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Tuesday 25th February 2009

We have just loaded a complete rewrite of the web site for POSE, our festival and event management software. Thanks to Manase Foa’i (http://www.nasyana.com/) for his aesthetic graphics. This will give event managers a more comprehensive first look at the product. We will upload even more screen shots of the program as time permits.

We recently undertook a mammoth photo shoot session with Bronwyn Challans (http://www.bchallansphotography.com.au/) for my daughter Teal’s Soap Dish site (http://www.soapdish.com.au/) and the Healthelicious web site (http://www.healthelicious.com.au/).

Teal and Rene have beaten me to the punch and already uploaded some of Bronwyn’s pictures to their site while I am still to get any of Bronnie’s pictures loaded to the Healthelicious site. Let you know when I do.


Basic Computer User

Adobe warns of PDF threat

Users are being urged to use caution when handling PDF files following the discovery and subsequent attack of a flaw in Adobe software. more

Understanding Date Autofill in Excel

Read today’s tip to learn how to make Excel autofill the date the way you want it to. here

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Advanced Computer User

If you have a web site, you should read this.

Click to Lead: The Web Site Challenge here

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Some healthy, pick-me-up type snacks


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Here’s the next fast thing...


Video documentary evidence that mobile phones emit heat


Human Rights video

The Price of Silence here

I thought this short, simple video more than worthy of watching. Rather, I think it worthy of putting the location of it in your bookmarks and watching whenever you feel the need to. http://www.simpletruths.tv/movies.php?movie=NMBO

This is a great story of an animal odd couple


A 9 minute video of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explaining the systematic destruction of the safeguards of health and democracy in the USA. here

A video with reference to fluoride (amongst other things) in dulling down people and population control


And while we’re on the subject of inspiration and overcoming insurmountable obstacles... ...check this out here.

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