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Wednesday 9th July 2014


Hope you are fit and well!

Here is your weekly dose of whatever you care to take from it from me! Enjoy!

Learn from America’s Destruction - Don’t Frack Australia!

I have just read and signed the petition: “Western Australia: place a moratorium on gas fracking”

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are aiming to reach 1,000 signatures - please sign at the Read More link:

Shell and Lego - a Partnership to Distract?

Since Greenpeace launched their global campaign last week, more than 200,000 people around the world have written to Lego asking they end the deal that’s making a lot of people very, very uncomfortable. Since then, Lego has publicly responded. While they refused to end their Shell partnership, they remain committed to “leave a positive impact on society and the planet that children will inherit.”

Lego, you can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to say you’re standing up for our kids’ futures while partnering with a company planning to destroy the Arctic.

Help Lego live up to its promise by sharing this video far and wide today.

With other brands unwilling to help clean up its image, Shell will find it harder than ever distract the public from its reckless abuse of the planet. That’s why we’re asking Lego to show the world that a truly ethical company knows better than to work with Shell.

Can you imagine what it’ll look like if we pull this off? We’ll send shockwaves around the business world and scare off any other company thinking of teaming up with Shell. All because people like you and I cared enough to take a stand for the future of our planet.

Be A Trouble Maker
Be A Trouble Maker

Improvement only ever occurs when a person takes action against a situation he/she cannot tolerate by working towards creating a better replacement.

This applies to your personal situation just as well as more societal situations.

To those who benefit by the inequities in the status quo, those who have a vested interest financially or perceived personal or group advantage, those desiring change are trouble makers.

How many times have your heard, “Don’t rock the boat!” with the implication that if you do, some people could drown.

Well. I’m not for accidentally drowning people but a few money changer’s carts could be overturned to their detriment and everyone else’s benefit!

What are you going to do this week different from what you did last week that will improve your life and the lot of us all?

Arguing With A Woman
Arguing With A Woman

Be there always, will excuses
Be there always, will excuses

On what will you focus your attention this week?

Do You Support Argentina—or the Criminal Speculators?

On behalf of the Citizens Electoral Council, CEC National Secretary Craig Isherwood today endorsed the following emergency call by Schiller Institute founder and chairman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, to defend the nation of Argentina against the attempt by City of London and Wall Street speculative funds to crush it, in order to repay unjust, usurious debt.

Said Isherwood, “In his beautiful exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis has denounced the present speculation-based global financial system as ’the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a human purpose’, as an ’economy which kills’. At the time of its 2001 default on its international debt, Argentina had a 25 per cent unemployment rate with fully 50 per cent of its citizens living in abject poverty. It renegotiated that debt and has been paying it regularly since 2005, but only because the nation grew by directing credit into its industrial and agricultural sectors. Now, these vulture funds, with the full backing of the U.S. Supreme Court, and of the Obama administration itself as of 2 July, intend to simply destroy Argentina under pretext of paying the debt.

“This is not only evil, but insane because Argentina can not and will not back down, and a full Argentine default would probably blow out the world’s financial bubble of almost $2 quadrillion in derivatives.

“I am proud to add my signature on behalf of the CEC to that of Mrs. LaRouche and urge all Australian citizens and institutions to do likewise. We must, as the Pope has demanded and for which Mrs. LaRouche has below provided some of the specifics, enact a ’radical financial reform’ on behalf of the common good of all people, and all nations.”

Do You Support Argentina—or the Criminal Speculators?

A battle to the death is ongoing between Argentina and two of the most notorious hedge funds, NML Capital and Aurelius Capital Management, and its outcome will determine whether humanity plunges into disaster and probably annihilates itself in a thermonuclear world war, or whether we get our act together in time and put a new, just world economic order on the agenda.

What is going on?

On the one side, are the unscrupulous mega-speculators, whose greed is insatiable, and who are part of the Anglo-American-dominated imperialist grouping. This grouping is attempting to establish a world empire through such activities as: the 24/7 spying on citizens by the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ; the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which would give all power to the multinationals and the “Too Big To Fail” banks at the expense of the right of sovereign governments to protect the general welfare of their citizens; the relentless eastward expansion of NATO and the EU, including with an ever more sophisticated Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system whose clear purpose is to enable thermonuclear first strikes against Russia and China, but which would unleash a thermonuclear holocaust and likely wipe out the human race.

One of the hedge funds, NML Capital Fund, is demanding a payment of $832 million on the bonds it purchased in default at the scrap price of $48.7 million only six years ago — a profit of 1,608 per cent! That would force Argentina into bankruptcy, and could very well trigger a systemic crisis of the global financial system.

On the other side stands Argentina, which has emphasized and proven that it wants to pay its debts, but in such a way that the Argentine economy maintains the growth needed to be able to do that. This was also, by the way, the argument by the late Deutsche Bank chairman Hermann Abs at the London Debt Conference in 1953, on the subject of restructuring the German debt.

Argentina has made it clear in an international advertising campaign, that it is paying and will continue to pay, but under conditions that do not kill off its own population and economy.

The recent murderous ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the hedge funds has triggered an unprecedented wave of solidarity with Argentina: the Organization of American States (OAS) — except for the United States; the G77, with its 133 member states; MERCOSUR (the Southern Common Market); UNASUR (the Union of South American Nations); China, Russia, France, and even 100+ British parliamentarians — i.e., the majority of mankind — are all defending Argentina’s rights against the usurers.

The crucial question here is: Is international law, as it evolved from the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, and as expressed in the UN Charter, still valid, or not? Can and must a sovereign government defend the general welfare of its citizens, or do criminal speculators have the right to use all means, as Shakespeare depicted so vividly in “The Merchant of Venice,” to demand the debtor’s “pound of flesh,” even if that means that the person dies?

There is a breathtaking process underway now among the BRICS countries (Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa) and Ibero-America, in which these States are constructing a new, just world economic order, based on building up the real economy, scientific and technological progress, and a vision of the future. This is the idea of a World Land-Bridge that will join peoples and nations as the driver for a world economic renaissance to replace the present, speculation-centered globalist nightmare which is driving the world toward war.

The only thing that the trans-Atlantic camp has to offer is the sacrifice of the common good, of the happiness and the life of its people, in favor of a Frankenstein monster, “the stability of the market,” to which anything and everything should be sacrificed, but which is itself hopelessly bankrupt. This system does exactly what Pope Francis says: It kills. You could also call it satanic.

In the struggle between Argentina and the hedge funds, there is no middle ground. Which side are you on? Which side is your government on? We want an answer!

Signed: Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairman, Schiller Institute

What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government"

An interesting look at the Australian government rather than the Commonwealth of Australia.

Click the Read More button to view the video:


(When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly.) Patrick Overton, The leaning tree: [poems]

If Ever There Is A Tomorrow
If Ever There Is A Tomorrow

March Against The Cause
March Against The Cause

I Dont Believe The Government Is Reading My Emails
I Dont Believe The Government Is Reading My Emails

The Silly Pseudo Science That Is ’Modern Economics’

All modern science has been utterly corrupted to the core through orthodoxy and political correctness, under the pressures of power and commerce. So why are people so surprised it’s the same with ’economics’?

Don’t Chase People
Dont Chase People

Once You Stop Learning
Once You Stop Learning

We Grow Old By Deserting Our Ideals
We Grow Old By Deserting Our Ideals

We Are Caged by Our Programming
We Are Caged by Or Programming

The Correct Perspective
The Correct Perspective

This Planet Has Issues
This Planet Has Issues


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



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