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Wednesday 16th June 2010


Hope this finds you fit and well.

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Basic Computer User

Microsoft, Adobe fix security flaws

Microsoft issued one of its biggest security fixes on Tuesday, including a repair to its widely used Excel spreadsheet for flaws that could allow hackers to take control of your PC. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/214513,microsoft-adobe-fix-security-flaws.aspx

Reduce Your Scrolling While Surfing

Next time you are browsing the Internet, hit the F11 key. The status and menu bars will disappear and your browser window is now full screen. To get the menus back, just hit F11 again. (Tip courtesy of Andrew at Alfa Computers)

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Advanced Computer User

Web Site Offshoring Lessons

Westpac shines, ANZ sinks in online bank audit http://www.itnews.com.au/News/215449,westpac-shines-anz-sinks-in-online-bank-audit.aspx

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Feedback on my Healthelicious Site

Just had a chat with a food biologist who was impressed with what I am doing per my Healthelicious site. He said calling the chemical concoctions we eat “food” was actually a misnomer. There’s food for thought. http://www.healthelicious.com.au

51 Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda

I do not mean to sound seditious here, but I have a very rebellious plan to combat the ills that many corporations are perpetrating in the name of fighting grime and germs. I call it Operation Baking Soda. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/51-fantastic-uses-for-baking-soda.html

5 Minerals for Cancer-Prevention

Minerals are essential in cancer prevention http://www.care2.com/greenliving/5-minerals-for-cancer-prevention.html

Forgive me if I am wrong but does this sound to you like they have to kill people in order to save them?

WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/09/03/WHO-Admits-to-Releasing-Pandemic-Virus-into-Population-via-MockUp-Vaccines.aspx

Does Sweating Release Toxins From the Body?

While researching the chemical composition of sweat versus urine I cam across this question on a question and answer site.

The amount of blatantly incorrect information on the internet is absolutely mind boggling. The smooth talking disinformation propagandists and the ignorant naysayers of workable technology are unfortunately in the majority. I pity the average person looking for valid answers. So I penned this. Feel free to pass it along to anyone you think would benefit from my experience.

My personal observations and experience only reinforce those of Thommy. In the last year alone the drug companies have been fined billions, that’s with a “b”, of dollars for illegal activity let alone the immoral stuff. If you have a mind to understand why, there is a movie you can rent or download called “The Corporation”. http://www.thecorporation.com/

My personal experience with the sauna was in a detox program I did in the eighties. Before I did the program I did not feel I needed to do it. I had never taken street drugs or more than two sips of alcohol in my entire life. I read the doctor’s reports of chemical analysis of urine and sweat samples taken from participants before, during and after the program.

Despite my lack of biochemical toxic exposure my IQ was 5 points higher after the program than it was prior to it and my thinking was much clearer. I was surprised.

I know I sweated toxins out because I came home one day and smelt coming out of my hands the solvent I used to wipe the chinagraph pencil figures off a presentation folder I used nearly a decade earlier.

For far more dramatic results than mine, refer them to this site http://www.rehabnz.co.nz/pages/detoxification-new-york.html

“FASE [Foundations for Advancements in Science and Education] research director Marie Cecchini recently returned from a trip to New York during which she reviewed and updated Downtown Medical’s case database. Among the most striking findings from this recent review is a dramatic reduction in the need for medication. Of those on medication at program start, 82 percent no longer need medications following detoxification.”

So, to people who say sweating does not rid the body of toxins, even after they have seen the true data, I laugh at their futile lies! The truth will prevail.

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General Interest

Music by Matt

Got on over to this site and have a listen: http://www.myspace.com/mattdent

How can I achieve success?

Firstly, define what being a success is for you as you see it at present.

You might need to define success in several areas as we don’t live a one-track life. We live a multi-dimensional existence. Personal (mental, emotional, physical) family, relationships, work, financial, social, political, environmental, spiritual etc. What would be your definition of success in each of these areas?

You can’t hit a target unless it’s in your sights. Write down, in detail, what success currently means to you in each area. These are your goals.

To help you identify your goals, focus on your strengths and likes. Look at the things at which you excel or about which you are passionate. It is said that if you earn your living at something you enjoy doing, you will never work a day in your life.

Now you have set goals to reach, you need to work out how to get there. You may have heard the old saying, “Set your goals in concrete and your plans in sand.”

Planning can be split into strategic and tactical. Strategic planning is the broad brush-stroke, high level, general type that is fleshed out by low-level, detailed tactical planning. The combination is a roadmap that defines the steps to the attainment of your goal. Just as on a road trip, there may be a need to alter the particular road you take if a bridge is out, tactical planning needs to be flexible.

If you want some more data on this area, drop me a line.

Dog Dangers

Just received an alert on the dangers of dogs eating Cocoa Mulch, which the email claimed is sold by Target and other garden supply stores. On checking with Target, they don’t even have a garden area! The email claims the Cocoa Mulch contains a lethal ingredient called 'Theobromine'. It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and can die if they eat too much.

So, the email may have been a slight alteration of one that has been doing the rounds in the US for several years but if you have a dog and you ever see Cocoa Mulch, look for something else to do the mulching job rather than it.

Just a repeat of a warning that is valid, onions, garlic, sultanas, currents, raisins and chocolate are things to definitely keep away from fido! The darker the chocolate the more deadly it is.

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Your Kids Still Demand Chicken Nuggets?

Show them this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKSoiDtdi9s


No, beyond brilliant, life changing! Take 5 minutes to watch this and change the future of your child. http://www.wimp.com/richardfeynman/

Oh The Strength, The Skill, The Artistry

Couple pole dance the Tango. For when you deserve a 5 minute break. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWxcVyBRecE

Great Ad!

This one is for wearing your seat belt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-8PBx7isoM

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