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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

For those courageous souls brave enough to look and see what is,

who are unwilling to blindly accept

the lies and rules of tyrannical authority.

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.

One word of truth outweighs a world of lies.


If perchance a post of mine you think extreme

heed this from Kahlil Gibran:

“In battling evil, excess is good;

for he who is moderate in announcing the truth is presenting half-truth.

He conceals the other half out of fear of the people’s wrath.”


One of my goals is to think and act as if I fear no man’s wrath or deed.

Observation And Integrity

Wednesday 30th March 2022


Hope this finds you fit and well.

Here is a sampling of what recently crossed my digital desk.

I hope you get something from it!

Reignite Democracy Event

Putin Has Biden’s King In Check

Lara Logan Predicts

A Reminder of the Role of Compassion - There but for the grace of God go I

Creating a Better Future

How To Speak To Your Children

Car Brands

Your Car Was Stolen

They Just Had To Be Apathetic

Illuminati Movie Review - Don’t Look Up With Leonardo DiCaprio

Follow Which Science?

Neo’s Red Life Pod And The Government’s Dream Of Getting You Into The Pod Next To Him

Why We Are Here

And the People Refused to Buy The Lie

International Bankers Simulate The Collapse Of Global Financial System

Thanking A Broken Condom

Is there more to the Ukraine/Russia conflict than meets the eye?

All Is Not Well With The Liberal Democrats

BOOM! Ukraine Becomes The First Country To Implement The Great Reset

Warning: Trading houses set for collapse as ’margin call doom loop’ is about to go global

Have a great week!

Reignite Democracy Event
Reignite Democracy Event

Reignite Democracy Event

Dear Tom,

We’ve already had over 2,000 sign up for this education program...AMAZING!!!

If you’ve already signed up, great...we look forward to seeing you there. Feel free to forward this email to a friend.

If you haven’t, continue reading to see if you want to.

Do you want to take part in Australia’s largest non-government Political Education Exercise in Australia’s History?

After the last two years do you feel like our beloved, easy-going Australia feels unfamiliar – that it’s not the country you always knew?

Maybe like me you’re sick, and tired of politicians making self-serving, power-hungry, flip-flop decisions as they did during the pandemic - sending our country backwards. Rest assured, if you’re thinking like this you’re not alone - Millions of everyday Aussies feel exactly the same as you.

Are you concerned about bankrupted businesses that will never reopen, personal life savings that have been wiped out, medical procedures being mandated upon everyone, our $1-trillion debt (and counting) that has been amassed in record time?

That’s all thanks to the irresponsible and reckless decisions that our politicians in the major parties have made.

HOWEVER - TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE Australia’s disastrous slide into authoritarian control at this federal election by voting our out-of-touch politicians out. If you want to know how we can do this then we invite you to …

The 5 Day Making Political History Program – Let’s NEVER Repeat The Last Two Years Again!!

Join us - Monica Smit, Founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, Liz Blake - political analyst and educational leadership consultant, and guests for 5 EXCITING, 60-MINUTE SESSIONS OVER 5-DAYS STARTING 8 PM AEDT MON APRIL 4TH (the first day without Daylight Savings, so: 8.00 PM QLD, 7.30 PM SA, 5 PM WA)

This live online, interactive event will show you

  • How the electoral system works,
  • How it favours the Liberal/Labor/Greens ’system’,
  • How it works against freedom-loving parties and independent candidates, and MOST IMPORTANTLY,
  • What you can do to make political history by learning how you can turbocharge your vote.

By the end of this 5-day program, you’ll know HOW to make your vote work to get freedom-loving politicians elected; AND how to help others do the same.

We’ve had many meetings with the smartest freedom-loving political minds who understand Australia’s complex political and voting systems, and had many discussions on how to boil down a complex (and let’s be honest – to most of us, a yawn-fest) topic into something that will be easily understood, practical and powerful.

You’ll be equipped to be able to confidently inform your friends, family and, anyone that you come across in what will be the most critical Australian election in our lifetime.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for us to be joining together to be part of a history-making event like this!

Surveys tell us that millions of voters are not going to be voting for the major parties like they’ve always done. You are probably thinking this yourself. We have a real chance to swing the power in Canberra to politicians who have Australia’s interest at heart - unlike the unelected global bureaucrats who are increasingly influencing our politics and whose sole interests are the rape and pillaging of our nation.

