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Wednesday 15th August 2012


I hope this finds you fit and well,
better today than you were yesterday.


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Hackers face loyalty card treasure trove

Security experts have called for Australian organisations to update their security and privacy policies as they invite customers to access more loyalty card services online.,hackers-face-loyalty-card-treasure-trove.aspx

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Breaking News: Gardasil® HPV DNA discovered in post-mortem samples

"The finding of these foreign DNA fragments in the post-mortem samples six months after vaccination indicates that some of the residual DNA fragments from the viral gene or plasmid injected with Gardasil® have been protected from degradation in the form of DNA-aluminum complexes in the macrophages; or via integration into the human genome.

"Undegraded viral and plasmid DNA fragments are known to activate macrophages, causing them to release tumor necrosis factor, a myocardial depressant which can induce lethal shock in animals and humans.”

This anti-multivitamin article is a grandstanding load of codswallop!

Rant warning! That article got my dander up so be warned.

1. Surveys have shown even the humble multi-vitamin can slow the aging process by reducing the speed of telomere shortening (a primary factor of aging). People who take a multi-vitamin have telomeres 5% longer than people who don't. So the article title is a complete lie.

2. The RDI of most vitamins and minerals is about what 85% of people need as an absolute minimum to prevent deficiency diseases like scurvy or rickets. That is NOTHING like what is optimum for a body. For instance, Linus Pauling, the twice Nobel Prize winning researcher of vitamin C died of prostate cancer at age 93. He said it would have taken him out 20 years earlier except for the vitamin C he consumed. How much vitamin C did he take I hear you ask? Between 5 and 30 grams a day, every day. What is the RDI I hear you ask? 45 milligrams! So he took between 111 and 666 times the RDI EVERY DAY! Do you think a two times Nobel Prize winning researcher might know just a smidgen more about vitamin C than some drug educated shill recommending you consult a (mostly) non-nutritionally trained, drug pushing GP rather than someone who know tuppence h'penny worth about vitamins?

Example number 2. the RDI of vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, is 400 milligrams a day. That will prevent rickets in the vast majority of people. A survey of 1,000 women in rural Nebraska gave the supplement group 1,000 IU of D3 a day (250% of the RDI) and 1,500 milligrams of calcium. Compared to the control group (who received no supplements) the vitamin group suffered less cancer. How much less? Are you ready for this? SEVENTY-SEVEN percent less! I have read that up to 40,000 IU a day will not produce any negative reactions.

DO NOT TRUST THE RUBBISH DISHED OUT TO AN UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC BY THE DRUG COMPANY\MEDIA SHILS. Do educate yourself on the benefits of vitamins and minerals and make up your own mind. Consult a nutritionally trained health care professional. DO NOT RELY ONLY ON YOUR GP!

I wondered the average life expectancy of GPs versus nutritionists so went searching on the internet but came up empty handed. While looking I came across this great story:

Surveys have shown even the humble multi-vitamin can slow the aging process by reducing the speed of telomere shortening (a primary factor of aging). People who take a multi-vitamin have telomeres 5% longer than people who don't. My guess is that the vast majority of those multi-vitamins are less than optimal. They would be mostly synthetioc because that is cheaper.

I contend that doing SOMETHING is ALWAYS better than doing nothing. And there is a gradient scale of actions you can take. Some people want t start at the top and go all out. Good for them. No disagreement from me.

Some feel more comfortable taking gradient steps and building on them. Good for them too! No disagreement from me.

You have to do what works for you. That's the acid test. Does it work. Is what you are doing working for you? If not, change something.

My research indicates that the absolute best source of most nutrients is usually raw, whole foods. Some foods need to be cooked to make them more palatble, digestible or to remove toxins.

So I eat next to no processed or packaged food. Therefore I am not consuming empty calories that provide little to no nutrition.

Only the whole food delivers all the cofactors (other nutrients that aid the core nutrient) that are responsible for maximum absorption and utilisation of each nutrient THAT THAT FOOD PROVIDES.

Toxins are poisonous to the body so organic fruit and veggies are better for two reasons. They are proven to provide more nutrients and they contain no pesticides toxic to the body.

