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Wednesday 22nd July 2009


Basic Computer User

Theft of Twitter documents from Google Apps raises cloud security concerns

Just in case you were considering using Google Apps... A hacker has reportedly obtained and distributed more than 300 confidential documents pertaining to Twitter’s business affairs. The documents were reportedly stored on Google Apps. here

Major anti-virus engines failing to detect malware

This is why I use Norman - it has an heuristic scanning engine that looks for malware type activity even if no signature is available. here

Microsoft will finally take Office to the Web

Microsoft will release three versions of its dominant Office software that users can access over the Web, catching up with products that rival Google launched three years ago. here

Space station pilots ’interplanetary internet’

Disruption tolerant communications protocol being tested on the international space station. here

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Advanced Computer User

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Is the Media Hype on Flu Prepping Us for Needless Vaccines?

Could 2000 IU of Vitamin D a day be safer and more effective than a vaccination? here

Swine Flu Propaganda Exposed By 60 Minutes In 1979

Source: http://www.healthtruthrevealed.com July 11, 2009

Video: CBS 60 Minutes -1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Is The Smoking Gun Against Mass Swine Flu Immunizations! Here is the soon-to-be-famous 1979 CBS 60 Minutes episode concerning the 1976 swine flu pandemic in USA and the massive vaccination that followed. Note that this episode was banned after its first showing on television. It is now being released publicly on the internet for the first time, after 20 years!!! Watch the video and spread it far and wide to every person you know. People in America need to be outraged that 33 years later the same failed plan with swine flu is being attempted again. For a direct link to the website of this video clip the address is as follows: here

It’s Not The Flu... ...It’s The Vaccine!

Jane Burgermeister has filed bioterrorism charges with the FBI against Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, based in Austria; Baxter AG, also in Austria; and its parent company Baxter International in Deerfield, Illinois. Guess which company is providing much of the swine flu vaccine for mass inoculation - Baxter International. This is the same Baxter International that sent bird flu virus to European laboratories ’by mistake’ earlier this year and it was mixed with a seasonal flu virus to create a much more dangerous strain.

Last year at least 81 people were killed by Baxter International’s contaminated blood-thinning product, heparin, which was made in China from, among other things, pig intestines. Isn’t pharmaceutical medicine wonderful? The contaminated heparin also seriously injured hundreds of others and it was revealed that the factory of Baxter’s Chinese supplier had never been inspected by either American or Chinese public ’protection’ agencies.

More than 50 dialysis patients died in 2001 because of faults with Baxter International equipment, and this month Baxter Healthcare Corporation, a subsidiary of Baxter International, reached an out-of-court settlement of two million dollars with the State of Kentucky. Baxter had been caught inflating the cost of intravenous drugs sold to Kentucky Medicaid by as much as 1,300 per cent.

This is clearly a company you can trust and it is now is a major source of the swine flu vaccine that governments across the world want to impose upon entire populations with the most minimal safety checks. The vaccine is being fast-tracked through the regulatory system with safety trials lasting less than a week. The London Times reported:
’Regulators at the European Medicines Agency said the fast-tracked procedure has involved clinical trials of a “mock-up” vaccine similar to the one that will be used for the biggest mass vaccination programme in generations. It will be introduced into the general population while regulators continue to carry out simultaneous clinical trials.’ My emphasis.

The scale and speed of the planned vaccination programme is insane given that the overwhelming majority of those who have contracted the virus have had very mild symptoms. Dr Peter Holden of the Rothschild-controlled British Medical Association said that although swine flu was not causing serious illness they were eager to start a mass vaccination campaign, beginning with ’priority groups’. Ugh?? This is not about public health and never was.


Fruits and Vegetables Shown to Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer and its Recurrence

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables drastically reduces the risk of ever getting breast cancer and of having a recurrence. Scientists at the University of Hong Kong have just released more research findings adding to the growing pile of evidence that selections from the produce section are the best bet for keeping away this dreaded disease. here

Fruits and vegetables with the highest anti-cancer activity

Almost all fruits and vegetables have anti-cancer activity. The superstars of the research labs are garlic and onions, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts and greens), unbelliferous vegetables (carrots, celery, cilantro, parsley and parsnips), tomatoes, peppers, flax seeds, citrus, and soy. However, soy should never be eaten unless it is fermented in the traditional oriental manner and eaten as a small part of a mineral and protein rich meal. here

How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body

You can rid you body of most fluorides with some easy natural remedies. Fluorides have been linked to a variety of severe chronic, even acute health issues. First a quick review summary of fluoride here.

