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Wednesday 27th June 2012


I trust this finds you fit and well.

When yo uargue for your limitations you get to keep them


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Facebook Rolling Out Comment Editing

Facebook will soon allow editing of comments.

US patent trolling costs $29b: study

The study suggested that during 2011, 2150 companies mounted a total 5842 defences in US cases against intellectual property companies that owned and licensed patents without producing any related goods of their own.,us-patent-trolling-costs-29b-study.aspx

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Sugar In Soft Drinks

The sad thing is, as bad as this is, the diet versions are even worse for your health. Artificial sugar is more harmful sooner to many people, if not all of us.

Herbs And Spices

There was a post on Facebook about Cayenne Pepper wherein someone commented, " know spices like this are really medication and actually very strong drugs. It’s not healthy to eat them, they can set off extreme reactions in the body and it’s not good for the mind either. Although natural, spices and herbs should be considered drugs and only be used with great care and precaution and one should know exactly what each of them do under which circumstance."

I have been wrong about many things in life, never as wrong as I was about spices when I thought that they were only for people with no taste buds - they needed spices becauser they could not taste their food. But then I learned a few things about spices that completely changed my mind.

I have never had to argue for the use of herbs and spices so this is not necessarily a well reasoned or sequential argument. But here goes.

Every food ingredient you eat (fruit, vegetable, seed, nut, herb, spice, meat, fish, fowl or grain), every artificial additive, every pesticde residue, every chemical food preservative or flavour enhancer has an effect on the body, good or bad. So every food ingredient has an ability to maintain, improve or worsen one or more functions of the body. That’s what a medicine does too. It maintains or alters one or more functions of the body. So, every food, herb or spice has medicinal properties.

Discussing diet with a doctor once he told me his opinion was that nobody should ever eat anything without a doctor’s approval. He had obviously seen enough damage done by poor eating habits to want to take dietary discretion away from the individual. And society is still heading down that destructive path, so I understand his viewpoint. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it. Police states never work. You cannot govern without agreement.

Anyway, back to spices and herbs.

As part of my nutritional research I read about the beneficial effect that curcumins in turmeric are responsible for - a much lower cancer rate in southern India, the fact that black and cayenne pepper increases the absorption of other nutrients and many other datums such as these too numerous to list here. As a result of understanding the health benefits of herbs and spices I must confess to changing my opinion 180 degrees such that I hold a far less extreme viewpoint on the advisability of ingesting herbs and spices than that put forward in the comment. My viewpoint is that herbs and spices are simply more potent or concentrated forms of nutrients than most other foods.

And sure, the better informed one is the better the choices one makes. Some foods are more effective in combination. For instance broccoli and chicken both have strong anti-cancer effects. Taken together their anti-cancer effect is 13 times more effective! Similar with the salmon, walnuts and watercress combination. Same with Vitamin C and E. Together they are more potent antioxidants than taken at different times.

I agree that most people are almost completely ill informed as to the ramifications, good and bad, of their basic food choices let alone what combinations work best or should be avoided. So I consider nutritional training should be more extensive and more widespread for all people.

But to liken herbs and spices with strong drugs in terms of their effect on the body when the average drug has 70 adverse side-effects, including death, is to me like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Real men bake like this!

Ahhhh.. ...something else to aspire to.

Stress Less

I will add number 0 and number 11 for you -
0. If you are under nourished, eat something. (Tired and hungry bodies suck energy from the being and pull in negative thoughts.)

11. If you have done 0-10 and that doesn’t work, call me.

Is This The Most Important Health Post This Year?

OK, listen up. If you only read one post of mine this year, read this one. If you act on it it will reduce your cancer risk by 77% as well as reduce your risk of many other ills and ails.

A good friend posted a link for my benefit on the merits of vitamin D.

This is what I replied to her. Take note well. It is great data! And less than two pages out of the 466 pages now in my book on how to live the healthiest life:

A bit over cautious and underplayed compared to the other data I have seen on the subject. Their recommended max is 4,000 IU a day whereas I have seen reports that up to 50,000 IU of D3, (NOT D2, that is far more toxic at much lower doses) per day is fine.

Here is a good link to the caliber of data I am used to seeing on the subject of D3:

Additional data from my book that is not included in the slide show:

Vitamin D3 has been found to increase the effectiveness of the immune system by 3 to 5 fold and protect against H5N1 (bird flu) and cancer:


Vitamin D3 supplementation has been shown to lower the cancer rate by 77%.


The body makes vitamin D from the sun’s UV B rays. These cannot penetrate the earth’s atmosphere unless the sun is high in the sky. So to get your daily dose of D from the sun, get outdoors for 5-10 minutes a day between 11:00am and 2:00pm in the summer with as much bare skin as is comfortable, moral and legal. In the winter, consider taking a vitamin D3 supplement.


