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Wednesday 31st August 2011

How To Live The Healthiest Life

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Basic Computer User

Samsung not buying HP's PC business

Samsung Electronics has flatly denied rumours it planned to buy HP's PC business.,samsung-not-buying-hps-pc-business.aspx

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Advanced Computer User

Vocus loses power at Sydney data centre

Weekend outage occurs during scheduled test. Good thing they weren't hosting YOUR data!,vocus-loses-power-at-sydney-data-centre.aspx

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NaturalNews exposes secret vaccine industry ties and military involvement with Institute of Medicine, reveals fatal conflicts of interest at IoM

The Institute of Medicine is suddenly in the news following the release of its vaccine "adverse events" research which found that MMR vaccines actually cause measles, seizures and anaphylactic shock. The old media predictably distorted the story and used it to deceptively announce that "vaccines are not linked to autism!"

Everybody else in government listens to the IoM and usually adopts its recommendations as public health policy. And yet the IoM is actually run and financed by a complex network of globalists and vaccine promoters, as you'll see below.

Radiation and Food

“Despite the irresponsible promotion of this process as safe, food irradiation destroys much of the vitamin content of food, produces a number of toxic byproducts (formaldehyde, benzene, and formic acid) as well as unique radiolytic products, e.g. 2-alklycyclobutanoes, that have been demonstrated to be cytotoxic (damages cells), genotoxic (damages DNA), and carcinogenic (causes cancer) in test tube and animal studies.

Monsanto ‘Technology’ Breeding Superweeds and Pesticide Resistant Root Worms

Over the past decade and a half, as Monsanto built up its globe-spanning, multi-billion-dollar genetically modified seed empire, it made two major pitches to farmers.

The first involved weeds. Leave the weed management to us, Monsanto insisted. We’ve engineered plants that can survive our very own herbicide. Just pay up for our patented, premium-priced seeds, spray your fields with our Roundup herbicide whenever the fancy strikes, and—voilà!—no more weeds.

The second involved crop-eating insects. We’ve isolated the toxic gene of a commonly used bacterial pesticide called Bt, Monsanto announced, and spliced it directly into crops. Along with corn and soy, you will literally be growing the pesticide that protects them. Plant our seeds, and watch your crops thrive while their pests shrivel and die.

Monsanto focused its technology on three widely planted, highly subsidized crops: corn, soy, and cotton. Large-scale farmers of these commodities, always operating on razor-thin profit margins, lunged at the chance to streamline their operations by essentially outsourcing their pest management to Monsanto. And so Monsanto’s high-tech crops essentially took over the corn/soy- and cotton-growing regions of the country.

But now the pitches are wearing thin. Dumping a single herbicide onto millions of acres of farmland has, predictably enough, given rise to weeds resistant to that herbicide. Such “superweeds” are now galloping through cotton and corn country, forcing farmers to resort to highly toxic herbicide cocktails and even hand-weeding. More than 11 million acres are infested with Roundup-resistant weeds, up from 2.4 million acres in 2007, reckons Penn State University weed expert David Mortensen.

And now insects are developing resistance to Monsanto’s insecticide-infused crops, reports the Wall Street Journal. Fields planted in Monsanto’s Bt corn in some areas of the Midwest are showing damage from the corn rootworm—the very species targeted by Monsanto’s engineered trait. An Iowa State University scientist has conclusively identified Bt-resistant root worms in four Iowa fields, the Journal reports.

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Jeff Allen - I'm a Happy, Happy, Happy Man

Married Life

Jeff Allen "Teenagers"


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Police State Comming Soon to Your Street

Used to be that our rights were protected by the Magna Carta. But the "evil counsellors and judges" have been denying us those rights and we are now bereft of the protection against tyranny that only trial by jury ultimately provides.

John Wilson is a man on a mission to educate us as to our rights and encourage us to work to regain them while we still can. He sent this:

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

The BANKSTERS are stepping up their campaign to impose their NWO FASCISM locally throughout Australia.

Local Councils + Local Courts = Local New World Order.

That's right! Totalitarian deprivation of Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy locally.

Blind Freddie can see the unrelenting drive towards Corporatism/Fascism (remember Mussolini's statement that "Corporatism is Fascism").

Attached are two recent items that are evidence of this. One tells of the determination to force "Local Government" through against the Will of the People .. and the second is a letter from the Community Relations Unit of the NSW Attorney General's Department confirming the elimination of the Rights of the People in the Courts.

How do we fight?

We fight them locally.

# 1. The third item attached to this email is the Public Notice that must be presented in every Australian Court, including and especially Local Courts, if we are to defend and restore our Rights.

# 2. Print copies of the attachment, "Local -Government_-the_Council.pdf" and present them at meetings of your Local Councils.

Defeat FASCISM locally ... and the entire EVIL EMPIRE will crumble, before your very eyes.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.
Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

PS. My Queensland angel has just paid for 200 "DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS" bumper stickers and wants them given out .... so, please send me (19 Elm Place, North Rocks, NSW 2151) a stamped & self-addressed envelope and I'll send you 2 free.

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Until next time, dream big dreams, read widely, think well of your fellow man, eat food that's good for you and do the important things that make a difference - they are rarely the urgent ones!


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