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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

For those courageous souls brave enough to look and see what is,

who are unwilling to blindly accept

the lies and rules of tyrannical authority.

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.

One word of truth outweighs a world of lies.

Observation And Integrity

Wednesday 6th October 2021


Hope this finds you fit and well.

Here is a sampling of what recently crossed my digital desk.

I hope you get something from it!

The internet as we have known it is going away soon.

Kurt Vonnegut On Activities

Why The Push?

Lies And Reality

The Predator Class

Youth For Human Rights

Everyone IDd


Cowardly Act

The Latest Developments In The Sacking Of Morrison From Tourism Australia

Forget Supersonic, This Hypersonic Jet Can Fly From NYC to London in Under an Hour

Government in Ireland Cannot Prove Covid-19 Exists

Message In A Bottle

Hey Kids, Your Grandparents Are Here

V For Vendetta


The internet as we have known it is going away soon.

Friend on another social media channel posted:

The internet as we have known it is going away soon.

DNS, the domain name system, the yellow pages and white pages of the internet, is going to change.

That means email.
That means API calls.
That means apps.
That means web pages.
That means IP addresses.

The last several years we have heard and seen internet personalities get deleted and demonetized from the CIA controlled platforms everyone trusted and wanted to be on.

The reason was so that these companies and their resources would be turned against us.

They have written code to ensor speech and it works, and is for rent.

You or most other domains do not have the funds to code for similar censorship. ICANN is about to take down nearly all domains and close off nearly all IP traffic.

Except for a short ’whitelist’ of approved domains and IPs.

Even the domains that already do some censoring or at least have the same politics, will fall dark.

And there will be much agitation.

They will need to certify their domains and IPs adhere to the new censors. They will likely require vax status if you don’t have the infrastructure, there will be a short list of CIA approved censors you can rent your censorship from.

This will affect all traffic dependent on DNS, Email, www, etc.

If we do not code for alternatives the best we will be able to do is “broadcast our pirate signal by hacking into the matrix”.

A whitelist will be government/corporate approved traffic across authoritative name servers. Instead of bothering to cancel millions and millions one by one, they will have a short list of hundreds or a few thousand domains and IP blocks.

You will be down, until you call them until you agree to their political censorship. Until you prevent unvaxxed traffic.

Many domain registrars will be out of business.

When will this happen?

Sooner than you think.

Do you have an alternative?

Kurt Vonnegut On Activities
Kurt Vonnegut At Typewriter

“When I was 15, I spent a month working on an archeological dig. I was talking to one of the archeologists one day during our lunch break and he asked those kinds of “getting to know you” questions you ask young people: Do you play sports? What’s your favorite subject? And I told him, no I don’t play any sports. I do theater, I’m in choir, I play the violin and piano, I used to take art classes.

And he went, “WOW. That’s amazing!“ And I said, “Oh no, but I’m not any good at ANY of them.”

And he said something then that I will never forget and which absolutely blew my mind because no one had ever said anything like it to me before: “I don’t think being good at things is the point of doing them. I think you’ve got all these wonderful experiences with different skills, and that all teaches you things and makes you an interesting person, no matter how well you do them.”

And that honestly changed my life. Because I went from a failure, someone who hadn’t been talented enough at anything to excel, to someone who did things because I enjoyed them. I had been raised in such an achievement-oriented environment, so inundated with the myth of Talent, that I thought it was only worth doing things if you could “Win” at them.” - Kurt Vonnegut

(Tom: While there is merit solely in having a wide range of fields in which you have experience and I have no argument with doing things for the simple pleasure of doing them, there is also significant value in the exigencies required to excel in a field to a professional standard. Not necessarily to be in competition with anyone but the necessary observation, discipline and learning that comes from the requirement to excel breeds a causative mindset and a higher level of competence rather than a dilitante attitude.)

Why The Push?
Why The Push?

Lies And Reality
Lies And Reality

Leunig, you NAILED it!

The Predator Class
The Predator Class

Youth For Human Rights

This may help in the battle to wake more people up. This is the link to a short, FREE course to help people know their Human Rights.

Everyone IDd
Everyone IDd


People, it’s really important to not accept this new “solution“. If you do, it is guaranteed it will evolve further because this is what happens when you give this kind of power to a group of psychopathic individuals. If you do nothing, and just comply, you will regret it with every cell of your being. Please don’t make that mistake.

“For those people who don’t understand the “passports“, you’ll have to start scanning them at check out as well, so the puppet masters can track everything you buy.

