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Wednesday 30th May 2012


I trust this finds you fit and well.


Tracey said of last week’s newsletter:

Thanks for the newsletter - good data (I especially liked the quote from the lady about how to counter the corporate revolution).

One thing I noticed, though, was in the section on kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of movement and is a a branch of sports and exercise science (and other sciences dealing with mechanics no doubt), it’s got nothing to do with muscle testing used by chiros and other practitioners. They call their practice “Applied Kinesiology” or “Specialized/Energy Kinesiology”. It might be a good idea to clear that up because it could cause confusion for some people. Here’s a site that goes into the definitions:

Cheap Tix!

If you would like to save $10 a ticket ($20 instead of $30) off the admission price to the Good Food and Wine Show and have a group of people (minimum 10) let me know and I will send you a booking form.

Do You Think Your Life Is Worth Saving?

One of my mates in Honk Kong sent me a link to a petition. It was about the continuing danger from the Fukishima nuclear plant of a catastrophic release of radioactive material, far worse than Chernobyl, if there were another earthquake in the area. I signed the petition calling on the UN then told him I had passed it on and this was his response:

Hi Tom,

There is huge non confront on the Fukishima sit. People just don’t seem to be able to even consider it. I’ve done a lot of outflow and staged an Event on FB and got zero feedback!!!

So, I guess we have to have full blown holocaust before people will do any thing. Very sad.

Thanks for your help and keep on waking them up.

This is what I replied to him:

Mate, don’t take a loss on it.

I was talking this morning to a guy who sells toner cartridges. He was telling me most people don’t want to know him until they run out of toner and can’t print. Then they want it yesterday.

I had been thinking about my task of convincing people to eat top nutrition now so they will be healthy in 20-40 years time and I looked at the magnitude of that task if they can’t remember to order more toner when they put the last one in the printer.

“You’ve got to be EXPLETIVE DELETED joking!” I thought to myself. How tough is that gig?

So I guess my observations are twofold. The first is that the majority of individuals in society have been miseducated into a frame of mind where they believe someone else will take care of it. And, secondly, that we have individually and collectively fallen back from predictive planning for an optimum future to a stimulus response reaction to present time dangers.

Doesn’t take much extrapolation to predict the life span of a society where the members are so enmeshed in their immediate problems they have no time or energy to contemplate possible scenarios and plan appropriately for them. But then, that wouldn’t be by design, would it?

So can I ask you to do something for me? Can you please sign the petition above and let me know you have? I am interested in seeing the responses I get.


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Google’s Penguin Refresh and Update

The good news, whether you were hit by Penguin the first time or this time, is that you can recover. We’ve now seen that this can happen, and since we know that Google will continue to push data refreshes for Penguin, there should be plenty of chances to do so.

Researchers claim Chinese backdoors in US military chips

A Cambridge University research team has claimed proof that Chinese manufacturers put “backdoors” or unauthorised access mechanisms into electronic chips used by the US military.

Using “breakthrough silicon chip scanning technology”, researcher Sergei Skorobogatov said his team had found a “previously unknown backdoor” inserted by the Chinese manufacturer of a chip used by the military.

The chip was encrypted and locked by a key that his team was able to extract, effectively allowing it to be reprogrammed at will or disabled.

Skorobogatov did not name the manufacturer but said the chip’s use was prevalent in many systems used by the military, ranging from weapons, nuclear power plants to public transport. He said the backdoor could be turned into an advanced Stuxnet-type weapon that could attack millions of systems.

But security consultancy Errata Security combatted Skorobogatov’s claims, arguing the proclaimed backdoor was a known method for debugging the chip.,researchers-claim-chinese-backdoors-in-us-military-chips.asp

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Ultra-sensitive biosensor could detect diseases in their earliest stages

A new ultra-sensitive test developed by scientists from the Imperial College London and Spain’s University of Vigo has the potential to detect the earliest stages of a disease, thereby giving any treatment the best possible chance of succeeding. The researchers claim their new biosensor test is capable of detecting biomarkers (molecules which indicate the presence of a disease) at concentration levels much lower than is possible with existing biosensors. While the new test has already proven capable of detecting a biomarker associated with prostate cancer, the team says their biosensor could be easily reconfigured to detect biomarkers related to other diseases or viruses.

FDA In Bed With Big Pharma

Being In A Relationship

Being happy is part of being healthy.
If you’re not happy you’re not fully healthy.

Two Wolves

Easier To Fool Than Convince

It Is Easier To Fool People Than To Convince Them They Have Been Fooled

Drug companies and manufacturers of toxic foods rely on this datum to maintain their scam.

Energising Breakfast

I met Marc Neumann a couple of years ago at MasterChef Live. He has the same passion I have for helping people to live a healthier life through better nutrition. This Friday is the gran opening of his Roar Energy Beverage Bar in Bondi Beach. Here are the details he sent me:

You Are Invited To The Grand Opening Of The ROAR Energy Beverage Bar

This Friday, Jube 1 2012

Address: Bondi FM Cafe
143 Curlewis Street
Bondi Beach

Time: 7AM - 3PM

All beverages are half price.

Come taste the cocktails, “T” Tonic and nutty shakes all made with the pureness of mother nature only.

