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Because friends don't let friends stay ignorant

Wednesday 7th November 2012


I see a post on Facebook from time to time expressing frustration at and being critical of those less intelligent than the poster.

Whenever I start feeling critical of other people’s lack of intelligence I am quickly brought back to affinity for my fellow man by realising that those far wiser than myself might have far greater reason to feel that way about me than I do about others.

Greater intelligence, insight or ability does not give us more right to be critical of others who are less endowed or who have not worked as hard to learn what we know, it just means we have a greater responsibility to draft a better message so we get through to them.

If we focus on improving our communication skills and crafting better messages then we are concentrating on what will solve the problem.

By being critical of others we are putting our attention on stupidity, ignorance and indolence and not granting others beingness.

Remember, you get what you put your attention on.

So let’s put our attention on learning the mechanics from which they suffer and how to undo the trap of ignorance which holds them.


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Windows 8

Windows 8 has a completely new interface and is therefore a dramatic change for those of us used to the previous versions of it. Here is some data that may be of assistance to those wanting to do things they way we have for the last 17 years.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft’s new OS too odd to handle?

Link to the start shells & some other useful tips in Microsoft’s ’official’ Windows 8 Survival Guide leaks - what you really, really need to know

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30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards To Sell More Vaccines And Harm Your Kids

Vaccine Hoax Over

Vaccine Hoax Over

An extraordinary new paper published by a courageous doctor and investigative medical researcher has dug the dirt on 30 years of secret official transcripts of meetings of UK government vaccine committees and the supposedly independent medical “experts” sitting on them with their drug industry connections.

Our Enemy the FDA Vaccination theory is false, never proven but not questioned

Archie Kalokerinos

A failed new vaccine against MRSA, V710, demonstrates this fact clearly. Increasing antibody titers, the standard measure of a vaccine’s efficacy, is not the same as natural immunity.

A study has clearly documented that the basic theory behind vaccinations—that immunity is provided by the development of antibodies—is wrong. Sadly, it was dead wrong, as people died for the presumption.

The vaccine, V710, is for a disease that was caused by modern medicine: MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also referred to as the flesh-eating bacteria disease. So, they tried to create a vaccine to fix a problem that the system itself created.

The V710 vaccine was expected to become a blockbuster, as it was intended for use before surgeries and on people entering hospitals to prevent MRSA. What a system: Create a disease and then try to find a treatment for the disease you’ve created and reap giant profits from it!

The study’s failure, though, reveals something highly significant about the entire vaccine industry. It’s based on a theory that clearly does not stand up to inspection. If the development of antibodies were the key to “strengthening the immune system”, as is routinely declared by doctors and health agencies, then V710’s failure would not have been possible.

By all accounts, the vaccine resulted in a “robust immunologic response”, which means that lots of antibodies were created. But when given to people in advance of cardiothoracic surgery, more infections happened, and more people died of multiple organ failure.

The Study

The study was funded by Merck. The lead researcher, Dr. Fowler, was the chair of Merck’s V710 Adivsory Committee. He also has received grants and research support from Merck, Cerexa, Pfizer, Novartis, Advanced Liquid Logics, and MedImmune, plus has been a paid consultant to Astellas, Cubist, Cerexa, Merck, Pfizer, NovaDigm, Novartis, The Medicines Company, Biosynexus, MedImmune, Galderman, and Inimex, and has received honoraria from Astellas, Cubist, Merck, Pfizer, Theravance, and Novartis.

We probably shouldn’t be too surprised that Fowler has no idea why the results were so dismal in light of the good antibody responses, saying, according to Medscape: “I can’t think of a biologically plausible reason for it.”

The study included 3,958 patients who were given the active V710 vaccine and 3,967 who received a saline placebo. 201 people (5.08%) given the vaccine died, compared to 177 (4.46%) who received the placebo. That was 13.9% more deaths in people who were vaccinated.

NOTE: The results were translated into person-years, a construct that strikes me as meaningless in this context. The issue is how many people undergoing a single instance of specific types of surgery succumbed, not how it looks in terms of person-years.

Of the vaccinated patients, 22 got MRSA and 7 of those died. Of the unvaccinated control group, 27 got MRSA and 2 of them died.

