of “those with the Gold make the rules”?

Who are the globalist members of the trade organization known as The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the operatives that they have trained, why should you care, and what can you do about it?

Andrew Marshall developed a brief introductory summary which I strongly recommend reading, published in a 2015 article entitled “World Economic Forum: a history and analysis”.

The membership of the WEF is divided into three general categories:

Regional Partners,

Industry Partner Groups,

and the most esteemed, the Strategic Partners.

The current 100 WEF full members (“Strategic Partners”) are basically drawn from the largest corporations in the world, together with their owners and managers, who are often referred to as “Davos Man”. The list of “strategic partners” reads like a list of the 100 most woke companies and organizations, which include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Welcome Trust, Blackrock, Bain, Microsoft, Google - it goes on and on. A full list of current Strategic Partners can be found here.

Some of the recent activities of the WEF.

The WEF has a strategic partnership with the UN, with the focus being on financing and implementing the 2030 Agenda, climate change, health, digital cooperation, gender equality and empowerment of women, education and skills.

World Economic Forum is leading the G20 “Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance.”

The WEF lists 103 Partnerships and Collaborative Arrangements with World Health Organization involvement (updated 2019).

The World Economic is partnering with businesses and governments to engage with the nascent market for blue carbon, the carbon captured and sequestered by ocean ecosystems.

Nine new industrial clusters from Europe, United States and Asia are joining the Transitioning Industrial Clusters towards Net Zero initiative.

Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (WEF) to anticipate, understand and shape the trajectory of technological change for human-centered and society-serving outcomes.

What is the business model of the WEF?

The WEF made up of the largest transnational organizations in the world. This is their lobbying organization. They have basically built a political juggernaut based on advancing corporatist “public-private partnerships” with US, WHO, EU, the five eyes nations (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA), China/CCP as well as any other countries that will join in their cause (notably Russia has decided to WEFexit- leave the WEF). The political science term “Fascism” has been so weaponized, abused and overused that it has lost much of its utility to describe a category of political systems, but a strong case can be made that this form of corporatism is synonymous with the original intent of the term “Fascism”.

The WEF business model has been to enable its member corporations to create disruptive technologies that will drive markets and increase profits.

This is not about ESG, smart cities, climate change or even human rights. The WEF is about gaining governmental control via corporatism. The WEF is a trade-organization of the largest transnational organizations in the world. Never forget that fact as you read their endless stream of feel-good press releases from the various WEF outlets and acolytes.

The United Nations has played right into their hands. The strategic partnership between the two organizations has led to the control of world wide regulatory processes for new technologies and for global governance. The WEF paints their injection into global politics with pretty words, but the truth is - the WEF is about profit. Control politicians, control governments, control the new world order and increase the profits and control of vital industries. The WEF is a monopolists dream organization, and a quick review of the Strategic Partners list reveals many of the most successful corporate monopolists in recorded history.

The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 are two sides of the same coin. The WEF and the UN are now both strategically and tactically one organization. Their agendas are intertwined. The “G 20” is a creation of the WEF. The WEF regionally

The WEF regional organizations and members do not act alone, but have developed various groups of globally distributed trainees and graduates, who generally act in accordance with the detailed policies and positions developed and distributed by WEF leadership. The training programs have been operating for over three decades, resulting in placement, distribution and rapid advancement of many thousands of WEF-trained operatives throughout the world.

WEF chairman Klaus Schwab has famously claimed that these operatives have been strategically inserted into key positions in various governments, as well influential positions in important industries such as media, finance, and technology.

The World Economic Forum even has a formal committee of university presidents. Who come together regularly to discus and decide policy at the top universities in the world. These presidents are committed to supporting the World Economic Forum, whose main agenda is “stakeholder capitalism” - another word for corporatism.

Corporatism is a broad concept. It can run the gamut from the hyper-authoritarian version embraced by Mussolini’s Italy to worker-boss structures of the type described by Schwab in postwar western Europe. All forms of corporatism, however, share some common themes.

One is the necessity of limiting market competition in order to preserve social cohesion. Another is mandating cooperation between representative groups of different social and economic sectors – a process overseen and, if necessary, enforced by government officials for the sake of the common good.

What, you might ask, could be wrong with this? The answer is: plenty.

For a start, corporatism – including its Schwabian expression – isn’t big on freedom. It’s all about forming and then maintaining a consensus on economic and social policies. For this reason, corporatism doesn’t cope well with dissent. Indeed, it discourages any questioning of the consensus, whether the issue is tax-rates or climate change.

