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Wednesday 19th March 2014


Hope you are having a great week. Elder daughter and son-in-law move house this weekend so I am doing removalist duties.

There Are Three Kinds Of Men
There Are Three Kinds Of Men

Will Rogers was quite an observant guy!

Not Enough Facism
Not Enough Facism

Just in case you were under any misunderstanding about the banks being interested in your or my welfare...

LOL Time
Morning Prayer

How Did You Hear About The YMCA

No Government Right
No Government Right

From the late physicist Richard Feynman: “No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic value of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of literacy or artistic expression. Nor should it pronounce on the validity of economic, historic, religious, or philosophical doctrines. Instead it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race.”

In other words, no taxpayer subsidies for art, for the same reasons there should be no subsidies for anything we truly value. If it’s truly valuable, we shouldn’t want politicians anywhere near it--with few exceptions, none of which I can even think of at the moment.

Girls, listen up! Mobile Phone Breast Cancer Link
Mobile Phone Breast Cancer Link

Dr. Devra Davis is the founder and president of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), which aims to educate individuals and health professionals on environmental health risks and what we can do to reduce and minimize those risks. Currently, EHT is focusing on raising more awareness on the negative health impacts of unsafe cell phone use, and researching cell phone radiation. EHT’s work is extremely relevant as internet use and mobile phones dominate our society today. To learn more about Dr. Davis and her work through the EHT, click the Read More button:

Button And here:
Lack of time in nature is linked to depression and attention deficit disorder

“An emerging body of scientific evidence suggests not spending much time outdoors connected to the natural world can be connected to rising rates of depression, attention deficit disorder, Vitamin D deficiency (an epidemic in the world), and child obesity. Being in nature is connected to cognitive development, the ability to learn, and the ability to control ourselves,” Richard Louv says.

Exposure to nature is so beneficial.

Humans are hard-wired genetically for an affiliation with the natural world and suffer when they're deprived of it. (“biophilia” theory)

The brain relaxes in nature, entering a state of contemplative attention that is restorative or refreshing. Attention Restoration Theory (ART)

Louv says there’s enough evidence of the physical and mental health benefits of time in nature that schools should be mandated to include it in the standard curriculum.

Richard Louv is the author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle, says spending time in nature has a wide range of benefits for physical and mental health.

By Pauline Dakin, extract from CBC News

Toms’s footnote: If you can’t afford three or four hours to take a bushwalk, just take a walk. Taking a walk has been found to be the closest thing to a “cure all”. While you are walking, make sure to put your attention on your surroundings. Look at whatever is around you. If you can, do it in a park or by the sea.

Tick Warning
Tick Warning

Bras Off Girls
Bras Off Girls

Leave the cursed thing off girls.
The French (yes, the French) found leaving it off exercised breast collagen which helped retard sag.
If you suspect vested interest on my part, do your own homework on it!

LOL Time

Take dance ravers, add Benny Hill music, film and share. Laughs all round.

Click the Read More button to view the video:


Grab your tissues and prepare to be inspired!

Click the Read More button to view the video:

Believe In Yourself
Believe In Yourself

The more honest you are, the more ethical you are, the more true you are to your own goals, the easier it is to believe in yourself.

St Patrick Driving The Snakes Out Of Ireland
St Patrick Driving The Snakes Out Of Ireland

Does this ever ring true!

Wanted Encouragers
Wanted Encouragers

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

An interesting comment on the Facebook post:

Brand Recognition or Response Creation - You Decide

If you spend ANY money on advertising, check this out:


Until next time,
dream big dreams,
plan out how to achieve them,
be continually executing your plans,
enlist people to your causes,
travel and/or read widely, preferably both,
all the while observing what you observe
rather than thinking what you are told to think,
think well of your fellow man,
take time to help your fellow man,
he sorely needs it and it will help you too,
eat food that is good for your body,
exercise your body,
take time to destress,
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!



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