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Wednesday 28th March 2012


I trust this finds you fit and well.

I learned some interesting things this week.


It seems I’m Greek.


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Basic Computer User

iPad 3 Changing Use Patterns

The new iPad 3’s crisper screen will lead to increased tablet use, particularly when reading content.

iPad 3 is the first broad-market computer with a good display, meaning that it’s currently the only computer that makes it reasonably pleasant to read text. In other words, people with both a desktop computer and an iPad 3 will tend to prefer reading from the tablet, even though the desktop is otherwise more powerful. (Users will stick with their desktop computer for tasks that involve more intense interaction.)

Also, as we know from all previous research, when the usability of something goes up, users do it more. More pleasant reading = more reading. I stand by the analysis in my previous newsletter that the user interface design guidelines remain the same as those discovered when testing the iPad 1 and 2.

However, the expectation to see more use of tablets, now that they are more pleasant to use, does have implications for design strategy: a broader set of companies should now invest in designing tablet versions of their websites or mobile apps.

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Advanced Computer User

The Importance of Having Diverse Traffic Strategies

t has been another turbulent month for website owners...

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The “elitist” goal is to reduce the world population to 10% of what it currently is. That’s TO 10%... not BY 10%.

This is an eye-opening 8 and a half minute film clip.

Calcium Sources

Those populations with the highest milk consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis! I was able to get a 10% increase in my wife’s bone mass density by following a few simple dietary rules. Increased milk consumption was NOT one of them.

Calcium Sources

Calcium Sources

Those populations with the highest milk consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis! I was able to get a 10% increase in my wife’s bone mass density by following a few simple dietary rules. Increased milk consumption was NOT one of them.

Totally Unacceptable!

Well, I guess we know the truth now. Despite the fact that hexavalent chromium, a known human carcinogen, went wafting over Australians’ homes after a chemical explosion, NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker chose not to inform her constituents of the danger until the following day.

While We’re Talking About Meat...

For the bacon and frankfurt lovers: Those who ate an added serving of processed meat every day were found to be 16 percent more likely to die from cancer, 21 percent more likely to die from heart problems, and 20 percent more likely to die early.

A comprehensive study conducted by researchers from California State University (CSU) in Chico, and the University of California (UC), Davis, that was published in Nutrition Journal in 2010 is just one of many that shows the major differences between grain-fed, feedlot meat and grass-fed, pastured meat.

In this study, researchers evaluated the way feeding cattle grass, which is their natural food of choice, compares to feeding them grains, which is not their natural food of choice and is often responsible for making them sick. They found that in virtually every nutritional category evaluated, grass-fed meat was far superior to grain-fed meat.

The omega-3 fatty acid profile in grass-fed meat, for instance, was found to be similar to that of fatty fish, which is often recommended by health officials as a type of meat that promotes health. Grass-fed animals were also found to produce meat that is higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a healthy fat that fights obesity; carotenoids, organic antioxidant pigments that protect cells from cancer-causing free radicals and promote healthy immunity and reproductive function; and vitamin E tocopherols, which protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

"Research spanning three decades supports the argument that grass-fed beef has a more desirable SFA (saturated fatty acids) lipid profile as compared to grain-fed beef," write the authors in their conclusion. "This results in a better n-6:n-3 (omega-6 to omega-3) ratio that is preferred by the nutritional community."

Learn more:

Get Dirty to Get Joy- Bacteria in Soil Acts as Antidepressant

Just another piece of evidence to support the ide athat removing ourselves from a natural environment is not good for our mental or physical health:

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To My US Buddies - How To Protect And Defend Your Rights Against Federal Encroachment

The Federal Government in the USA has recently enacted draconian, tyrannical legislation that is in complete violation of the Magna Carta, common law and the Constitution of the United States. This is transforming the US from a land of the free to a Police State and has the potential to impact on the life of EVERY US citizen by making you the effect of that tyranny.

In order to nullify the effect of this tyrannical legislation there are some important points that need to be known.

In the USA, the States were created first. The States then wrote the Constitution by which the nation was created. The Constitution severely limits the scope and power of the Federal Government. Therefore the Federal Government is SUBORDINATE TO THE STATES! The Federal government is simply the result of a compact between the States to create a cooperative union for the mutual benefit of the States. The Federal government is not even a party to the agreement called the Constitution. It is a creation of the States.

The following link is a MUST read for anyone who has any interest in really understanding the relationship between the States and the Federal Government and how the Constitution relates to this.

I urge you to take some time to understand this then to take some action on it. This action is vital if you wish to retain your freedom for it is rapidly being legislated out of existence!

Start here:

Humpback Whale Gives Show After Being Saved

Feel good movie of the week!

Worldwide Banking Resignations Triple According to Revised Numbers: Why Now?

What these statistics revealed was a staggering increase in the number of resignations announced around the second and third quarters of 2011.

An interesting Ecology Site For Kids

I liked it because the definitions were easy to duplicate!

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they are rarely the urgent ones!


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