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Monday 13th July 2009


Basic Computer User

Microsoft Left IE Hole Unpatched For A Year

According to reports, Microsoft was aware of an ActiveX vulnerability affecting its Internet Explorer browser for over a year, but left it open. here

10 essential e-mail security measures

E-mail security is about a lot more than just using a good password on your mail server. Perhaps the most important part of e-mail security is ensuring you don’t shoot yourself in the foot. These best practices will help you avoid any mistakes. here

Firefox 3.5 Is Live and Downloadable

After four beta versions and three release candidates, Firefox 3.5 has finally been released into the world as the latest version of the second most popular Web browser on the planet. here

Microsoft may be Firefox’s worst vulnerability

In a surprise move, Microsoft decided to install what could amount to a massive security vulnerability in Firefox without user knowledge. Find out the company’s stance, and how you can undo the damage. here

Use Excel as an Architectural Design Tool

Excel is so much more than just a spreadsheet or a simple database for cataloging your DVD collection. Do-it-yourselfers can use the program to design and build simple projects such as decks, porches, dog houses, and even furniture. Find out how here

Microsoft’s Next Patch Tuesday Could Be Big

Next Tuesday, July 13, Microsoft will issue 6 security bulletins and updates to fix the vulnerabilities described in them. One appears to be a real doozy. Read this story here

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Advanced Computer User

Reset the Administrator Password

Read this tip to learn how to reset the password to access Safe Mode in Windows XP and Vista. here

Problems Clearing the DNS Cache

Trouble flushing the DNS on your system? PC Mag has a fix here

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Must-See Video re the War Against Our Health

Dame Judi Dench narrates a fantastic video entitled "The Last Days of Health Freedom," that gives a comprehensive look at the very real possibility that our freedom to take nutritional supplements as we choose may be not only taken away from us, but denied under threat of imprisonment. Right now in France, a woman is on trial for selling Vitamin C in 500 mg. tablets! here

WHAT TO DO? First, go to this site and look and listen. Then if you want to contribute to the only lobbying group on our side that I'm aware of, go to http://www.AmericanWellnessCoalition.com. They have an excellent free newsletter that will keep you updated on the war being fought against corporate takeover in this area, and you can even contribute to help them stay afloat so they can fight for us. I have the latest one and will forward it to anyone who asks.

This short letter from BrasscheckTV says it well:

“It's not enough that they pollute with real toxins including dangerous substances like mercury...

“It’s not enough that they push food that’s not only non-nutritious but also injurious to health...

“It’s not enough they they approve drugs that not only don’t work, but also create dangerous, side effects...

“They (the medical-industrial-food complex) also wants to take away your ability to opt out of their madness.”

Home birth an important option to retain

I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed: “Save Private Midwifery and homebirth choices” I really think this is an important cause, and I’d like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It’s free and takes less than a minute of your time.here

A Better Way to Stretch

Can you get your finger tips as close to your toes as you’d like? Here’s a safer way to improve that.

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Since March, Internet Explorer lost 11.4 percent share to Firefox, Safari, and Chrome

In just over three months, Internet Explorer has seen its overall market share erode by 11.4 percent. Where did that go? It went to Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Nearly 5 percent of that, or about half, went to Firefox 3.0, which currently has 27.6 percent market share. here

Head to head: Nokia takes on Blackberry

New Nokia handsets more than match Blackberry as corporate-level smartphones. here

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Video Links

The US Now Ruled By Gangsters

Speech by US congresswoman labelling Obama’s administration as “Gangster Government”. here

Remaking America The Presidents CZARS breaking the Constitution ACORN Rules

Obama’s “remarking America” exposed for the swindle it is here

Is It Possible To Vote a Condition Out Of Existence?

We know that the psyches vote into existence invented conditions like ADHD etc., but if there is a factual situations, that they don’t like, they can vote it out of existence! How wild is that? here

So You Think You Only Live Once Huh?

Well, watch this.

Smart Animal Ad

Look after your pets and they will look after you... here

Very Smart Animals

You’ll love these four... here

Ever Seen a 3 Year Old Hamburger?

This video is of a hamburger and french fries over three years old. here

Everything Is Possible

Inspiring video here

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