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Wednesday 2nd May 2012


I trust this finds you fit and well.


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Basic Computer User

Australian Communications minister Stephen Conroy ’comfortable’ with filter recommendations

It suggested in its final report, released in February, that internet service providers be obliged to block specific categories of content encompassed within the proposed ’prohibited’ classification category with a key focus on content that “promotes, incites or instructs in matters of crime” to “serious crime”.,conroy-comfortable-with-filter-recommendations.aspx

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Advanced Computer User

What to Put On Your Web Site

This is, IMHO, a good place to start.

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Jon Barron is probably the health researcher I most respect. He is consistently spot on the money and this article resonates with me as I have the same objectives and philosophy. Nutrition should take priority over taste.

I have created a Nutri-Blast supergreens formula that has many of the same ingredients described in this article and a whole lot more.

Berries can keep your brain sharp

Everyone knows that strawberries and blueberries are good for you. Now a new study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) has found that eating as little as two servings of flavonoid-rich strawberries and/or blueberries a week can delay memory decline in older women by over two years.

Food From Companies

Who makes what food in the USA

Most people have a reasonably poor opinion of their ability to effect changes on the world around them. This is, in part, fostered by those who wish to exert undue influence on the lives of us all.

However, opportunities abound to effect an improvement on the world around us. Let me share two simple examples.

Every morning and night I walk my two dogs. While I do, I exercise. As well, I pick up litter left by less responsible park users. As a result my environment is cleaner, neater and tidier. And for me, every day is Clean Up Australia Day.

Another way to exert your influence on your environment is when you spend a dollar. Every time you spend a dollar to purchase a product, you further empower the maker of that product.

In essence you are voting with your wallet.

Make your vote count.

Vote for those who manufacture nourishing food that does your body good.

And some would accuse me of having a vested interest in saying that, considering I am working to formulate the healthiest food on the planet. So let me remove any self-interest from my recommendation. Spend more of your food dollar at your local farmers market or organic greengrocer. Your future you will thank your present you profusely for doing so.

More Vaccination Data

Monkeys get Autism-like reactions to MMR & other vaccines in University of Pittsburgh vaccine study:

Whooping cough epidemic: State advises vaccine for kids, pregnant women.


A recent CA study shows that the majority of cases of pertussis/whooping cough in that state were among the vaccinated.

[Witt had expected to see the illnesses center around unvaccinated kids, knowing they are more vulnerable to the disease. “We started dissecting the data. What was very surprising was the majority of cases were in fully vaccinated children. That’s what started catching our attention,” said Witt.]

For information on Pertussis and B Parapertussis please visit NVIC at

For a commentary on Whooping Cough Outbreaks and Vaccine Failures go to:

NVIC - Your Health, Your Family, Your Choice

Stop Feeding Our Babies Genetically Engineered Infant Formula and Baby Food - The Petition Site

Please sign the Institute for Responsible Technology petition to stop feeding our babies genetically engineered infant formula and baby food!


Why Indeed

Couldn’t possible be because there is a dollar in it for the food companies, could it?

P.S. I am not advocating smoking weed. I have never smoked it and never will.

P.P.S. And don’t you love the grammatical excellence in this one? Inappropriate inclusion of apostrophe, lack of a comma, inapproriate capitalisation and absence of a question mark! It’s enough to give free thinkers a bad name. Maybe the captionist has been smoking weed.

Stop Toxins That Cause Breast Cancer

Too little is being done to restrict toxins linked to breast cancer. I signed a petition here. Check it out and if you agree, sign it to will you?

Is Your Microwave Cooking More Than Your Food?

“The most significant study on microwaved food was done in Switzerland in 1992 by Dr. Hans Hertel, a Swiss food scientist. He was also a participant in the study, which included 7 others. All of whom stayed within the same hotel on the same macrobiotic diet for 8 weeks with no smoking, drinking or other consumption of food. The blood of the participants was tested before consuming anything and after consuming each type of food tested: raw food, cooked food and microwaved food.

Food from the microwave oven caused abnormal changes, representing stress, to occur in the blood of all the test individuals. But the same foods cooked conventionally did not generate abnormal changes. Hertel pointed out that these changes were typical of the beginnings of such chronic metabolic diseases as cancer and heart disease. In particular, Hertel discovered that microwaving food:

* Increased bad cholesterol levels,
* Decreased the numbers of red blood cells carrying oxygen,
* Decreased the amount of hemoglobin, the substance in the blood that carried oxygen, and
* Produced compounds created by radiation unknown in nature.”

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Some one liners seen recently...

Answering Machine: “Hi! I’m probably home. I’m just avoiding someone I don’t like. Leave a message. If I don’t call back, it’s you.”

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes.

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5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown

A 4 minute history lesson.

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Until next time,
dream big dreams,
read widely,
think well of your fellow man,
eat food that’s good for you
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!


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