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Wednesday 31st March 2010


Hope this finds you fit and well and that you enjoy this week’s selection.
Have a great week!

Tom Grimshaw


Basic Computer User

Emergency Internet Explorer patch out tomorrow

Critical remote code flaw will require reboot. http://newsletter.itnews.com.au/cgi-bin16/DM/y/hB4HW0En4rp0PTM0SXLr0El

MI5 replaces IT-inept agents

The head of the UK’s domestic intelligence agency MI5 has said it will axe spies who lack sufficient IT skills. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/170809,mi5-replaces-it-inept-agents.aspx

Wikipedia gets a makeover

New site to enable pdf, book creation. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/170770,wikipedia-gets-a-makeover.aspx

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Advanced Computer User

AMD and Intel to unleash monster chips next week

Server computing set to shift overnight. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/170609,amd-and-intel-to-unleash-monster-chips-next-week.aspx

iPhone-wielding enemy trumps Defence

Department of Defence chief technology officer (CTO) Matt Yannopoilos today said Defence was being beaten in Afghanistan by enemies accessing information quickly via iPhones. http://www.zdnet.com.au/iphone-wielding-enemy-trumps-defence-339302061.htm

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Some Data From My New Book

If you have a copy of my new book, this is some data I added this morning. If you don#8217&;t, I will let you know when the web site is up and ready. Or if you are impatient to get your hands on a great collection of the best health, wellness and anti-aging tips, drop me a line.

I do not use non-stick cookware. Teflon is made from ingredients linked to cancer and reproductive problems. If you choose to use non-stick cookware for the convenience, do not heat it to over 450F or 176C and replace it when the surface first starts to flake or peel.

Aluminium cookware can react with food creating aluminium salts associated with impaired visual motor coordination and Alzheimer#8217&;s disease. While the link is not proven, Aluminium is toxic, why take the risk? Yes, I know they put it in vaccines but that#8217&;s another story.

Ceramic cookware glazing can be made with lead or cadmium so toss out anything cracked or chipped as it can also leach into food.

Cast iron cookware takes longer to heat, longer to cool and according to some nutritionists will result in food with twice the normal iron content. It should not be cleaned with harsh detergents. It should be dried immediately after use and coated with oil frequently to stop rust forming.

Well maintained cast iron, stainless steel and glass cookware appear to offer the least harm to your health.

Do not use plastic wraps or containers in the microwave unless they are certified safe to do so.

TARGET: If you are using non-stick or aluminium cookware, replace it.

Ceramic or glass storage containers offer less opportunity for toxins to contaminate food than do plastic or polystyrene containers.

Raw food can contaminate cooked food in the fridge or on the chopping board. Always store raw meat\chicken\fish at the bottom of the fridge so they do not drip on already cooked foods.

Keep your refrigerator at or below 5°C for optimum cool food storage.

TARGET: Buy a fridge thermometer.

“The migration of styrene from a polystyrene cup into the beverage it contains is as high as 0.025% for a single use. If you drink beverages from polystyrene cups four times a day for three years, you may have consumed about one foam cup#8217&;s worth of styrene along with your beverages.

The more fat in the food or drink, the more styrene leaches into it.

Studies suggest that styrene mimics estrogen in the body and can therefore disrupt normal hormone functions, possibly contributing to thyroid problems, menstrual irregularities, and other hormone-related problems, as well as breast cancer and prostate cancer, chromosomal and lymphatic abnormalities, low platelet counts or hemoglobin values and neurotoxic effects (fatigue, sleep difficulties, nervousness or other nervous system problems) caused by the accumulation of styrene in the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

One American study found styrene in the body of 100% of the participants.

From: http://www.grinningplanet.com/2008/04-08/foam-cups-polystyrene-cups-article.htm

Is it any wonder why we are killing ourselves off with a growing number of degenerative diseases?

TARGET: Avoid the use of foam containers to carry or store food. If you cannot, put a layer of paper between the food and the container.

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Next Generation SEE THROUGH Tyres

This is a good example of press release marketing of an interesting product...
These next generation of SEE THROUGH, airless tyres are a radical new tire designed by Michelin and scheduled to be on the market very soon. (Click on the picture to see a larger image.)

Airless tyre over bump

Yes, those are ’spoke-like’ connection fins to the inner part of the tire from the outside tread ’wrap!’ The next picture shows how odd it looks in motion ...

Airless tyre over bump

Wonder how the ride feels? Fantastic in the extreme!

The bad news for Police and other law enforcement is that stinger spikes will not work on these. Just think of the impact on existing technology:
A. No more air valves ...
B. No more air compressors at Petrol stations ...
C. No more repair kits ....
D. No more flat tires ...
E.. Less expensive so more money in the driver’s pocket.
These are actual pictures taken in the South Carolina plant of Michelin.

Global Dimming

9-30% drop in solar energy over the last 50 years caused by pollution. http://brasschecktv.com/page/757.html

If You Have a Website

To which you would like to drive more free traffic, watch this short video. http://www.ericstips.com/linkstrategy/

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Video Links

Mr Perfect

Just rinse, fold and stack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk4jc8oj-x8&


This guy is very good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwVy_2eOfsE&


New drug spoof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlmEc8rd_Nw&

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