Vance Fowler Jr., MD, MPH, study leader and professor of medicine at Duke University, stated: “V710 was not efficacious in preventing S. aureus bacteremia and/or deep sternal wound infection, despite eliciting a robust antibody response. Overall mortality rates were not significantly different for vaccine and placebo recipients.”

13.9% more people who got the V710 vaccine died. That was 24 more deaths. Considering the size of the market that was being addressed, had the vaccine made it to market, that would have rapidly translated into thousands of extra deaths directly caused by the vaccine. Overall mortality rates weren’t significant?

Reported here are the MRSA rates only, but Medscape also reports that those who got the V710 vaccine and developed S. aureus were 5 times more likely to die than those in the placebo group.

Implications on Vaccine Theory

What we need to take home from all of this is that the basic theory behind vaccinations isn’t based on reality. It’s based on assumptions. It assumes that triggering the immune system unnaturally to create antibodies is equivalent to developing them from a natural disease process. The fact is that it’s not. It’s a method of circumventing nature, not duplicating it.

Titers Are Not Immunity

The reality is that no consideration has been given to what happens to the immune system as a whole after vaccination. The only thing of interest has been getting the titers up as high as possible, that is, making the concentration of antibodies as high as they can. That’s used as the definition of a vaccine’s success. It’s used in spite of the fact that titers resulting from vaccines are often far higher than titers that result from natural infections. Yet, natural immunity is usually 100% and lifelong, while vaccine-induced immunity is virtually never anywhere close to 100%, nor does it last more than a few years.

There’s obviously a lot more involved in disease immunity than how high the titers can be driven. But you’d never know that. The only thing that’s considered is whether an arbitrary titer is reached, not the overall effect of a vaccine.

Antibodies Are Just Part of the Immune System

In the rush to vaccinate, no one considers the effects on the body as a whole, or even on the rest of the immune system. Resistance to disease is far more than antibodies.

The immune system is divided into two parts: humoral and cell-mediated. The humoral immune system is the one that vaccines address. It produces antibodies to infectious agents. When overactivated, it can also create antibodies to the self, resulting in autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus. As is clearly shown by the V710 fiasco, vaccines are not able to duplicate what the body does naturally in fighting an infectious agent—and no one knows exactly what’s wrong or has the slightest idea of how to duplicate nature.

The cell-mediated part of the immune system is managed by T-lymphocytes, the T-cells that HIV patients focus on. The T-cells mediate, that is, they manage and control macrophages, natural killer (NK) cells, and antigen-specific cytotoxic lymphocytes and cytokines in response to antigens. The cell-mediated portion of the immune system is the part that you cannot do without. This is the standing part that’s ready to respond to virtually any sort of infectious attack or cancer. Yet, vaccine makers pay little attention to it when addressing infectious diseases.

In once respect, it’s probably a good thing that cell-mediated immunity is ignored. At least, there’s little attempt to manipulate it, although—Alas! it’s becoming the focus of some of the newer vaccines that aim at targets other than infectious diseases. However, no consideration is given to whether vaccinations may be harming it, just as virtually all harms done by vaccines are handled by pretending they don’t exist.

The fact is that measuring titers is clearly not an adequate way to determine immune system health or strength. The claim that vaccines “strengthen the immune system” is just that—a claim. It has no basis in fact. There is no reason to believe, and every reason to disbelieve, that forcing the increase of titers is equivalent to immunity from disease. It’s equally clear that the injection of toxic materials along with antigens is a dangerous practice. We surely don’t need to prove that! Nonetheless, the vaccine industry and its minions are injecting heavy metals, deadly chemicals, and substances like squalene that are virtually guaranteed to cause system toxicity and autoimmune disorders.

Perhaps one good thing can come of the failed V710 MRSA vaccine. Perhaps sane heads will pop up and say: “Stop! Stop this madness. Let’s look at what we’re doing. Let’s ask why more than half our children are systemically sick and will never enjoy good health. Surely a bit of temporary easing of risk against infectious disease is not worth the results that we can see all around us! Surely we can stop this madness.”

