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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

Wednesday 11th March 2015


Sorry for missing the newsletter last week.

My desktop died. So it has been a busy time! Hope you get something from this week’s collection.

I will be at the Mind Body Soul Expo at Casula this weekend if you want to drop in and say hello.

How a vitamin cured my anxiety: Elisa Black’s story of lifelong struggle and new hope for the future
Elisa Black

Nutrition can help enormously, as this article illustrates.

Gotta love those Icelanders!
Iceland Womens Rights

What to do with old car wheels?
Wheel Stove

Amish Organic Farmers
Amish Organic Farmers

Now THIS IS the way to go!


Vaccinations - Must Read
Archie Kalokerinos

This guy was an ethical, honest doctor. He looked. He did not swallow the lies and believe the propaganda, he looked. It’s amazing what you see when you honestly, openly and without prejudice look. It takes a person with no vested interest capable of swaying them, distracting or colouring their vision. They are remarkable and rare. They are to be honoured and revered. For by their looking and telling, true progress is made.

Free Your Mind
Free Your Mind

Make The Moment Perfect
Make The Moment Perfect

Video: How WiFi & other EMFs Cause Biological Harm
EMFs Cause Biological Damage

Hypertension? Read this:
Celery Juice

So does beetroot. That's why they are the top two ingredients in my Hypertension formula! As well as dozens of others! If you have hypertension, check it out!

Wonderful Women - Our: Land, Water, Future

This is a great story!

At the heart of what we do is people, people like you — we juggle every day commitments of work and family with the added challenge of standing up to protect our land and water, because we know how much is at stake.

People in communities right across the state are making time, digging deep. We’re all doing what we can, when we can. Take Rosemary. Rosemary is a farmer from the Liverpool Plains where she produces crops including mung beans, faba beans, sorghum, wheat, and grazes Black Angus and Wagyu cattle. She’s also a truly inspirational leader in her region’s fight against coal and gas.

“We should be just producing food,” says Rosemary, “But now we’re spending our lives fighting for our existence.”

Rosemary is one of the women in a new video we made to showcase some of the stories of people in our communities who are standing up to demand protections for our farms, forests, water and communities.

Click the Read More button to view the video:

How Much Is Too Much?
How Much Is Too Much?


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



Most of the content herein has been copied from someone else. Especially the images. My goodness some people are talented at creating aesthetics! The small bits that are of my creation are Copyright 2014 © by Tom Grimshaw - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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