The next gradient step in improved nutrition is the combining of multiple foods in the one meal. For instance meat and three veggies does not deliver as many benefits as meat and smaller portions of 6 veggies. Example 2: Broccoli contains potent anticancer compounds, so does chicken. Eaten together their effect is 13 times greater than eaten separately. Example 3: Vitamin C and E are cofactors for one and other. They are more beneficial as antioxidants when taken together. According to Hort research that holds true for each of 4 different antioxidants they tested. It is a case of one and one makes three, not two.

So, I eat mostly organic fruit and veggies, one of my eXtreme Nutrition Bars each day and some organic meat, fish or organic chicken but I still take a handful of vitamins to ensure that I get optimal nutrition. I confess to being an extremist on this score. I am not going for minimum daily requirements or average intake, I am going for optimal.

So I am hedging my bets. I am aiming for the best nutrition from the food I eat as well as taking supplements to boost my intake of key nutrients.

But becaue I know that nutrition is only one of the twelve pillars of optimal health I also exercise.

This moring I did about 1,200 limbering and resistance exercise including 100 pushups, 100 dips, 100 lunges, 15 standing vaults, 45 standing jumps, 10 burpees, 150 arm walking on parallel bars and 12 stretching exercises as well as a personal highest ever of 60 chinups.

Why? Several reasons.

I know that only strenuous exercise (to 85%+ of capacity) will increase lung capacity and lung capacity is the single biggest determinant of longevity.

Only strenuous exercise helps motivate the body to increase its production of Glutathione, the master antioxidant.

People who exercise have a lower resting heart rate. Last time I took it on waking it was 57 beats per minute. As I sit here I just took mine. It is about 62 beats a minute. From "Your resting heart rate indicates your basic overall heart health and fitness level. The more conditioned your body is, the less effort it needs to make to pump blood thru (sic) your body."

So for a sixty year old body, what I am doing to it seems to be working.

Toxins In Vaccines

Arthritis Tips

Over-Acidification of the blood and tissue is the major underlying cause of Arthritis and most chronic degenerative disorders. It is the accumulation and excretion of dietary and metabolic acids into the joints that leads to the inflammation and breakdown. Foods and drinks that are more Alkaline in nature need to be emphasised

Deadly Nightshades – If you suffer from sore or enlarged joints, you are best to avoid this food group as Arthritis sufferers commonly share an allergy to these: white potatoes, tomatoes (particularly cooked), eggplant, capsicum.

Yeast Overgrowth - Candida gut infections are linked to joint problems also. Maintaining an anti-fungal approach to your diet (mainly avoiding all sugars and grains) can greatly improve overall joint health also. Fungus can either cause arthritis by infecting a joint directly or indirectly through their production of mycotoxins (fungal poisons)

Gluten Intolerance - yet another good reason to nix the grains; and gluten is more intolerable and destructive than most people realise.

Heavy Metal Toxicity - a thorough detoxification and dietary Clean Up (supported by me!) will help to alleviate the toxic load in your system.

Reflections on a Medical Career by Robert S. Dotson, M.D.

This is a great read. It has 17 recommendations at the end that are very sound.

I will repeat them here in case you do not feel you have time to read the article in its entirety.

1. avoid excessive use of tobacco or alcohol or, for that matter, caffeine;
2. avoid poisons like fluoride, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and addictive drugs (legal or illicit);
3. avoid unnecessary and potentially lethal imaging studies (TSA’s radiation pornbooths, excessive mammography, repetitive CT scans – exposure to all significantly increases cancer risk);
4. avoid excessive cell phone use and exposure to other forms of EMR pollution where possible (the NSA is recording everything you say and text anyway);
5. avoid daily fast food use and abuse (remember: pink slime and silicone) ;
6. avoid untested GM foods (do you really want to become “Roundup Ready?”):
7. avoid most vaccinations and pharmaceutical agents promoted by the establishment;
8. avoid risky behaviors (and, we do not need a bunch of Nanny State bureaucrats to define and police these);
9. exercise moderately;
10. get plenty of sleep;
11. drink plenty of good quality water (buy a decent water filter to remove fluoride, chloride, and heavy metals);
12. wear protective gear at work and play where appropriate (helmets, eye-shields, knee and elbow pads, etc.):
13. seek out locally-grown, whole, organic foods and support your local food producers;
14. take appropriate nutritional supplements (multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3);
15. switch off the TV and the mainstream media it represents;
16. educate yourself while you can;

And, lastly…


Doing these simple, common-sense things will add healthy years to a person’s life and help one avoid most medical encounters during his or her allotted time on earth.