Sources: ¦Staph Vaccine Linked to Multiorgan Failure and Death ¦Merck ends trial of Intercell’s MRSA vaccine ¦Vaccine Fails to Prevent Infections in Heart Surgery ¦Efficacy, Immunogenicity, and Safety of a Single Dose of V710 in Adult Patients Scheduled for Cardiothoracic Surgery (V710-003 AM2) ¦Safety and Immunogenicity of a NovelStaphylococcus aureus Vaccine: Results from the First Study of the Vaccine Dose Range in Humans ¦Intercell, Merck Told to Enroll No More Patients in Vaccine Clinical Test ¦Merck and Intercell AG Announce Termination of Phase II/III Clinical Trial of Investigational Staphylococcus aureus Vaccine, V710 cine-antibody-theory-is-false/

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WooHoo Outside

WooHoo Outside

Church Mice

Church Mice

Arial Recon Tells a Story

Arial Recon Tells a Story

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NSW Road Rule Changes

From 1st November, 2012 the road rule changes are as follows...

Liberal Media Are Accessories to Benghazi Cover-Up

The Obama Administration denied help to those attacked and killed by terrorists at the US consulate in Benghazi on September 11

Ask Nintendo to Get Slave Labour Out of Supply Chain

I was disappointed to learn that of 24 major electronics companies, Nintendo was the only one to get a zero on its efforts to get slave-mined conflict minerals from the Congo out of its products.

Armed groups in the Congo round up villagers at gunpoint and force adults and children to dig for minerals used in electronics, from your cell phone to your gaming console. While other big companies have taken steps to make their products free of these slave-mined conflict minerals, Nintendo has just been ranked dead last in the industry in a report by the anti-genocide group, the Enough Project.

As Nintendo is getting ready to launch its newest Wii, it cannot ignore its responsibility to look at the connection between slave-mined minerals in the Congo and its products.

Will you join me in calling on Nintendo to take the first step and audit its supply chain?

Change Yourself Change The World

Change Yourself Change The World

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Unfit For Office

Support for Kill List and NDAA make Obama and Romney unfit for office:

It wasn’t so long ago that the following statement could only appear in a dystopian novel or movie script:

The U.S. President has killed an American citizen without due process, without even charging him with a crime. His decision to do this has been challenged by members of neither party.

While the media-fueled frenzy goes on about how supposedly different Romney and the conservatives are from Obama and the liberals, no one even raises an eyebrow about this terrifying political development.

Not even the left, which quite correctly howled at passage of the Patriot Act and the Bush administrations’ other assaults on freedom.

Bush and the Republicans committed egregious crimes against liberty, but did not go near this far in violating the even more important right to life.

The president makes a mockery of the term “due process” by claiming that the requirement is fulfilled by a panel of his own self-appointed czars and cronies reviewing the case. This doesn’t even pass the constitutional test. The panel is exclusively comprised of members of the executive branch of government. Judicial power is explicitly denied to the executive by the plain words of the constitution.

At any previous time in American history, a summary execution by the executive without due process would have been considered cold blooded murder and an act of tyranny. Yet, it has happened in the light of day and neither the political class nor the citizenry has batted an eye.

If even this does not rouse American citizens to stand up to their government, to what would they conceivably say “no?”

Given Romney’s endorsement of the president’s action, there is a well-worn term that applies to both candidates for president. “Unfit for office” has been wasted in the past on extramarital affairs or scandals involving some misappropriation of funds in private business. Like the cry of “wolf!” its impact has been eroded by overuse.

However, it is a gravely serious charge. It denotes a fundamental moral failing that puts a candidate completely beyond consideration.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are unfit for office due to their support for the presidential kill list. Regardless of where they stand on economic policy, foreign policy or social issues, this position alone should disqualify them in any civilized society.

So why hasn’t it?

The only possible answer is that the American public has become so numb to the exercise of arbitrary power that they are unable to even raise a bleat while being led to the slaughter.

Raise A Glass To The Man Who Saved The World

The Man Who Saved The World

The Man Who Saved The World

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Public Relations and Marketing

Click-through rates on Bing higher than on Google

“Most reports cited an increase in search spend anywhere from 13% to 29% year over year, partially driven by an overall increase in click volume. Kenshoo noted that click-through rates on the Yahoo! Bing Network were 29% higher than Google.

Marin found that Yahoo! and Bing are continuing to show solid growth in aggregate click volume, with an increase of 9% year over year, as well as a 9% increase in click-through rate.”

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they are rarely the urgent ones!


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