Drop by in the morning for the most nourishing start you can give your body!

Food you should never feed your dog

A longer list than I had seen before.

Willie Nelson on the Food System

Spring Hill Beef Hampers and Dural Poultry & Meats are two places I have patronised to help non-corporate farmers.

The Green Wheel would grow herbs and veggies, Halo-style

Back in the 80s, NASA envisioned a system for growing herbs and other edible plants in the zero-gravity environment of a spacecraft. Although it never got off the drawing board, that system consisted of a rotating ring with built-in hydroponics, which the plants grew on the inside of. Flash forward a few decades, and Italian design firm DesignLibero has taken that concept and re-imagined it as a consumer device, known as The Green Wheel.

As is often the case, the comments are half the education!

FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign

In the agency’s latest decision, undoubtedly amazing thousands of individuals yet again, the FDA virtually erased 1 million signatures and comments on the ’Just Label It’ campaign calling for the labeling of genetically modified foods.

If you think the corruption and vested interest has gone far enough and needs to be stopped, here is a petition you can sign:

Fight oil with water - Give ClearWater

ClearWater, a community-led project that is providing immediate relief to the people of the Ecuadorean Amazon. The same powerful communities that have been waging a 19-year battle to bring Chevron to justice for its toxic legacy in the Amazon are now building safe drinking water systems for themselves.

When Is Free Range Not Free Range?

When large vested interests change its definition, that’s when!

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A procrastinator’s work is never done.

Is There Hope?

Sometimes you are encouraged about our country’s future when you see something like this. Specifically, there is an annual contest at Texas A&M University calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term. This year’s term was “Political Correctness”

The winner wrote:

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Owl What Up

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21st Century Illiterate

Sibel Edmonds: Obama’s Despotic Rule Over America

Top FBI whistleblower reveals extent of corruption.!

A microalgae lamp that absorbs CO2!

At the rate of a ton a year!

Corporate Personhood

Well, Would We?

Point well made!

16 year old boy solves 350 year old mathematical theory posed by Isaac Newton

Shouryya Ray, a 16 year old from Dresden, Germany has solved two fundamental particle dynamics theories that have baffled physicists and mathematicians for over 350 years. Ray, who was born in India and moved to Germany when he was 12 claims “schoolboy naivety” led him to solve the puzzle. “I didn’t believe there couldn’t be a solution”, said Ray.

Banned From Public - Truth Behind Ron Paul’s Message 2012

How the biggest scam in history works. This should be part of every person’s education on finance, economics and politics.

Wild Animals Gather Inexplicably to Mourn the Death of The Elephant Whisperer

Author and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died March 7. His family tells of a solemn procession on March 10 that defies human explanation.

The Goal of the Rockerfellers

Around May of 1983, approximately 4 MONTHS BEFORE BEING SHOT DOWN in KAL007, Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden on Crossfire as they badger him about his new role as Chairman of the John Birch Society. He easily handles them and answers questions concerning the Elite’s Conspiracy for a One World Government.


Many people have a vested interest in having you believe things that are not true. Do not accept what is not real to you, no matter from whom it comes.

Phil Collins - I Don’t Care Any More

A great track from a Sensational performer!

Television - The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Distraction

Television - The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Distraction

Don’t Succumb

There was a post on Facebook expressing some disappointment\hopelessness about the perceived inability to effect a change. Well, I couldn’t let that one pass, could I? When an aware person of good will gets beaten down by defeats we owe it to them to help pick them up do we not? So here is what I penned. Feel free to pass it on if you see the need.

I know, I know, I know.
I agree with your frustration.
The system is so hopelessly broken and the vast majority of people so unaware of the matrix that it is easy to feel apathetic about the possibility of correcting it. So much so that some who are aware of it just cry themselves quietly to sleep at night, I’m sure.

Others, less beaten down perhaps, secretly scheme and plot the overthrow of the despots and tyrants.

Some just feel resentment. Some voice their resentment quietly or loudly.

Some get angry enough to participate in retaliatory destructive actions.

Others abuse and denigrate the perpetrators, Alex Jones style.

There are a few just bored with the whole game and wander off to other games.

The majority do not want too much change. They are just happy to maintain the status quo. Change is upsetting and potentially damaging to their lifestyle and assets.

Some work quietly and constructively to, one by one, alert others and bring about an improvement in the scene.

Then there are some rare individuals who reach many, who influence them favourably and bring about vast, rapid changes. These people are inspirational, exemplary examples who, while we may not be able to emulate them personally, we can contribute to their forward motion and spread their word.

Look to these people for their inspiration. Be inspired by them. Follow and friend them. Support them. Forward their message. Contribute to their finances where you can. Do whatever you can to lend a shoulder to their wheel. For it is from their wheel that progress rolls forward, that positive change occurs.


Lots of good data, well presented, showing the manufacture of the current scene..


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10 Ways to Optimize Your Use of Twitter

Basic definitions and tips for tweeters...

Web Site Keyword Optimisation Check

Just used this tool and recommend it as being simple enough for novices.

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Until next time,
dream big dreams,
read widely,
think well of your fellow man,
eat food that’s good for you
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!


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