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Wednesday 21st April 2010


Hope this finds you fit and well and that you enjoy this week’s selection.
Have a great week!

Tom Grimshaw


Basic Computer User

McAfee Update Cripples Windows XP

McAfee pushed out a virus definition update, 5958, at 14:00 PDT that causes false positive identification of the critical Windows system file svchost.exe. Machines running Windows XP Service Pack 3 using the 5958 definitions will delete the file, causing many key Windows services to fail to start. The Windows file is being mistakenly detected as W32/wecorl.a. Failure to start svchost.exe causes Windows to automatically reboot, hindering repair efforts. McAfee’s support forums have at least partially been crushed under load. Repair likely involves SAFE MODE manipulations possibly beyond the normal expertise of many users. http://www.nnsquad.org/archives/nnsquad/msg03404.html

Google services blocked in 25 countries

Highlights growing censorship. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/172660,google-services-blocked-in-25-countries.aspx

Apple seeks return of lost iPhone prototype

A wayward prototype of Apple’s next-generation iPhone has dominated the chatter in Silicon Valley over the past few days, and the company has moved to recover the device after it was apparently lost in a bar. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/172662,apple-seeks-return-of-lost-iphone-prototype.aspx

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Advanced Computer User

Free SEO Guide

If you want more free trafic to your web site you can download a free beginner SEO guide at this link: http://www.seotacklebox.com/Free-SEO-Blueprint.htm

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Stop the suppression of your health choices!

There is currently a push to outlaw the over the counter sale of useful amounts of vitamins and to restrict access to non-mainstream medical advice like naturopaths. This group is pushing against that to defend our health freedoms and should be supported. If you know anyone from Europe please ask them to check out these links and sign if they agree.
This is a pdf of the politically correct explanation of their objectives: http://www.eliant.eu/new/lang/en/userfiles/file/Action%20ELIANT09_EN.pdf
And this is their home page from which you can click on the link [1 million signatures] and sign. http://www.eliant.eu/new/lang/en/?p=1

WHO Plays Dubious Role in Labelling Swine Flu a Pandemic

Interesting data on the actions prior to the declaration of a pandemic. http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=17453
Leading to Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly investigating scandal http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=16667

Dr Wakefield responds to his critics on finding a link between vaccination and autism.

You simply MUST read this page or watch the video if you are thinking about having a child vaccinated! 28 other research papers have backed up his findings. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/04/10/wakefield-interview.aspx

I posted this link on my Facebook page and it received this comment:

“Tom, again, thanks. I watched all of it and found Dr Wakefield to be an extraordinarily humble man. He articulated his view (formed from his very own research -- which has been reviewed by his peers) very well. His presentation of the facts as he sees them eclipses the insistant rhetoric presented by his opponents.

I am glad to see that he has connected with others who support him in further research in this. I am also glad to see that he has been able to take the subject of Autism out of the realms of mental illness and put it exactly where it belongs -- in the medical field -- to be investigated as a physical affliction.”

Keep ’em cool and airy

In 2004 researchers from the State University of New York found that habitual use of notebooks on man’s lap could lead into fertility hazards. The temperature increase of the male’s scrotum due to heat generated by the laptop could lead to lower sperm count. The study shows that one degree raise in scrotum temperature, sperm concentration drop by as much as 40%. Prolonged scrotum hyperthermia could lead to infertility.

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RIP Bijou

Today we said goodbye to Bijou, our beloved Schnauzer of 14 and a half years. She was a gentle, loyal companion and a great door bell. Many long cuddles were enjoyed on the lounge with her. In her time she only ate one or two hardcover library books and a half a Whitmans sampler box of chocolates so she was true to breed per the site where they say Schnauzers are not too destructive. Farewell Bijou. You will be fondly remembered by many.

The Continuing Chronicles of Shianne Els

So day before yesterday Shianne verbally beat her father into agreeing that they would get a horse - at some stage. Shianne goes off to school as high as a kite, telling anyone who will or won’t listen about the fact that she will be getting a horse!

Last night Teal sits her down and tells her that they will need to have a farm to house the horse and it will be some time before that will happen etc. etc. etc. As you do.

Next day Shianne is inviting her classmates to stay on the farm they are to get. Gotta give the girl credit for putting it there. Wait. It gets better.

That night she has $1.75 in her purse. Teal asked her where that came from and turns out the little entrepreneur is collecting donations from her friends for horse and farm purchase! I told Teal we must teach her about ASIC regulations, issuing a prospectus, fraud, these little technicalities. But wait. It gets better still!

Teal learns that one of Shianne’s school friends is from America and proferred US coins towards the above mentioned country estate and equestrian activities. These were immediately identified as illegitimate and the girl told to get genuine currency from her father.

I think back to when I was six and golly gee gosh! I was a backwoods boy by comparison!

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Video Links

Could this be the two minute attitude changer you want to send someone?


Andrew Maguire exposes systemic fraud by CFTC and JPMorgan

Not that we ever suspected fraud. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLxoeLqQMlw

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