World Health Organization gets aggressive with vaccination recommendations - Recommends national governments use the people as guinea pigs and see who dies first!

The World Health Organization - always a trusty friend of Big Pharma - has announced that swine flu is “unstoppable” and is now directing all the nations of the world to vaccinate their citizens against the H1N1 influenza strain. This is essentially an order for global mandatory vaccinations using untested technologies.

“Since new technologies are involved in the production of some pandemic vaccines, which have not yet been extensively evaluated for their safety in certain population groups, it is very important to implement post-marketing surveillance of the highest possible quality. In addition, rapid sharing of the results of immunogenicity and post-marketing safety and effectiveness studies among the international community will be essential for allowing countries to make necessary adjustments to their vaccination policies.” Natural News article WHO page

10 Proven Ways To Live Life In The Body Of Your Dreams...

Some good health tips from a leader in the field here

CoQ10 - Cancer Killer?

“CoQ10 is the one supplement I take every day, without fail. CoQ10 is a powerful cancer fighter. In a Danish trial of breast cancer patients, two of the patients received larger doses of CoQ10 (390 mg). Their tumors disappeared.” Dr Al Sears newsletter “Doctor’s House Call” here

Sprints, not Marathons The Go

I heard of the PACE program a while ago and saw it again today here

On Enzymes in Raw Food

In his book “Pasteur Plagiarist Imposter!”, R.B. Pearson describes experiments done with cats by Dr. F.M. Pottenger and D.G. Simonsen. Pearson writes:
“They put two groups of cats on diets of meat and vegetables, identical in value, except that in one group the meat was given raw, and this group seemed to maintain normal good health throughout the experiments. In the other group the meat was all cooked, and this group showed an astonishing breakdown of health in ALL of the animals.

“They found every sign of lack of minerals, such as incomplete development of the skull or other bones, bowed legs, rickets, curvature of the spine, paralysis of the legs, convulsive seizure, thyroid abscesses, cyanosis of liver and kidneys, enlarged colon, and degeneration of the motor nerve ganglion cells throughout the spinal cord and brain stem, with some cells affected in the cerebellum and cerebral cortex.” More here.

I believe this is the same "Doc Pottenger" who could put his hands on a person’s chest and tell, with the same accuracy as an X-ray, if a person had or did not have tuberculosis and if they had it, to what stage it had progressed.

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Send and Email In Defence of Human Rights

Natalia gave her life for human rights for others. Can you send an email for her? Armed thugs have silenced forever an ardent voice for human rights in Russia’s North Caucasus region. here

25 Things You Might Not Know about Water

We wanted to share with you 25 things we think are really interesting about water. (There is a correction of at least one of the points in the reader comments.) here

The long term plans for Google world domination

This week Google (GOOG) announced the Google Chrome OS for PCs, and people are as confused as ever regarding what Google is up to. Pandia argues that this is not another random innovation from Google’s side, but part of a long term strategy for Google’s continuous domination of the web. here

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

A very cool film clip! here

Researchers uncover first mobile phone botnet

Security experts have discovered what they believe to be the first botnet for mobile devices, heralding a dramatic change in the nature of mobile threats. here

Visa computer error leads to US$23 quadrillion overdraft

Here is one hell of an incentive to give up smoking! Pack of cigarettes costs US$23,148,855,308,184,500. here

National Geographic’s Best Pictures Of The Year

It’s not hard to see why these amazing pictures were deemed the best of the best. here

Bar Stool Economics

I am pretty sure I have forwarded the text version of this before, at least I have seen it. But here is a slide show version here

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it

“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that, my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.” The late Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931 - 2005.

The 7 dos and don’ts of effective negotiation

Learning how to negotiate effectively can help you achieve winning results while strengthening business relationships. here

Alexander Graham Bell Tidbit

Motivated to help his deaf wife, Bell invented the telephone while searching for a way to help the deaf by transmitting the sound electronically. Ironically Bell refused to have a telephone in his study as he regarded the device as intrusive and disruptive for his thought process.

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Video Links

The Last Days of Health Freedom

Mainstream medicine, the sickness industry, kills 200,000 to 500,000 people a year, in the US alone yet they want to restrict our access to alternatives. here

A very creative marriage proposal!

This guy did it as a real production number! here

Instant Karma

This guy does something to someone else that he wouldn’t want done to him and instantly reaps his reward. here

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