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Read or Condemn Yourself to Death by Ignorance

Wednesday 4th February 2015


All my email addresses are now working fine, just the blog to transfer and we are all back to normal.

Here is your weekly dose of whatever you care to take from it from me!

Professor Peter Gøtzsche is doing a tour in Australia

Professor Peter Gøtzsche is doing a tour in Australia (Adelaide 10 Feb 2015 - Melbourne 11 Feb - Sydney 14 Feb- Brisbane 18 Feb).

Below is the information from his website about his upcoming speaking tour in Australia.

#8220;In 1993, Peter Gøtzsche co-founded The Cochrane Collaboration, (the gold standard for the review of medical research data) and The Nordic Cochrane Centre, where he is Managing Director.

“We are in the midst of a psychiatric drug epidemic with devastating consequences for public health.” Peter C Gøtzsche.

“According to Gøtzsche, “the “medical model of care” – the idea that distress and misbehavior are best treated with drugs – is causing more harm than good.”

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20 Jan 2015 — Australian man Bevan Potter, operated the business Centerforce, where he supplied a range of health supplements. This included Black Salve. Just over two years ago his business was raided by the TGA and he was charged with manufacturing an unauthorised product. His health has suffered as a result (he suffered two strokes) and his court date has now arrived.

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Could not endorse this more highly.

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Ross, the Facebook poster, said: This is True .... And I envy both the "Originals" and the European peoples who do 'talk with' and respect, their elders...not everyone gets to become an elder. (Many don't make it.)

Lake Tekapo New Zealand
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Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens
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I wonder how they are going to detox the people?

Vaccination Talk Cancelled

Hi Everyone,

Dr Sherri Tenpenny and I have decided to cancel her speaking tour planned for March this year.

With the pro-vaccine extremists running their campaign of hate, intimidation, bullying, sabotage of businesses and threats of violence, we could not in good conscience put the attendees, speakers and new venue owners at risk of violence and harassment. We are mindful that at each seminar there were already people booked in who were bringing babies and children along and as we are all about protecting babies and children, we are not willing to go ahead and risk their safety.

When you are dealing with extremists, you just never know what they are capable of doing as we have recently seen with the Sydney siege, and also, the Paris violence against free speech.

These pro-vaccine extremists are actually:

terrorists against free speech - they are against people accessing all information to make an informed decision regarding this medical procedure,

they are in favour of human sacrifice as they know some babies are injured and killed by vaccines, but think this is OK “¥for the perceived good of the community”,

they are against people sharing whatever information they want and therefore they are in favour of censorship,

they believe bullying is acceptable when they do it. Venue owners were threatened, harassed and intimidated to cancel the contracts we had in place. This is bullying.

Of course they deny all this, but please look to their actions ¡V these speak louder than the words that they speak with their forked tongues. What you do and say in this world is a declaration of who you really are, and these people certainly made plenty of statements about themselves.

Basically they are low vibrating souls who have behaved in rude, arrogant, vile, intolerant, controlling, abusive, manipulative and ignorant ways and so, have declared this is who they really are. They are so far away from truth that they are trying to hold on to their ignorant and fearful position not matter what. Just know, as higher vibrating souls who have learnt the truth, you can do much more to advance the truth for all to learn by speaking out whenever you have an opportunity.

We are looking at other avenues to make certain Dr Tenpenny¡¦s message is heard and will keep you posted on this. While the extremists will see this as a “¥win” for them, I assure you this is far from the truth of the matter. Dr Tenpenny received so much publicity that many people who had never heard of her, have now made contact personally and also visited her sites. The events of the past 4 weeks have also pulled the non-vaccinating community together. I and Dr Tenpenny have both received many, many emails of support from people whom we did not know who are educating people in their vicinity - some being nurses who see the damage of vaccines and personally witness the coverup in the medical industry. We encourage everyone to keep this up, after all, vaccines are merely a product for consumers ¡V when people become educated about what vaccines are really doing to their babies, they will no longer be consumers of them.

Time has come for you all to make a declaration about “Who you really are” this can be done by speaking your truth, not worrying about what the ignorant and fearful think or say about you, sharing vaccine injury stories on your facebook pages and blogs, passing on information to pregnant women, purchasing books and DVDs about this issue and natural health, authored by people who are making a stand for your child’s health and wellbeing choices. If more people do not get active, we will have compulsory vaccination in Australia. Right now there are many occupations you and your children can no longer think about without being vaccinated e.g. any public health services, flight attendant with some airlines, child care industry and the armed forces to name a few. There is talk that teachers will be next to be forced to be vaccinated with every vaccine available. Discrimination based on vaccination status is now a reality. Get active people!

Over the next few days we are refunding tickets already purchased. There are several expenses we have incurred and we cannot get that money back e.g. printing of flyers, advertising, postage to get flyers around the country, etc. so if you are able to gift the GanKinMan Foundation whatever amount you are able to help cover these costs, that will be appreciated.

The account details are: BSB 032 563 A/C # 37 1362 I wish to personally thank the wonderful people who have made contact and do not require a refund. I am so humbled by your generosity. Thank you so much.

I thank you for your support and I continue to be of support to you wherever I am able. Please share my website with as many as possible

Thank you

Stephanie Messenger


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



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