The more vitamin D3 you take in, the more the Alzheimer’s linked peptide, beta amyloid, is removed from the brain. So soak up those rays (without burning) and enjoy the grapes!

and from my book, a contrary datum to that quoted in the slide show about large doses of D3 increasing the risk of prostate cancer is this:

I’m glad you brought up silver. A colleague of mine is currently working with a cardiologist in San Francisco who has developed a successful therapy for heart attacks and strokes using a regimen of Patis 30 (30 ppm) nanosilver hydrosol, combined with large dose vitamin D3 (50,000 iu daily). This is being applied as prophylaxis for those at high risk, and also as post coronary/stroke therapy. An observed side benefit is the complete remission of his patients who were also suffering from prostate cancer.


This graph shows the reduced incidence of a number of diseases correspondent with increased levels of vitamin D in the blood. There is a wonderful presentation on vitamin D available at: Much of this from

Some further data:

Another thing of which one needs to be acutely aware in relation to Vitamin D is that Vitamin A and D are both absorbed by the same receptor in the digestive tract and that A is given preference. If A is present it will be absorbed and the D won’t. So if you think you are getting all the D you need from your cod liver oil, chances are you are completely mistaken. So if you are taking vitamin A, it should be consumed at a different time of the day to your vitamin D.

To quote this page:

This is the largest study to date showing vitamin A blocks vitamin D’s effect.

Hidden on page eight of the paper was one sentence and a small table, showing that the benefits of vitamin D are almost entirely negated in those with the highest vitamin A (retinol) intake.

And the retinol intake did not have to be that high -- only about 3,000 IU/day. Young autistic children often take 3,500 IU of retinol a day in their powdered multivitamins, which doesn’t count any additional vitamin A given in high single doses.

The finding explains some of the anomalies in other papers on vitamin D and cancer -- similar studies sometimes have widely different results. This may be because the effect of vitamin A was not taken into account. In some countries, cod liver oil, which contains vitamin A, is commonly used as a vitamin D supplement, and in others it is used more rarely, causing differences in the results.


A coat of paint is normally applied to protect a surface, not destroy the thing it covers.

Vertical wall garden integrating an aquaponics system

Vertical Garden

Vertical growing space of edible veggies and herbs, irrigated by a solar powered pump. And beneath it all, an aquaponics system which cycles fishy nutrients to grow the plants above... — with Mehrsima Chahardehi

Genetic Engineers Blast GM Crops

Looking for a good summary of the GMO arguments? Here is the summary of it:
and the article:

Prescription Drugs 16,400% More Dangerous Than Terrorists

More Reasons To Eat Fruit

The Food You Eat Can Either Be The Safest and Most Powerful Form of Medicine or the Slowest Form of Poison

If It Is True That You Are What You Eat...

You Are What You Eat

what are you eating that has 138 antioxidants in it?

Big Pharma - No Cures Only Addicts... ...Oops, I mean long terms users.

A new (better) definition for Homeland Security

Fracking Poisons Water

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

This is a great site. Go browsing. Find the menu option [food advisor] on the home page. It will be an interesting exercise for you.

Petition Against Screening 3 Year Olds For Mental Illness In Australia’s "Healthy Kids Check"

I am against psychiatric drugging of children.
I am told most doctors get more information about drugs than they do about natural remedies so they are ill equipped to recommend dietary solutions to nutrient deficiency related issues.
Diagnosing the symptoms of a 3 year old as “mental illness” with the potential for prescribing drugs to address fraudulently fictitious invented conditions is criminally evil.
I have added my voice to those protesting this insanity.
Please feel free to join me in doing so.

Italian Judge Rules Autism Caused by MMR Vaccine

It is wrong for governments and their health authorities to exert strong pressure on parents to take children for the MMR jab while ignoring that this vaccine can cause autism and linked conditions. “The number of autism cases has risen sharply since the 1970s, with one in 64 British children affected,” The Independent reports.

Media blackout on that and earlier link to vaccine iunduced autism prevents parents making informed decisions. In the years following Dr Wakefield’s 1998 finding, which linked the MMR vaccine to inflammatory bowel disease and symptoms of autism, Dr. Wakefield published another 19 papers on the vaccine-induced bowel disorder. All were peer reviewed, and none have been retracted. However, none of these 19 papers are ever discussed in the media.

Walk Away From Conflict

Mercury Detox

I read an article on the rising level of mercury in tuna (one can every 6 weeks! would put a kid over the recommended levels) then read the comments. I edited the following from a posted comment to the article at:

0. Reduce your exposures to dietary mercury by removing most all fish, except those with inherently lower levels (e.g., salmon) from your diet and adding other dietary supplements to get the omega-3 fatty acids you need (like chia seeds).

