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Wednesday 11th November 2009

Hope this finds you fit and well.

Apparently only a handful of people received this last week when I first sent it. I swapped email clients from Eudora to Thunderbird and... ...well, without going into all the gory details, you know how technical computing can be! :-) So, apolpogies if you are one of the few who saw this when it was first sent.

Here is what crossed my desk this week.

I do agree that collectively we need to stop polluting the planet. I don’t think surrendering national sovereignty to an unelected one world government will do more than aggregate wealth and power into fewer hands. I remain unconvinced that humanity is the cause of global warming. Sufficiently large numbers of people far more educated in the area than myself have convinced me that the current green effort is little more than a front group for those seeking to take freedom, power and money away from the people.

So please add your name to the petition mentioned in the “Other ”section otherwise we will all be paying yet another tax - this time to a one world government.
Have a great week!

Tom Grimshaw


Basic Computer User

Apple unveils massive patch update

32 patches for critical flaws released. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/160281,apple-unveils-massive-patch-update.aspx

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Advanced Computer User

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Washington Cheerleader injured by vaccine make recovery by using chelation therapy

Flu shot victim cured of “untreatable” neurological disorder. http://www.health-freedom.com.au

Protect the Prostate with Pomegranates

To prevent prostate cancer through nutrition, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more prostate-protective food than the yummy pomegranate. http://www.naturalnews.com/027435_cancer_Prostate_pomegranate.html

Green tea reduces risk of blood cancers by 42 percent

Tohoku University researchers found a 42 percent reduction for blood cancers and 48 percent reduction for lymph cancers with high green tea consumption. http://www.naturalnews.com/027432_green_tea_cancer_cancers.html

Beat Cancer with Exercise?

A new study shows that high intensity exercise cuts your risk of getting cancer in half. 1 J A Laukkanen et al. “Intensity of leisure-time physical activity and cancer mortality in men,” British Journal of Sports Medicine 2009;0:15. doi:10.1136/bjsm.2008.056713. http://www.alsearsmd.com/beat-cancer-with-exercise/

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I salute the diggers who fought to keep us free from direct and overt aggressors.

Let’s take a moment to remember them and their sometimes ultimate sacrifice, that we might live in peace. Then let us do what we can to make sure their efforts were not in vain. Let’s resist the covert attempt to subjugate us to an unelected government funded by a carbon tax.

11th Hour Call to Save Our Sovereignty

Do you care about your future? then sign this petition please, as our national sovereignty is in grave danger. http://www.barnabyjoyce.com.au/Newsroom/MediaReleases/tabid/74/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/986/ONLINE-PETITION.aspx

Would you like to reduce your phone bill 20-40%?

I have recently found a telecommunications company called TSN Communications that lowers a corporate landline bill 20-40%! They do a free phone bill analysis which is a line-by-line comparison of your last month’s phone bill and beat whatever rate you’re currently on. So far they haven’t found a company’s bill they can’t beat!

For your free analysis, either hit reply on this e-mail and let me know or call/sms to my daughter Cadienne on 0403 518 780.

Cool Clock

Remarkable breadth of data on this clock http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf

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