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Wednesday 5th June 2013



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Koobface worm body count breaks record

The Facebook menace known as the Koobface has made a resurgence.

Koobface was discovered in 2008 propagating on social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, through socially engineered messages sent to those on an infected user’s friends list.

The messages appear as if they are coming from the victim, but once targeted users click on the links contained in messages, they also become compromised by the worm and have their account credentials stolen.,koobface-worm-body-count-breaks-record.aspx

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Ban ECT and Psychiatric Brain Surgery

There is a Bill looking at being passed in Australia which would, if passed, impact us all. It affects parental rights, children’s rights, pregnant woman's & elderly people’s rights.

Please take a look at the petition below, sign it and send it onto your friends.
Please step up!
Many thanks,
from Sonia Gupta

Exercise Is The Most Powerful Antidepressant

Exercise Is The Most Powerful Antidepressant

University of California Research Finds Your Sunblock May Increase Sun Damage

If you use a sunscreen, you could be doing something worse than throwing your money away. You could be risking your health.

This Ancient Superfood Cuts Your Diabetes Risk by 24%

The ancient Romans used these edible seeds for medicine and food. They’re full of nutrients that fight disease—plant proteins, sterols, dietary fiber, and antioxidants.

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Public Relations and Marketing

Browser Size Tool

One aspect of website creation, or design changes which can be forgotten is optimizing for various browser sizes. With the advent of mobile and tablet devices, this becomes an even more important step. With the What's My Browser Size tool, you can adjust your browser to match various resolutions to see how your site will show up in different sizes.

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How To Live The Healthiest Life
How To Live The Healthiest Life

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of Optimal Health.

To improve your chances of living disease-free, check
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How to Live The Healthiest Life

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