They’ve gone too far! It’s time for better electoral representation in government. And TOGETHER WE CAN make the difference that Australians are suffering for.

If you’re ready for real change from this federal election… If you want a clear pathway to having a future to look forward to… If you’ve said, “I never want to repeat the last two years again!”

Click here to register now,

- Monica Smit & Liz Blake
Founder, Reignite Democracy Australia
Program Design & Development, Lateral Insights

P.S. Please share this with a friend and encourage them to join. You can send this link to the information page with a simple message like, “Hi, I this looks really interesting for the election coming up. I’m going, here is the link if you’d like to join me,”

Putin Has Biden’s King In Check
Putin Has Biden's King In Check

Lara Logan Predicts
Lara Logan Predicts

The coming catastrophe has been 20 years in the making. It will take a Herculean effort by a huge number of people to pull the fat out of the fire at this stage and I don't see any signs of it yet.

A Reminder of the Role of Compassion - There but for the grace of God go I.

Know what I think? That it’s really sad that this is even an issue. Who does not help someone who obviously needs help?

Twice this week, I have watched an elderly individual, fade into the busy life in which we all live. One man just needed Panadol for his wife but the shop assistant simply said it’s in ’6’. But he struggled to navigate the supermarket and as I watched him go in the wrong direction, I left all my groceries and took him where he needed to go. Today, I watched an elderly man struggle in the heat, who had obviously had a fall with a huge scrape and blood on his leg. He walked past people in the cafe, while he slowly made his way to his car. Not one person stopped. Or looked. Or acknowledged him. I took him to his car and checked he was ok. He told me he had a fall and wasn’t sure how the air con worked in his car so he just didn’t use it. I sat with him, until his air con kicked in and heard him talk about the old frail body that he is in, that fails him now, every single day.

When you see an elderly person walking down the street, searching in the supermarket or struggling to their car, take a minute out of your busy schedule and ask them if they need a hand. Think about your grand parents and your parents and how pissed you would be if someone didn’t stop to help them. But more, think of them as you.

Once upon a time they were you. They were busy, they had work, they had children, they were able.... Today, they are just in an older body that is not going as fast as it used to and this busy life is confusing. They deserve our utmost respect and consideration. One day it will be you, it will be us. I wish more people gave a sh*t about them and acknowledged them for their admirable existence and geez I hope someday, not that far away, someone does it for me.

Credit: Adele Barbaro.

As my Mama used to say “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Creating a Better Future
Table For 16

They couldn’t go to the pool, so the people met and swam in the ocean and lakes, and built saunas together.
They couldn’t go to restaurants so the people had dinner parties and potlucks.
They couldn’t go to clubs so the people had epic dance parties.
They couldn’t go to the gym so the people ran up mountains, lifted rocks, chopped firewood, trained in each others’ garages.
They couldn’t go to grocery stores so they gathered Wild Herbs and farmed.
They couldn’t go to sports events so they created their own.
They were told they couldn’t travel but found ways.
They lost their jobs so they created and found new ones that were more aligned with their values.
They lost friends and family but found newer, greater true connections-and built community.
Everything that’s happening is totally insane, and inhumane.
But they never felt oppressed.
In fact, freer than ever.
What we build now is the future.
I wouldn’t miss this era for anything.
The Sovereign awaken.
-author unknown

How To Speak To Your Children
How To Speak To Your Children

Car Brands
Car Brands

Would be interesting to see the percentage of each of those 14 owned by Vanguard and Blockrock.

Your Car Was Stolen
Your Car Was Stolen

Your Car Was Stolen" width="600" alt="" class="ImageResize46" style="display: block;" />
They Just Had To Be Apathetic
They Just Had To Be Apathetic

Illuminati Movie Review - Don’t Look Up With Leonardo DiCaprio
Don’t Look Up

When I review a movie, I look for repetitive content in the movie itself (and the repetitive content shared between all screen productions) because the human subconscious is designed to track and count repetitive content....and then force you to act it out. In this way, the movies lead and program the behavior of the public. The people who rule us have a saying, “what’s on the screen in the morning will be on the street by the evening.“ The video at this added link proves this conclusively.

Whatever repetitive images appear on your screen, you’re going to literally act them out, outside your conscious awareness. The movie and TV screens are behavior programming tools. They’re not there to entertain you. They’re there to entrain you.