You will scan them to get into the store to start and then you will scan them at the check out as well Maybe you bought too much zinc, as to keep you healthy. At that time the check out will say “you have exceeded your zinc quota for the month, too much zinc is unhealthy says The WHO. Please pick another item. You have excess space in your donut quota and according to the CDC, donuts are a good substitute for zinc. Are you anti donut, please type your answer into the key pad provided.“

Or you may hear, “you have exceeded your purchase of meat this month. Bill Gates and The WHO declared that meat will run out in 2026. Meat isn’t healthy. We suggest a meat substitute made of crickets and larva, a company Bill Gates owns. Don’t forget your donut quota is still wide open. You are also due for your 10th boo-star shot. If you don’t get your 10th boo-star, your electric car won’t start. Have a great day. Be safe.“

Jason Christoff


The family of Australia’s youngest female COVID victim has spoken out.

30-year-old Ianeta Isaako collapsed dead in Sydney’s west on August 23, in front of her husband and three children. She was diagnosed with coronavirus 10 days earlier.

But an autopsy has now revealed she died of pneumonia. In a statement - her family says they are now considering legal action “against those who have contributed false details about her death”.

As we’ve told you, under the national reporting guidelines - anyone who dies WITH coronavirus is added to the death toll.

Even if a coroner later finds you didn’t die OF it. And that’s important to remember.

Because you’ll hear today Australia has now surpassed 1,000 COVID deaths.

Many of those people were already unwell - before they caught Covid.

We know that old age and obesity are significant contributors.

While every death is sad - we’re very lucky as far as the death toll is concerned.

We are ranked 118th in the world for total COVID deaths. At the height of the pandemic - India was recording 5,000 deaths A DAY.

Brazil - 4,000 a day. America - 3,000. The UK - 1,200.

That’s in a 24 hour period.

So for Australia to only just be recording 1,000 deaths after 18 months is significant.

We have had 56,000 cases of COVID.

So with 1,003 deaths - that indicates the survival rate is 98 percent.

Then you look at the ages of those who died. A third were over the age of 90. 75 percent were over the age of 80. 90 percent were over the age of 70. Only 1 percent were under the age of 50.

They are worth repeating, for context.

Out of the 1,000 Australians who’ve died with coronavirus… 1 percent were under the age of 50. 90 percent were over the age of 70. 75 percent were over the age of 80. A third were over the age of 90.

The majority of our deaths were from the Victorian Aged Care outbreak.

63 percent.

650 people died in Victorian Aged Care last year when there was no vaccine.

Again, all sad outcomes.

Particularly when loved ones were unable to spend time with the person passing away.

And we should also spare a thought for all the people who’ve died from other causes in the same 18 month period.

In the same period where COVID has killed 1,003. More than 200,000 Australians have died. That includes 70,000 from cancer. 20,000 from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 19,000 from heart disease. 17,000 from respiratory diseases like pneumonia, influenza, bronchitis, asthma and emphysema. 13,000 from strokes and other related conditions. 4,500 from suicide. 1,500 in motor vehicle accidents.

All up - more than 200,000 Australians have died in the same 18 months that we’ve lost 1,000 with Covid.

It makes you wonder...

Have we stopped worrying about all these other health issues, as we obsess about coronavirus?

You’d have to say yes.

Melody Ding is an Associate Professor at Sydney University’s School of Public Health.

She says: “Because all of our attention is on coronavirus- we’ve forgotten about these other health issues - they are an orphan of COVID-19.”

That is impossible to argue with.

Right now - every resource is directed to stopping COVID.

There’s a petition that’s been launched to bring back ’Breast Screen’ clinics in Sydney.

They’ve been shut down - because of Covid.

19,000 people have signed the petition... worried that ’early detection’ is being missed as a result.

A YouGov poll says more than 1 in 3 people know someone who has postponed a health check during lockdown.

A western Sydney doctor says - “Clearing the backlog of patient clinic appointments for various illnesses will take YEARS.”

All because right now only COVID matters.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s a terrible disease….

It’s killed millions around the world…

But in Australia - for every person who has died from Covid… 200 people have been killed by something else.

Cowardly Act
Cowardly Act

Hadn’t looked at it like that before but it matches my experience. Only those with a higher confront level can face any fact, no matter how unpalatable.

The Latest Developments In The Sacking Of Morrison From Tourism Australia
Scott Morrison

Source Jommy Tee and Michael West Media)

(Tom: More than enough justification for a failure to initiate and fund a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption eh?)

For 14 years the reason for the sacking has remained one of the best kept secrets in Parliament.

