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Wednesday 16th October 2013



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Microsoft Patches Zero Day Exploit in IE

If you do not know what a zero-day exploit is, I’ll give you a brief and simple explanation.

What is a Zero-day exploit? Software vendors regularly make patches available to fix security issues in their software. When someone (usually bad hackers) discover a software vulnerability and use this to infect computers and gain access to them BEFORE the software vendor has had a change to provide a patch, it is called a Zero-Day exploit. There are zero days from when the software vendor became aware of the vulnerability in their software and hackers using this to their advantage.

Last month Microsoft released a critical security advisory warning customers of a serious vulnerability in Internet Explorer that attackers are currently exploiting in the wild. At that time Microsoft did not have a software patch available for users to protect themselves. In October’s patch Tuesday Microsoft made two patches available for users to apply. It is highly recommended that you test and apply these patches as soon as possible. If you are a ReliableIT client with Elscomm your computers will have these patched installed (if not already done). We are testing it on a few machines before we deploy it to all clients.

Example of how this zero-day flaw can be exploited. If an attacker can lure a user to visit a website that has malicious code on it (including a legitimate website that has been booby trapped after it has been hijacked) he could exploit this vulnerability on their computer potentially gaining access to it.

Regards, Rene Els

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Walnuts - Good for the Prostate and Brain


Prostate Cancer affects 1 in 6 men. Researchers have found that eating walnuts slows the growth of prostate cancer in mice. These nuts seems to effect the genes related to the control of tumor growth and metabolism. Prostate cancer growth was reduced by 30-40% and lowered IGF. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 and may also help heart disease.

Pistachios are also good for prostate health.

Smoking And Niacin

Smoking And Niacin

Saw this partially correct post on Facebook: Drug Mugger Rx-Nicotine is actually a drug mugger of niacin. One of the ways by which smoking (nicotine ingestion) causes such catastophic etffects in the human body is because it competes with niacin for your cell’s love and affection. More specifically, nicotine looks SO INCREDIBLY similar to nicotinamide (niacin’s active form) that it fakes your cell’s out, and it interfere’s with the absorption and utilization of nicotamide, possibly resulting in a deficiency.

Nicotinamide is NOT the active form of Niacin. Quite the reverse. It does not have the effect of flushing toxins and drug residues from the tissues as does niacin.

From Wikipedia: Although the two are identical in their vitamin activity, nicotinamide does not have the same pharmacological effects (lipid modifying effects) as niacin. Nicotinamide does not reduce cholesterol or cause flushing.

Brain Nutrient


A supplement called Acetyl L Carnitine has repeatedly been shown to improve memory as well as enhance cognition and reduce free radical damage to the brain. It may also improve nerve fiber regeneration, muscle coordination and vibration perception in people with neuropathies. 500 mg 2-3 times per day.

Turmeric Kills Pancreatic Cancer

Turmeric Kills Pancreatic Cancer

Also, purportedly, the single healthiest food on Earth, for your Liver, is fresh dandelion greens... Healthiest before the bud becomes a flower.

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Each Capsule Contains...

Each Capsule Contains Your Medication Plus a Treatment For Each of its Sdie Effects.

Stolen Viagra

Stolen Viagra

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War Versus Revolution

War Versus Revolution

If You Want Your Child To Be Intelligent, Read Them Fairy Tales - Albert Einstein

If You Want Your Child To Be Intelligent

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein

Som Sabadell

Touted as the best coin ever spent. Great listen.

The True Sign Of Intelligence Is Imagination

The True Sign Of Intelligence Is Imagination

Some Day

Some Day

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Public Relations and Marketing

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