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Friday 25th September 2009


Basic Computer User

Top 10 tips for a healthy PC

This week we have a look at ten ways you can protect your system. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/156267,top-10-tips-for-a-healthy-pc.aspx

European Commission publishes Intel anti-trust evidence

Emails show how the chipmaker squeezed rival AMD. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/156386,european-commission-publishes-intel-anti-trust-evidence.aspx

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Advanced Computer User

Intel and the death of the beige box PC

Desktop systems splitting off into new product segments. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/156771,intel-and-the-death-of-the-beige-box-pc.aspx

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Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths

So far, Swine flu, H1N1, has killed thirty-six children in U.S. and analysis of CDC data indicates Vitamin D deficient children at higher risk of death. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/09/22/Low-Vitamin-D-Increases-Flu-Death-Risk-in-Kids.aspx

Walnuts Found to Prevent Breast Cancer

A diet high in walnuts may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer. http://www.naturalnews.com/027074_walnuts_cancer_tumors.html

Study Finds Breast Cancer Fighting Properties within Mushrooms

White button mushrooms found to reduce breast cancer risk by 64%! Add green tea to your diet and the risk drops by 90 percent! http://www.naturalnews.com/027075_cancer_brst_cancer_mushrooms.html

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Want a new iPhone?

I received this link to get one at lower cost than elsewhere http://www.elecanon.com

It’s versus its

’Tis a common mistake, to not use one’s wits whan using its and it’s. Here’s the rule: http://www.stormloader.com/garyes/its.html

Discover the Value of EzineArticles

EzineArticles is the premier article directory where you can submit your article to be picked up and republished by (hopefully) lots of others. http://blog.ezinearticles.com/2009/09/discover-the-value-of-ezinearticles.html

Psychiatry & Politics featuring G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, a critically acclaimed book about the U.S. Federal Reserve on Congressman Ron Paul’s “Reading List for a Free and Prosperous America”.

PBS News just reported on how Chinese dissidents, whistleblowers and government petitioners are being labeled “mentally ill,” incarcerated in psychiatric wards and subjected to electroshock a tactic reminiscent of Soviet Russia and the alliance between psychiatry and the police state. http://www.cchrint.org/videos/experts/

Honda unveils one-wheel-drive vehicle

Honda has released an experimental one-wheel-drive vehicle incorporating robotics technology from its ASIMO robots that removes the need for people to walk around. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/156764,honda-unveils-one-wheel-drive-vehicle.aspx

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Video Links

Chinese Acrobats on Bikes

These girls are skilled acrobats on a moving platform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oerSsjmUcf4

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