Finally, we have a responsibility to our neighbors and our families. We need to reach out to those around us – talk to them, listen to them – sympathize and empathize. Take time especially to listen to those who are in pain and are suffering and to help them by being humane. If you do this, you will discover that we have more in common with each other than the ruling elite wants us to believe. Governments obtain power and control by taking advantage of divisions along religious, ethnic, class, economic, ideological, and nationalistic lines. We must awaken to this fact if the 99% are to prevail against the 1%.

Like Sugar?

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates


"Far from being an obscure health food with dubious healing qualities, new research has shown the honey kills every type of bacteria scientists have thrown at it, including the antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” plaguing hospitals and killing patients around the world. Some bacteria have become resistant to every commonly prescribed antibacterial drug. But scientists found that Manuka honey, as it is known in New Zealand, or jelly bush honey, as it is known in Australia, killed every bacteria or pathogen it was tested on.The honey is distinctive in that it comes only from bees feeding off tea trees native to Australia and New Zealand, said Dee Carter, from the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences."

Statins - Only 1 in 100 need them Yet 1 in 4 Take Them

Worth reading if you are on or considering a statin drug.

Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and Natto

Eating natto can cut the time it takes the body to dissolve a routine clot in half. Higher doses in tablet form are able to open up veins that are completely blocked with blood clots. From:
A great deal of information on natto including detailed instructions to make your own and a source for pure natto bacteria culture to make it with can be found at

Plants Have Feelings and Memory

This takes my understanding a step further. I knew plants had measurable feelings such that they would react similarly to humans and animals at the recollection of or threat of pain but I did not know they could identify a specific source of pain to another.

The Pepsi Soda Health Destroyer

The Pepsi Soda Health Destroyer

Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive.

This has been proven in research involving top athletes. Negative thoughts measurably affect performance levels.

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Not Seeing Things My Way

Still Not Seeing Things My Way

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Craig Isherwood from the CEC Says: Re-nationalise electricity and jail the criminal privatisers

Australia must reverse the Enron-isation of the national electricity system that is gouging and killing people, and the bankers and politicians who schemed up the National Electricity Market (NEM) should be held criminally liable, Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood demanded today.

“Like the con-artists in ‘The Sting’, Gillard has teamed up with the Liberals in a phoney argument over who’s to blame for electricity price rises,” he said.

“All the while both sides are conspiring to fully privatise and deregulate all electricity infrastructure across Australia.”

Isherwood cited the federal government’s December 2011 Draft Energy White Paper, in which Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson trumpets “the era of cheap energy is over”. The White Paper demands:

full privatisation of all electricity assets, on the grounds that governments—which, for a century before free market economics, developed the infrastructure and delivered power at the cheapest prices in the world—“are impeding greater competition and efficiency”; full deregulation of retail prices, so that “smart-metered” consumers are exposed to spot market price spikes that can hit $12,500 per megawatt hour (MWh) (still partially regulated consumer prices have skyrocketed in a decade from 4 cents per kilowatt hour [kWh] to more than 20 cents kWh, or $200 per MWh—full deregulation will expose consumers to $12,500 MWh, or $12.50 kWh, spikes in power prices); measures to force less consumption, such as smart meters and schemes to allow power companies to turn off power to homes in peak periods such as heatwaves—when it is most needed.

Isherwood said, “Gillard’s White Paper is the fulfilment of the scheme that Labor traitor Paul Keating and Liberal thug Jeff Kennett kicked off in 1995, when they established the National Electricity Market and started mass-privatising electricity infrastructure.

