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Wednesday 28th December 2011



I trust this finds you fit and well.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and Prosperous 2012!

My 2011 Year End Poem For YOU!

Be The Best You Can Be

This year be, the very best you can be,
Anything less? Gross disservice to thee!

All insects, animals, even each tree,
Are trying to be, the best they can be.

Seems to me strange, given smarter are we,
Not to try to be, the best we can be.

And this poem’s not written, just for thee,
I am also writing, pointing at me.

It must be something else, other than me,
Blunts my urge to be, as good as can be.

I should find out who, who really is me,
So I can say, "I’m the best I can be."

So whenever the urge, comes over me,
To be any less, than the best that’s me,

I can ask myself, "Who am I? Who’s me?"
"Who is it who is, the best I can be?"

Ask yourself that often, and you will be,
The top best of all, the best you can be.

by Tom Grimshaw


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Basic Computer User

Security bug in Windows 7 detected

Security vendors have expressed concerns about the disclosure of a Windows 7 64 bit vulnerability that can be exploited through Apple’s Safari browser.,security-bug-in-windows-7-detected.aspx

IBM announces its annual "Next 5 in 5" list

It’s late December, and that means that it’s time once again for IBM’s Next 5 in 5 list. Every year since 2006, the corporation has put together an annual roundup of the top five emerging technologies that its researchers feel "will change the way we work, live and play" within the next five years. Here’s a look at what caught their attention this year.

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Advanced Computer User

The New Part Played by Social Media in SEO

When most people start planning SEO for their website I can bet you a large proportion of them get stuck when it comes to really understanding what part social media has to play in SEO.

Check your website for all risk factors that might kill Google rankings

Get complete SEO risks report for your website and make sure your top 10 rankings are a guaranteed achievement.

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For Coughs and Sore Throats

A video of how to make your own cough syrup with ginger, honey and water.

Do Our Medicines Boost Pathogens?

Scientists of the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITG) discovered a parasite that not only had developed resistance against a common medicine, but at the same time had become better in withstanding the human immune system. With some exaggeration: medical practice helped in developing a superbug. For it appears the battle against the drug also armed the bug better against its host.

What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Would you like to reduce your:
arthritis pain and disability by 47%
progression to dementia and Alzheimer’s by 50%
progression to diabetes by 58%
then take one hour of treatment 3 times a week.

If you want to take one hour of treatment 4 times a week the be prepared for:
41% reduction of hip fracture in post menopausal women
48% reduction in anxiety
30%-47% relief from depression (based on dosage amount)
and amongst Harvard graduates - 23% lower risk of death compared to those who did not get the treatment.

The treatment?

Exercise. And not the really tough stuff, we’re talking WALKING!

Low fitness is the strongest predicter of death.

In the 1990s the Japanese required all employers to conduct annual health screenings on their employees. A lot of data was collected on people’s habits and risks. For instance the Osaka Gas Company surveyed their 8,000 employees with regards to their walk to work and whether or not it affected their health risks.

What they found was that people who walked to work for 10 minutes or less per day enjoyed no advantage over non walkers in rates of high blood pressure.
Those who walked 11-20 minutes a day had a 12% lower risk of high blood pressure.
Those who walked 21 minutes or over had a 29% lower risk.

Here’s the presentation from which this data was extracted:

Hippocrates said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.”

Bright guy Hippocrates.

Reply to Ditch the Tests

I posted an article to my blog that appeared in this newsletter and received this reply. I thought you might like to see it. The author put a lot of time and thought into it.

I couldn’t agree with you more, but how rare it is to see some common sense when screening is concerned, especially with pap tests and mammograms. There is also no respect for informed consent. Women are virtually demanded they screen and some doctors even use coercion - the emphasis is on the program, not the individual. I made an informed decision not to screen almost 30 years ago - it meant spending time in the library, the facts have always been closely guarded and the deception continues to this day. An oppressive air has always surrounded pap testing, women were afraid to mention they declined pap testing, we were surrounded by brainwashed women or those who thought the test saved their life - doctors might lecture, scold, insult or bully you if you refused to test.

There is no doubt in my mind this testing has harmed vastly more than it could possibly help. I knew the cancer was rare and in natural decline before testing started - 15 women in 100,000 in Australia (now it’s 9), I knew other things were also contributing to the decline, I knew if testing helped anyone the numbers were small. I noticed all the very young women having "treatment" for pre-cancer - it made no sense. I now know that young women should not be tested - they produce the most false positives and that testing does not change the tiny death rate. After decades no country has shown a benefit pap testing those under 30, but still Australia, America and a few others continue to worry, distress and harm young women. We know that LEEP and cone biopsies can damage the cervix and lead to cervical incompetence - premature babies, more c-sections, cervical stenosis, infertility etc.

I was amazed at the numbers, yet could find no research - no one seemed to care about the casualties of this program. I then found an article that said the lifetime risk of referral here was a whopping 77%. No wonder doctors were so keen, that amounts to a lot of money! They also get financial incentives for reaching pap testing targets, yet these payments are never mentioned to women. In the 80s & 90s the Pill was tied to pap testing - they are completely unrelated, this was purely a strategy to coerce women to test - this is an elective cancer screening test that legally and ethically required our informed consent. Apparently those principles don’t apply to women. This made it harder for women to get the Pill and no doubt resulted in unplanned pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies - all of which carry far more risk than a woman declining an unreliable test for a rare cancer.