The language of corporatism, like that of Schwab’s WEF, may be one of coordinated consultation, but the agenda is one of control. For what matters is the harmonisation of views, no matter how absurd the idea and or how high the cost in liberty.

Not only does this generate groupthink. It encourages the marginalisation of those who dispute the consensus. If you have reservations about, say, open borders, don’t be surprised if you are branded a xenophobe. If you decline to have your workforce unionised, you’re likely be labelled a market fundamentalist who treats his employees as mere objects.

Another problem is the collusion and cronyism fostered by corporatism. Corporatist structures facilitate client-patron relations between businesses and governments. That in turn produces insiders and outsiders.

Insiders are those companies who sign up to the consensus, play the corporatist game, and consequently do very well out of their cosy relationships with governments. Outsiders are those who lack the resources to grease the wheel. An example might be the young entrepreneur with a great idea that might revolutionise an entire economic sector but who doesn’t enjoy the political connections. Long-established companies rarely hesitate to use their connections to try and establish regulatory environments, which makes it hard for such entrepreneurs to compete in the marketplace.

Lastly, corporatist-style stakeholder capitalism is decidedly ambivalent about democracy. The emphasis is upon insiders negotiating with each other, and then presenting the populace with a series of faits accomplis about anything ranging from fossil fuels to ESG.

Who are the Young Global Leaders - trained and tasked with carrying out the “Great Reset”?

The Malone Institute, together with the Pharos Media group assembled a complete list of graduates from the 3-5 year program - this list goes back to the founding of the Young Global Leaders program, which is at least 40 years old.

The YGL graduate list has now been updated to include the most recent (2022) list of graduates.

The list of US politicians who are graduates can also be found on the link below:

WEF Graduate List

The Young Global Leaders have been trained to believe in and support a globalist form of unelected government, in which international business is at the center of the management and decision-making process. They have been trained to advance the interests of a global transnational government which represents a public-private partnership in which the business interests of the WEF members take precedence over the constitution of the United States. The WEF believes that the concept of independent nation states is obsolete and must be replaced with a global government which controls all.

They are fundamentally anti-democratic, and their views are both fundamentally corporatist and globalist, which is another way of saying that they are for totalitarian Fascism – the fusion of the interests of business with the power of the state- on a global scale. These graduates may not represent the interests of the nation-state in which they reside, work, and may hold political office, but rather their allegiance appears to be to the WEF vision of a dominant world government which has dominion over nations and their constitutions.

In my opinion, in the case of those trainees and WEF members who are in politics in the USA, and particularly those who have been used to “penetrate the global cabinets of countries” should be forced to register as foreign agents within their host countries.

“ What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders. (YGL)”

KLAUS SCHWAB (2017) link Why should you care?

The WEF has helped mastermind the globally harmonized planning, development and implementation of the lockdowns, mandates, authoritarian vaccine campaigns, suppression of early treatment options, global targeting of dissenting physicians, censorship, propaganda, information and thought control programs which we have all experienced since late 2019.

For instance The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise built the public/private partnerships that allowed lockdowns, travel restrictions, censorship, vaccine passports, etc. to easily become the norm. These plans have not changed, in fact more recent “war games” suggest an even heavier handed response to the “next” public health crisis. What can you do about it?

After all you have seen and experienced since Winter 2020, please ask yourself these two questions:

“Is this an organization that I can trust with my future and that of my children?”

“Do they represent my interests, values, and what I believe in?”

If you decide that you cannot trust them, or that they do not share your interests and values, then it is time to act.

Some Suggestions:

Do not support politicians that have graduated from the Young Global Leaders Program and expose their affiliations through the use of social media.

Work to elect constitutionalists and small government advocates. That may include volunteering.

Fight any efforts by state and federal governments to create a “stakeholder” economy.

Support efforts to stymie public-private partnerships.

Bring awareness to the cause though social media.

Learn to be self-sufficient. Do not fall into the trap of being dependent on technology.

Do not allow yourself to fall deeply into debt.

Have redundant systems to survive.

I ask you, my subscribers - what other things do you do, what can we do, to prepare and exist as free people in a world increasingly dominated by globalist totalitarianism? How do we help save this country from falling under the control of the UN and the WEF? How do we, as a nation survive this onslaught?

(Click through to his SubStack article via the Read More to access the links.)


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



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