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Thursday 2nd July 2009

Cancer Treatment Links

In response to my mention of two people I knew battling cancer I received several replies from people with potentially valuable data.

Sam said: “Cancer - please visit and watch the video http://www.gerson.org/. Get these people on the juicing program ASAP.”

Leigh wrote: “We can recommend Phillip Day if you have not run into him as yet. He’s an English Author. http://www.credence.org/
Specifically on cancer: http://www.credencegroup.co.uk/Eclub/Eclubsearchable2/130309/CTM-canceracoutionarytale.htm

And I found yet another mention of cancer and an acidic body being the best of mates here with a mention of Maple Syrup and Baking Soda as a aid to alkalizing the body to break up the friendship: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/health/holistic_alternative_medicine/news.php?q=1209404469


My apologies. I did not do my due diligence before passing on the link to the registry editor evaluation site. One of my more informed sources sent me an article discrediting the vendor of the highest ranking software, another sent me a link to one he has personally used and recommends http://www.regsofts.com/free_registry_repair/registry_repair.htm.

Click on the link “Download and use for free” four fifths of the way down the page on the left side. I mention this because there is a large red [Free Download] button on the site not immediately indistinguable as being an ad, that takes you to another product! A good reason not to have Google Ads on your site. Unless you make more money from Google Ads than you do out of giving away a free product. Hmmm... Do I detect some irony there?

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