Now, FOI documents accessed by Jommy Tee reveal the PM either lied about a critical probity report, or numerous government departments and agencies are so incompetent that all of them – together, coincidentally, jointly and severally – lost it.

For 14 years the reason for the sacking has remained one of the best kept secrets in Parliament, with the Liberal tourism minister at the time, Fran Bailey, never revealing what led to the sacking of the man who went on to become Prime Minister of Australia.

There has been considerable conjecture, but it is clear that the lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the $180 million tourism campaign – the oft-ridiculed “So where the bloody hell are you?” – and the awarding of a contract to M&C Saatchi played a key part.

The campaign’s tender process was heavily criticised by the advertising industry, with players bemoaning that the tender criteria were skewed towards a particular agency.

Following repeated calls by the opposition for more probity, word leaked to the media that KPMG had been called in to conduct a “probity audit”. The Age declared that KPMG had been hauled in to “give an impression that the selection criteria is kosher”.

No media release announcing KPMG’s appointment as probity auditor exists in the archived websites of Tourism Australia, the department of industry, and that of the minister, Fran Bailey.

However, the plot has thickened considerably with FoI documents obtained this week by Michael West Media revealing that the probity report supposedly conducted by KPMG, a report that Scott Morrison repeatedly used to shield himself from attacks over the awarding of the $180 million contracts, cannot be found anywhere.

Moreover, Tourism Australia was unable to find any emails, briefings or tender documentation associated with a probity audit into the M&C Saatchi contract.

What Morrison told the Senate.

Morrison, in his role as managing director of Tourism Australia, told Senate estimates on 2 November 2005 that the KPMG probity audit was “an internal document that has been provided to our Board. I am sure there are the usual provisions for making requests for those types of documents”.

Morrison said he would take on notice the request to provide the report – subsequently, he said that the “report is considered commercial in confidence”.

The same month, the Senate committee looking into government advertising also requested Tourism Australia table the KPMG report.

Tourism Australia on 25 November 2005 responded: “Tourism Australia requested internal auditors, KPMG, to undertake a review of the tender evaluation process to assist the Board with their review of the recommendation to be received from management.

The report is considered to be commercial in confidence.”
Michael West Media contacted KPMG and numerous government agencies to hunt down the mysterious probity report, but it simply cannot be found.

This leaves us with two possibilities.

1. Numerous government agencies and departmental officials either misplaced, lost, misfiled or destroyed this key document associated with the $180 million advertising spend of taxpayers’ money;


2. The document never existed and Scott Morrison concocted its existence, thereby lying to Senate estimates and a Senate inquiry – more than justifiable grounds to explain his shock sacking.

The search for the probity report.

KPMG advised Michael West Media that it did not comment on “client deliverables”. However, it added: “This reference goes back many years and while we can confirm we have provided services to Tourism Australia, we cannot confirm we completed the report.”

KPMG advised Michael West Media to approach Tourism Australia.

Michael West Media then lodged numerous freedom of information (FoI) requests with government departments seeking access to the probity report.

Tourism Australia.

Tourism Australia advised that no probity audit document could be located. The agency advised it was “satisfied that there were no documents within the scope of your request in the possession of Tourism Australia”.

Tourism Australia even contacted the National Archives of Australia, which confirmed that no such document existed in its archives.

A subsequent FoI seeking all briefings, emails and tender documentation associated with the probity audit drew further blanks. The only records that Tourism Australia found dealt with KPMG’s appointment in February 2005 as Tourism Australia’s internal auditors for a 12-month period, and that the board of Tourism Australia was informed of the appointment in April 2005.

Department of Industry.

The industry department, after a thorough search, refused our FoI request on the basis that document could not be found.

The Minister puts her foot down.

The M&C Saatchi contract term was for three years but it had to be reviewed annually.

Tourism Australia’s tender process fell behind schedule, meaning that by the time it was finalised, the minister, Fran Bailey, was virtually shoe-horned into signing off on the first tranche of the contract. If she had not done so, Tourism Australia would have had no international marketing presence in 2005-06.

Due to the significant criticism surrounding the awarding of the contract, Bailey demanded greater accountability for the second tranche of negotiations. She wrote a blistering letter to Tourism Australia on 29 June 2006 seeking reassurance and copies of any internal assessments:

“I need to be reassured that the taxpayer is receiving value for money with these substantial investments.

I understand that an internal evaluation of performance is under way at the moment, but will not be complete until mid-July.

I also understand that no independent evaluation has yet been undertaken.