“They transformed electricity from an essential utility into an Enron-style system for gouging and even killing consumers to profit financial speculators. For example, in the week before the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, 374 mostly elderly Melbournians, and many elderly Adelaide residents, perished during heat waves when both cities were hit with rolling blackouts and brownouts.

“There was not enough power, because instead of its touted ‘market mechanisms’ and ‘price signals’ providing sufficient investment in new power stations to keep up with rising demand, Keating’s NEM enabled profiteering from power shortages through price spikes.

“After US energy giant Enron went bankrupt in 2001, it was discovered that its pious, politically-connected management had ‘gamed’ the deregulated market, even turning off California power stations during heat waves to ensure shortages that would drive up the spot price, knowing the blackouts caused chaos that killed and injured people. Deregulation hid Enron’s crimes until its bankruptcy—what crimes is deregulation hiding in Australia’s NEM?”

National banking for cheap abundant power

Isherwood declared that the solution to the electricity price crisis in Australia is to reverse all privatisations and deregulation, investigate all the financial wheeling and dealing between politicians and investment banks and jail the criminals, and create a national banking system for Australia that can direct long-term, low-interest loans to building new power stations, including nuclear power stations, for cheap, abundant power.

“A national bank can direct public credit at 1-2 per cent interest to fund new public electricity infrastructure,” he said. “Public infrastructure doesn’t need to make a profit, only cover costs, so by excluding the speculators and profiteers, national banking will return Australia to cheap electricity.

“What’s more, Australia has a wonderful opportunity to use its abundant reserves of uranium and thorium—the greatest in the world—to develop a nuclear power industry. Nuclear power has the highest energy flux-density of any currently in-use form of power, which not only makes it cheaper to use on a mass scale than coal or gas, but also allows for the development of entirely new forms of industrial and other processes not possible with oil and gas, such as water desalination, the production of essential medical and industrial isotopes, high-speed space travel, and an eventual transition to nuclear fusion power.”

Isherwood concluded, “The Australian people showed in the latest NSW and Queensland elections how much they hate privatisation, but it will only be stopped and reversed when the people break with both Labor and the Coalition, and join the CEC.”



It is none of my business.

4 Things to Hoard for an Emergency

Here are four emergency disaster supplies you should store up—hoard, if you like—to better face the unexpected:

The Golden Rule


Good News Notes

from Homestead Survival... "Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year."

Mineral Deficiencies In Plants

When Are Vegetables In Season?

When Are Vegetables In Season?

Pest Control Remedies

Pest Control Remedies

Companion Planting Tips

Companion Planting Tips

Growing Companion Plants

Growing Companion Plants

Testing Creativity In Kids

Testing Creativity In Kids

This is so spot on the money!
It is why my daughter sends my grandkids to a school that encourages rather than suppresses creativity.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Writing - The Rule of 24

If you follow the rule of 24 when you’re writing, you’ll write better.

I Hope You

I hope you...

They're kicking them off their land

At any moment, a big-game hunting corporation could sign a deal which would force up to 48,000 members of Africa's famous Maasai tribe from their land to make way for wealthy Middle Eastern kings and princes to hunt lions and leopards. Experts say the Tanzanian President's approval of the deal may be imminent, but if we act now, we can stop this sell-off of the Serengeti.

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Public Relations and Marketing

Sharing Much Higher On Twitter & Facebook, But Why Google+ Is Still Worth The Time

A new study is out that tries something different, comparing the number of shares the same story gets in relation to users on each of the major social networks. By that metric, Google+ is far, far behind Twitter and Facebook. But, as I will explain, it might still be a mistake to dismiss Google+ from your social media efforts. Plus, the study might be fundamentally flawed.

4 Rules To Dominate Your Market

1. Be compellingly different.
2. Satisfy the urgent needs of real customers.
3. Listen to customers and prospects but don't follow them - lead.
4. Forget features and benefits. Tell a problem story then a solution story.

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Until next time,
dream big dreams,
read widely,
think well of your fellow man,
eat food that is good for you
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!


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