Movies and TV shows are about NOTHING other than modifying your behavior through repetitive content exposure to the subconscious mind pathway. The reason the subconscious assesses repetitive content and acts it out in this way is believed to be a survival adaptation, regarding mimicking the majority, in order to find increased safety in the bigger herd.

First thing to note.....I couldn’t get through more than 1 hour of this near 3 hour mind control buffet. The first repetitive image to appear in this movie is the most repetitive image in all screen media and that is a coffee mug. A coffee mug (with tea in it mind you) starts the movie. There’s no shortage of coffee machines, coffee cups and coffee imagery littered throughout the movie.....and in all movies. It doesn’t matter what movie you pick. The people who program your behavior don’t care what movie you pick either. All the movies have the same patterns and themes in each one. Starbuck’s coffee cups are everywhere in “Don’t Look Up“, a cabal company owned in part by Bill Gates. And Gates doesn’t need the money from you buying Starbucks coffee, he needs you caffeinated because caffeine changes brain function in a way that benefits him and his group directly. The way mind control works, if you see repetitive images of any object, you’ll embrace and engage with that object. They want you drinking coffee for very specific reasons. Click this link to explore why they want you drinking coffee or ingesting caffeine. A society of coffee drinkers will have very particular brainwave patterns, which makes them easier to rule, lie to and manipulate.

The second most common theme in this film and most others (over the past 50 years) is anti male programming, white males in particular. There’s a tsunami of scenes in this movie that flood the audience’s subconscious minds with image after image of weak males, fearful males, strong women making fun of weak males and strong women dominating weak males. Mind control isn’t complex. This constant exposure to weak male role modelling forces the human subconscious of men to act out that weakness and it also forces women to hate their men, hate all men or at least hate some men.....especially if they’re white. Here’s another good video demonstration of screen images changing a human’s behavior in a predictable here.

Inversion programming is the name of the game in the first 50 minutes of this movie. Mission accomplished. Not sure what happens in the last 2 hours but this film is so thick with mind control cues, brainwashing and behavior modification techniques that it was hard to write them all down. Again INVERSION of the natural order was front and center, as the primary mind control mission. Rude and soulless women in power, surrounded by weak men who act hysterical and feminized at the slightest inclination of danger or stress. Every country needs a Minister of Psychology to break down the tsunami of mind control media trash fire releases rocketing out of Hollywood....which all intend on undermining the very foundations of Western civilization. Our social engineers program us through their screen productions, to act, think and talk in ways that guarantee we destroy our own society. This is Jason Christoff for The Illuminati Movie Review.

Follow Which Science?
Follow Which Science?

Neo’s Red Life Pod And The Government’s Dream Of Getting You Into The Pod Next To Him
Matrix Red Pod

(Tom: Great post from Jason Christoff.)

It’s important to understand that the pod in the Matrix, which Neo was housed in, wasn’t designed to keep him alive. It was designed to first keep him working remotely. These pods of red goo are work stations, where the menial computer administration office tasks were pumped into his head via virtual reality uploads. All this has lots to do with locking you down and making sure you do less and less physical locomotion........because they want to condition you overtime to get into these pods voluntarily. Here’s how they’re going to do it and why they want to do it.

The people who rule you don’t care what sort of life you have. They see you as property, their property. They would love to confine you to your home for life, to do nothing other than working for them remotely in their big evil corporations. Saying that, they believe if they locked you in your house for the rest of your life and never allowed you to travel more than 30km from your residence ever would still be too costly to maintain you because you would have to eat, travel and maintain your physical body etc. etc. Their dream is minimizing the expenses of keeping you alive and maximizing the time you spend online, working for them your pod.

The most profitable way of keeping you alive is sedating you into an artificial coma and feeding you just enough to keep your brain alive. The most profitable way of keeping you online and working remotely is syncing the internet directly into your visual cortex, so that you can execute all the mundane administrative tasks online, within a virtual reality/Metaverse simulation. This way the financial end goals of your human farmers are complete. You become the perfect slave. Minimum inputs are placed into the system (the cost of the pod, the nutrient laden red goo, the computer interface into your brain etc) and you become a perfect remote working slave, for all their online tasks. When your body fails, they simply flush you into the recycling pit and they insert a new coma induced body into your pod and start over again.