1. If you do not have any mercury-amalgam (silver) dental fillings, then skip to step “3”.

2. When a person has "silver" (mercury-amalgam) dental fillings, then, the first thing he or she needs to do is to find an IAOMT or other dentist who has been trained and can safely remove them without adding any more mercury burden. When all of the mercury-amalgam dental fillings have been removed and you have recovered from the removal process, then proceed to step "3".

3. Have a valid urine prophyrin profile analysis (UPPA) test done to determine what your mercury body burden is. If the results show a “low to moderate” mercury body burden, then proceed to step “5”. If the valid results of the UPPA test indicate a "more than moderate" or a "high" level of mercury body burden (toxicity), proceed to step "4".

4. If you want to safely reduce your mercury body burden as quickly as possible into the “low to moderate” range, find a doctor who is qualified to do a proper chelation using DMPS or DMSA suppositories as the chelation agent and exposure method coupled with the appropriate mineral supplements to replace any of the good minerals that chelation may also remove. Use that chelation protocol until after a number of periods of chelation followed by the appropriate reduction in mercury body burden indicate that your mercury body burden is in the “normal” ("low") region and the complete metals profiles for the urine you are excreting at the end of a chelation cycle shows the near absence of other heavy metals and a low level of mercury.

5. As appropriate, add the following supplements to your diet to increase your production of intra-cellular glutathione (your body’s natural heavy-metal detoxifying agent and antioxidant) [though you will need to consult the literature to determine the appropriate levels of each for yourself, a suggested LOW starting daily dose is provided]:
a. alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) [100 milligrams],
b. l-methionine [500 milligrams],
c. l-cystein (the dimeric readilably absorbable form of l-cysteine) [500 milligrams]
d. in some instances, glutamine [250 milligrams].

[Also, increase your vitamin D-3 intake to 5,000 or, if you have other health issues, more international units (IUs) daily or as needed to adjust your body’s blood 25-hydroxy vitamin D level to 80 to 100 nanograms/milliliter (or 200 to 250 nanomoles/lliter).]

Provided the preceding steps are appropriately followed, a person should be able to eliminate controllable sources of exposure (e.g., dental amalgam fillings, dietary fish, Thimerosal-containing vaccines), reduce his or her body burden of mercury, and by adding the appropriate level of supplements, reduce his or her body’s retention of any additional mercury.

Of course, this answer does not apply to all of the other possible toxins.

The information provided in this comment and any attachment thereto is just that -- information.
It is not medical or legal advice and it does not require any specific action or actions.
While the information is thought to be accurate, no representation is made as to the accuracy of the information posted other than it is my best understanding of the facts on the date that this comment is posted.
Everyone should verify the accuracy of information provided for themselves before acting on it.

Drug Pusher

The reason a doctor can get away with it is because he has an authority tag and is state sponsored.

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OK, Now Put Down Your Coffee! (I Don’t Want You To Spill It.)

The Difference Between Genius And Stupidity

No Chemistry

The Taxpayers are sending Congressmen on expensive trips abroad.

Pregnancy Q and A

Australia The Big Country

You Can't Scare Me... ...I Have Children

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Five Best Sentences You Will Ever Read

Some Feel Good Moments

Watching this is a great way to start the day. But please don’t buy Coke on the basis of it.

A Drop Of Happiness

Holding The Light

Teaching by example. Pass it on.

The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of chilkdren.

Troops in Afghanistan protecting our freedom here at home...

There’s something seriously wrong here.

Croc Gets Fish Dinner

Spectacular photography!


What This Planet Needs

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

Joy from many branches of your family...

We Are The World

“There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And its time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all”

Song: Michael Jackson
Picture: Unknown

What Happens When You Try To Make Protests Illegal

What Happens When You Try To Make Protesting Illegal

Some Day We Will Realize That Big Hearts Bring More Peace Then Big Weapons

Pavement Art

Listen Earnestly To The Little Stuff

9 Rules For Being Human

Re 9, from my experience it requires someone to ask the right question. did not bring down the third building that collapsed on 9/11.

Seal's revenge

How appropriate!

Wake Up! Our government doesn't represent us any more.

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Public Relations and Marketing

3 Things To Dominate Free Listings On Google

This is a good place to start

Personal Branding Content Lifecycle

Personal Branding Content Life Cycle

Web Site Optimisation Tips To Increase Sales\Leads

This article has some basic tips that most people don’t do. Worth reading.

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Until next time,
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eat food that is good for you
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that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!


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