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Wednesday 17th July 2013


Protect Our Children and the Planet

What We Do Today Affects Their Tomorrow

Don't lose heart.
Hold fast to your dreams.
Remember, every action counts!
Never lose sight of that.
When you look around and see so many things wrong that you would like to right, it can seem overwhelmingly impossible.
In your own universe, when you close your eyes and see things as you would like them to be, it happens instantly, perfectly.
It can take a while to translate that to reality in the physical universe.
This discourages many people from taking action.
Don't you be one of them.
Hold that picture in your universe.
Reinforce it.
Validate it.
Share it with others.
Get agreement on it.
Do more sharing, get more agreement.
Formulate a plan of physical universe actions required to bring the actuality of your universe into being the reality in the physical universe.
This IS how you change reality, by communicating your dream and doing the actions to change the agreements in society.
The bad guys do it via the main stream media.
They paint a picture of fear and preach the need to be protected.
They get agreement on that reality.
We need to change the common agreement to a far better reality by word of mouth, one person at a time.
And do a better job at it than the media.
Make it happen!
You do not need my or anyone else's permission, approval or license.
This IS the power vested in you from the beginning of your creation.
This IS your power and ability - even now.
Be willing to exercise your power and ability.
Bring the actuality of your universe to a reality in the physical universe.


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Microsoft denies ’blanket access’ offered to NSA

Microsoft has denied it provided the US intelligence services direct access to its products for interception efforts.,microsoft-denies-blanket-access-offered-to-nsa.aspx

Sysadmins: Everything they told you about backup WAS A LIE

So, you’re a sysadmin, slaving away to maintain the impossible 100 per cent uptime demanded by The Powers That Be. How many common myths about storage do you really believe?

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Dr Peter Dingle Says: Low vitamin D linked with increased risk of depression. Get some sun not medication.

This study provides support for an association of low 25(OH)D concentrations with current and subsequent risk of depression in mid-adulthood.

800 Scientists Demand Global GMO Experiment End

Did you hear about the 800 esteemed scientists who came together and demanded the production of genetically modified crops and products be stopped? Scientists who called on world powers to re-evaluate the future of agriculture and seek sustainability rather than corporate profits? Don’t be surprised if you haven’t, as the mainstream media won’t touch this one.

Science Magazine: Four Studies Demonstrate That Fracking and Geothermal Power Produce Earthquakes

Cumulative Earthquake Count

Fracking and Drinking Water Map: This Map Shows Where You Shouldn’t Drink Tap Water in the USA

Tap Water Unsafe Map US

There is just one thing I would say about this terrifying map: Be careful if you live in a red area, your tap water may be contaminated and poisoned by the chemicals and other toxic substances used for fracking and described in the following report: Chemicals Used In Hydraulic Fracturing.

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behaviour

Are virii being introduced into vaccinations to cause behaviour modification?

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Altar Oops

Altar Oops



One for my elder daughter - Teal.

Dead Skin Wraps

Dead Skin Wraps

Both Of You Hang Up

Both Of You Hang Up

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On where you send your kids to school, of if you do or not...

Governments Want To Educate Children

Governments Want To Educate Children

For the future of us all, take more than a passing interest in your child’s education. Teach them to think for themselves. It requires a certain courage of a parent to work towards having your children make their own decisions, even though they be contrary to the ones you would like they made.

But the end result is a responsible, capable free being. Not a robot.

If you do not have the time or inclination to home school, check out the Athena School in Newtown. My three started there. My two grandkids are there. So yours would be in good company :-)

Take a Rare Look at How Obama Decides to Send Drones to Kill Americans


Take a Rare Look at How Obama Decides to Send Drones to Kill Americans

Human rights advocates were floored on Monday night when NBC News published the details of an alarming Justice Department memo detailing the protocol for sending drones after United States citizens. It’s not as if they hadn’t suspected that the Obama administration’s top secret drone attack protocol contained some unsavory details. They just didn’t expect them to be so frightfully broad. The scoop by Michael Isikoff is actually startling not for the details but rather for the lack of details. It’s very vague about a decision-making process that puts American lives on the line. Put simply, the government believes that a lethal drone attack against an American citizen is justified if the targets are a) “senior operational leaders” of AL-Qaeda or b) “an associated force.”

What It Takes To Succeed

Success Is Going From Failure To Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm

Success Is Going From Failure To Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm - Winston Churchill

New studies: ’Conspiracy theorists’ sane, while government dupes are crazy and hostile

Recent studies by psychologists and social scientists in the US and UK suggest that contrary to mainstream media stereotypes, those labeled “conspiracy theorists” appear to be saner than those who accept the official versions of contested events.

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Beach Sunset

Until next time,
dream big dreams,
read widely,
think well of your fellow man,
eat food that is good for you
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!


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