They’ve been planning this a long time. This is what this “disease agenda“ is about in various ways. The disease agenda is about getting you used to more and more screen time. Getting you used to less and less physical activity. Making your life so boring that looking into the screen is the most exciting part of your day. Making life so boring that some people wouldn’t see any problem moving the screen technology right into their body, so they can always avoid their painful and boring existence. Women have always been a target in this way. This is what the faux lips, faux breasts, faux hair and even faux photographs (via filters) etc were always about......getting women to believe that “tech“ was their gateway to happiness. The real self is out. The tech self is in. All part of the conditioning to get people wanting their own pod. Real life is boring. Being a real human is so 2015. It’s about getting women comfortable with the idea that them “as humans“ just aren’t good enough and that the path to happiness is removing all the human aspects of oneself, while subbing in non human tech applications. Women are the primary targets here for more odd reasoning, as men are too dangerous to bring forward into the future in this matter, so men (if you haven’t noticed) are on the chopping block as a species. Women today are also tricked to believe that they don’t need men because “tech” can satisfy their needs. It’s a very clever ambush.

The toxic medicine, pushed on the public for 80 years now, has always been designed to decay and destroy the human condition to the point where keeping the body you have may in fact become too painful... ...because of the government’s never ending insistence that perfect health is always one more dose of poison away. If you make the human body too toxic, too dysfunctional and too painful to live in... ...who wouldn’t beg to be uploaded into a virtual reality remote work station where you never feel any pain ever again? If your life is so boring that all you do is sit at home working remotely in real time (because the fake government and corrupt media said you had to stay home for bio security and environmental reasons... ...both lies of course) who wouldn’t beg to be uploaded into a virtual reality remote work station where travel, dining and amazing life program simulations would run in your neo cortex when you got off work, while laying sedated in your pod of red goo?

This is the life your human farmers want for you and they know how to get you there. Have you become more addicted to your phone during the fabricated crisis? Has your physical movements become more restrictive during the lock downs? Are you talking less to the people next to you and more to the people who are online? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, know that this was always the goal. More and more screen time to the point where your life is so boring and so meaningless that you need the computer interface 24 hours per day, just to make things work in your life emotionally. Drinking more wine, drinking more coffee, doing more drugs, eating more junk food? Never to worry... ...inside your new pod full of red goo, they will always flood the red liquid with your favorite sedative substance, so you can be high 24 hours per day during your new remote work station experience. What’s your dream vacation? Wherever you want to go, your human farmers will just upload it directly into your neo cortex. How about a nice dream vacation in Greece? You can actually go there every day after work if you want, costs nothing. Just access “Greek vacation” in your programmed simulations and you’re there! Just as long as you don’t incur any “real” or “physical” expenses and your social engineers maximize their you conduct their most mundane administration tasks mentally, while lying in your pod of red goo.

So folks, this is what awaits you if you don’t understand that everything they’re doing to you right now is priming you to a) be so sick that you beg to be uploaded out of your body and into a virtual reality metaverse simulation and b) be so bored, through restrictions and lock downs, that you beg to be uploaded out of your body and into a virtual reality where you can finally go to the gym, go on vacation, go to the big game, go to the 5 star restaurant, drive your dream car and meet the companion of your dreams. In the movie the Matrix there was a character that turned on the rest of the group. He sold himself to the Matrix in exchange for the illusions that the Matrix could provide. He was so tired of his “real reality” he just wanted a simulation of a nice meal out, a steak in particular. Here’s a link to that scene ...a life so boring, empty and meaningless that uploading your consciousness into an illusion is the logical next move. This is also why “they” want to crash the economy and make everything as chaotic as possible, in order to accelerate the migration of the weakened and fearful humans into the VR pods, your new remote work stations for the ruling 1%.

The more you look into your phone, the more your phone is conditioning you to see simulations as super exciting.....and your real life as boring. I see people already head long in this trap. So much phone time, that they’re forgetting to eat food and drink water......which again is perfect for the pod life because your food and water (the red goo) is dripped into your body without your active or conscious participation. Eating food and drinking water the old fashioned way takes away from valuable screen time, therefore decreasing profits on the human farm. The more you ingest and inject poison, the more prone you’ll be to find the human body ineffective, clumsy and dysfunctional. Walking that road means you’re a prime candidate to throw in the towel regarding your poisoned body and beg to be directly uploaded into your new VR pod, where everything feels good again and you’re interfaced with the internet permanently. People addicted to the good time, while also being pain adverse (hating any sort of uncomfortable feelings, pain, conflict or challenges......i.e. people pleasers) will fare worst in this agenda. Watch your screen time folks, the more you’re on the screen and the more illogical you are with your health decisions, the worse you’ll fare in this agenda. Reject the pod and learn to live real life again. Your screens are not only threats to everything you love and hold dear, they’re direct threats to our entire species.