I then found out pap testing is an unsuitable population screening test - it can only work by breaching our legal rights - they MUST screen 80% every 3 to 5 years to stand a chance of bringing down the already small death rate - they were trying to find a few needles in a vast haystack. Some countries adopted conservative programs having some regard for the health of the more than 99% who can never benefit - the Finns and Dutch have 5 to 7 pap test programs, 5 yearly from age 30, they refer far fewer women. Then we have the States, Germany and Australia who seriously over-screen, worrying and harming as many women as possible for no additional benefit. (for women!) It also shows a deep disrespect for the bodily privacy of women to over-screen. Some older American women are up to pap test 40 or 45 - just absurd.

A rare cancer and an unreliable screening test has been turned into a multi-billion dollar industry into the treatment of CIN. Almost all referrals are unnecessary. Some countries have moved with the evidence, while others refuse to change, IMO, our program is controlled by vested and political interests - these interests have been allowed to prevail resulting in widespread and unnecessary over-treatment, thanks to continued serious over-screening.

These programs are not in the best interests of women - they’re harmful.

Fortunately as a low risk woman I got to the truth and have always refused testing. Doctors back off quickly when faced with an informed woman.

Hardly surprising when the Q of mammograms arose - I assumed the truth did not form part of the campaign or brochure and I was right. Fortunately there are some amazing doctors and others who are advocates for informed consent in women’s cancer screening. (none in this country though) Prof Michael Baum, UK breast cancer surgeon has warned women about the hidden risk of over-diagnosis - he also has serious doubts about the so-called benefits. I read all of his articles and interviews. The Nordic Cochrane Institute were so concerned at the "quality" of the information released to women that they produced their own summary, "The risks and benefits of mammograms" - sadly, most women will never see this brochure. I made an informed decision to pass on mammograms.

Cancer screening is always elective, an offer, made with full disclosure of risks and benefits and every woman has the right to say NO. Yet cervical screening and to a lesser degree, breast screening, are painted as things we MUST or SHOULD do and women are described as immature, defaulters, irresponsible, uneducated, lower class etc...if they refuse to test. Women are treated and counted like ignorant sheep.

I’ve watched with alarm over the decades the systematic and deliberate abuse of women’s rights and bodies and the negative impact its had on lives and health. Over the last 5 years a glimmer of hope has appeared with more women walking away or demanding better information and other options. The Dutch now use the Delphi Screener, a self-sample HPV device - they are also moving to a 5 hrHPV primary triage tests offered at 30, 35, 40, 50 and 60 and only those positive will be offered a 5 yearly pap test. By age 40 only 5% are positive...

Those negative can follow the HPV program or if monogamous or no longer sexually active might choose to stop all testing and revisit the subject if their risk profile changes. This will greatly reduce testing and over-treatment and is more likely to help those rare cases - isolating those women “at risk” - HPV testing is also more likely to detect adenocarcinoma, an even rarer form of cc usually missed by pap testing. So while our doctors dither, debate and stall and continue to enjoy the profits from over-screening and over-treatment, women are not only being harmed, they’re dying unnecessarily.

I think these programs should be monitored by the NCI or some other independent evidence based medical/research group - they should not be controlled by those with vested and political interests. At the moment most women have been misled - and very few are giving informed consent, but few seem to care.

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3 Very Wise Men

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An Interesting Comment on Politics

Here’s an interesting diagram http://www.

New Year’s Resolutions

If you are scratching around for some New Year’s resolutions, this should get you headed in the right direction

John Lennon 1969 Interview I Met the Walrus

Interview in John Lennon’s Hotel Room.

Water Fuel-Cell Inventor Murdered by Government

The Sad story of American Inventor Stan Meyer who came up with a fully functioning engine system that fully powered our automobiles with any kind of water, that would have given every one of us freedom from fossil fuels for a one time charge of $1500. Never needing maintenance or repairs, and used about 22 gallons of water to drive across the entire US from NY to LA. and the deal made with our Government, and the outcome of that deal.

Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!

This speech is called "Imagine" and it was given by Ron Paul on March 11, 2009. The original text of the talk is below the video.

9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars

Loose Change documents the true purpose of the "False Flag" 9-11 attack on America, perhaps the greatest treasonous crime in modern history. Turns out is was also likely the biggest gold heist in history... crimes which are all quite familiar to the Bush Crime/CIA Family. Including bank & S&L bailout scams...

Pentagon gets the go-ahead for offensive cyberwars

Within the 680 pages of the Congress-approved National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 are a lot of provisions that the American public might be peeved over if they could comb through all the contents.

2057: Human Civilization

An interesting take on human evolvement

Cover Song of the Day: A Whole Bunch of People sing Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

In a hallway no less. Good vibe to end off on.

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Until next time,
dream big dreams,
read widely,
think well of your fellow man,
eat food that’s good for you
and do the important things
that make a difference -
they are rarely the urgent ones!


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