In order for me to make a properly informed decision on these contracts for the full 2006-07 financial year, I request Tourism Australia provide me, by 31 August 2006, with:
* a fully completed internal assessment of the 2005-06 contracts with M&C Saatchi and Carat;
* an assessment completed by an independent expert on whether or not the creative and media buying activities for 2005-06 represented value for money; and
* detail of mechanisms instituted by Tourism Australia to manage the contract for 2006-07 – particularly how Tourism Australia will ensure that purchases made by M&C Saatchi and Carat represent value for the taxpayer’s dollar.”

Given that Bailey wanted the independent evaluations within two months it came as a surprise when four weeks later, Tim Fischer, Tourism Australia’s chairman, announced on 26 July that Morrison would be departing the organisation, having been sacked.

National audit confirms the document never was.

The tender process of the $180 million advertising contract was the subject of eight internal and external reviews, including one conducted by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) in 2008 – three years after the contracts were awarded and two years after Morrison was sacked.

The audit did not reference the KPMG probity report and indeed the ANAO found that no probity adviser was engaged for the creative development and media procurements (successful bidders: M&C Saatchi and Carat respectively).

Tourism Australia told the ANAO that “no probity inquiries were undertaken for these procurements” as part of the request for tender process.

As part of the evaluation process for the tender the ANAO states a probity adviser was appointed, following intervention by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Bailey had raised her concerns about the tender process with DPM&C. However the role was filled internally, by a Tourism Australia manager, and not an arms-length organisation.

The ANAO was highly critical and scathing of the tender process run by Tourism Australia when Scott Morrison was in charge, finding among other things:
* a lack of transparency in evaluating tenders;
* a lack of performance information to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign; and
* the board not adhering to conflict of interest procedures.

Morrison’s KPMG connections.

The national audit office’s concerns over conflicts of interest appear valid as the engagement of KPMG represented a significant potential conflict of interest for both Scott Morrison and the deputy chairman of the Tourism Australia board, Tony Clark.

Morrison had a short-lived stint in 2000 at KPMG Consulting, although this is not listed on his parliamentary biography, but archived internet records show that he worked for KPMG’s tourism and leisure division.

Tony Clark was KPMG’s long-time NSW managing partner (he stepped down in 1998). Clark was simultaneously serving as deputy chairman at Tourism Australia, a position he had long held at TA and its predecessor the Australian Tourist Commission.

Clark also headed up the Tourism Australia’s audit committee, which FoI documents reveal made the decision to appoint KPMG as Tourism Australia’s internal auditors in February 2005.

Carbon copy criticism.

What the national audit office found was a carbon copy of the criticism that a 1999 New Zealand audit report had levelled at Scott Morrison when he was head of NZ’s Office of Tourism and Sport.

Morrison had moved to NZ in 1998, reporting directly to the NZ tourism minister, as the inaugural director of the office. The NZ minister, Murray McCully, and Morrison were locked in a power struggle with the independent NZ Tourism Board.

The NZ audit office report devoted a whole chapter to Morrison’s deceptive behaviour, which involved changing the focus of a consultant’s review to align it with Morrison’s political agenda and without conferring with the board or his minister.

Morrison mysteriously departed the NZ Office of Tourism and Sport one year before the end of his contract term.

Morrison’s disdain for transparency and the shirking of accountability, so evident during his tenure at Tourism Australia, persists to this day, with his continual deflecting and “move along, nothing to see here” attitude to journalists asking questions.

Given the importance of the KPMG report the question can surely be posed “So where the bloody hell is it?”

Source The Guardian

Forget Supersonic. This Hypersonic Jet Can Fly From NYC to London in Under an Hour.
Hermeus Jet

The Hermeus jet has a projected top speed of Mach 5.5—or 4,219 mph—making it the fastest reusable jet on the planet.

Government in Ireland Cannot Prove Covid-19 Exists
Gemma O'Doherty

Gemma O'Doherty is an Investigative Journalist in Ireland. This Irish Investigation into Covid shows that The Department of health refuse to confirm existence of a “virus” in writing. Confirmation that the virus was never isolated. On top of this, the CDC in July revealed that there is no Covid-19 in a document titled "CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic panel", dated July 13, 2020. On Page 39 of this document titled "Performance Characteristics", we see written "Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available..." So... What are they testing for? Because it's not the virus... That hasn't been proved to exist... What is being tested for is RNA that is PRESUMED to come from the virus... Which hasn't been proven to exist...

Message In A Bottle
Message In A Bottle

Hey Kids, Your Grandparents Are Here
Hey Kids, Your Grandparents Are Here

V For Vendetta
V For Vendetta


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



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