Why We Are Here
Why We Are Here

The solution is a more aware, more intelligent, more courageous and more competent you!

And the People Refused to Buy The Lie
And the People Refused to Buy The Lie

High Level International Bankers Simulate The Collapse Of Global Financial System
Simulated Financial Collapse

A simulation of a theory based catastrophe of global bankers collapsing the financial system was conducted fairly recently. There was a striking similarity between this event and the infamous “Event 201” that was held in late 2019.

Thanking A Broken Condom
Thanking A Broken Condom

All Is Not Well With The Liberal Democrats

Received from Kirsty O’Sullivan, ex member

Tom --

I just wanted to send a quick email out to all members and supporters, those who have been watching Liberty Chat, and all the candidates I have been working with. I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with so many of you, and I hope electoral change can still happen in this country.

For me, this will not include the Liberal Democrats. Having previously worked for the party, when we brought the administration side out from Senator Leyonhjelm’s office, I left that time due to speaking up about the corruption and bullying within the party. I had many conversations with exec members who totally agreed with me, yet were too weak to stand up. Only two men had “the balls“ to do anything about that particular issue, and the offending person was expelled from the party. I took a year contract at the IPA, which I loved, even though was not easy over the pandemic. Then was building a small business doing copywriting and editing, when the party asked for me to come back as the person hired (and paid very well) whilst I was away, decided to leave. I said I was only going to work part time, but that changed when John Ruddick joined, and the membership started to sky rocket - even more so with Campbell Newman getting on board.

Then for a while I was working around 70-80 hours a week, whilst getting paid for 20. Eventually I was able to get my pay for 40 hours a week, but still at a low rate for the types of work I was expected to do. To cut a long story short, this party has a problem with nepotism, with using and burning people, and with misusing your donations. There is no functional structure within the party, and no way to resolve issues before it becomes a blow out.

There is also a big problem with women. Women that speak out get marked as a trouble maker. This can even be candidates.

I will be cancelling my own membership with the party. I have zero faith in the abilities of the National Executive, and I feel they have zero regard or respect for their members. Taking the Liberals to the High Court over a name most members hate is just one example. Now they have to scramble for the money. When we fundraised for the marketing of the freedom manifesto videos, we raised a whole lot of money. Where has it gone?

The next AGM will have almost the entire Nat Exec up for election, and I hope it is wiped out and replaced with people who can actually run things properly - if the party even lasts that long, with the current AEC issues.

On Friday i basically went on strike until my ongoing pay issues were resolved, and I could be paid even close to what the person doing this job last year was being paid. I then went to Adelaide to help the SA team for their State election, as I have travelled interstate and through regional Victoria for candidate campaign launches, never paid anything by the party to do so. So yes, this is my angry post, thank you for reading this far. This morning I heard that the party would not accept my proposal, and I can only assume more nepotism has taken place as “amazingly” there is already someone else to take this role - before they even told me, they organised someone else, someone i can only assume is the partner of the National Secretary, because Terje Peterson (the elusive VP most of you have no idea exists) refused to answer my question. I will also add that a few months ago I was able to get an assistant for the admin office, doing 20 hours a week. She was so overwhelmed with the amount of work, that she dropped to 10 hours, and then quit last week.

Countless hours of devotion to this party over the years, and this is what they do to people. They burn people. Never a thank you. I cannot support it any longer. I would suggest that donors find out exactly where there money goes before you consider donating again.


Kirsty O’Sullivan

BOOM! Ukraine Becomes The First Country To Implement The Great Reset
Klaus Schwab WEF

Ukraine becomes the first country in the world that surrenders to the New World Order, implementing a Social Credit score, a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a Digital Identity and a Vax Passport – all within a single app called Diia.

Warning: Trading houses set for collapse as ’margin call doom loop’ is about to go global
NYSE Wall Street Markets

It looks like the world is on the precipice of the worst financial collapse since 2008. Plan accordingly.


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



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