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Tuesday 6th May 2008


Basic Computer User

Windows XP lives on through licensing loopholes
Three of the world’s largest PC manufacturers are exploiting loopholes in Microsoft licensing terms as a means of supplying Windows XP beyond its official kill date. more

Windows sales drop nearly a quarter
Microsoft has posted revenue of US$4.03 billion from all desktop versions of Windows for the three months ending 31 March, down from US$5.3 billion during the same period 12 months earlier. more

White House ’loses’ five million emails
The White House has stated that it is unable to provide investigators with over five million emails relating to the run-up to the Iraq war because it has accidentally deleted them. more

XP change corrupts data, hamstrings SP3 rollout
Microsoft confirmed Wednesday that it delayed the rollout of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) because changes to the operating system can corrupt data in the company’s retail point-of-sale and store management software. more

Blu-ray player sales down despite format war’s conclusion
Sales of standalone player not benefiting from HD DVD’s exit from the market, according to figures from NPD. more

Outsmarting Keyloggers
Are you worried that when you use a public terminal, a keylogger might snag your password info? Read today’s tip to learn what you can do to outwit this brand of spy software. more

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Advanced Computer User

Hacking XP
Have you rejected Vista to stick with the tried and true? Good for you, because PC Mag’s got a lot of ways you can hack Windows XP in an old tip of the day here

Intro to Server 2008 Core edition
Here is a quick rundown of the Core edition's capabilities and limitations. here

OOXML expert: ODF standard is broken
The International Organization for Standardization's OpenDocument Format standard is broken and needs to be mended, according to an expert who claimed to have carried out tests on the format. more

Google: Unicode vanquishes ASCII
Unicode has overtaken ASCII as the most popular character encoding scheme on the World Wide Web. Also vanquished at almost exactly the same time was the Western European encoding. more

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Canada’s Draconian C-51 - Another Big Pharma Push
Canada is following the USA, and on April 8th 2008 proposed sweeping changes to it’s Food and Drugs Act through introduction of a law known as C-51. If this law is passed it will:

* Replace the word “drug” with “therapeutic product” throughout the Act. This would enable regulation of sale of all herbs, vitamins and supplements.

* Change the definition of “sell” to include anyone who gives therapeutic products to someone else.

* Grant new powers to enforcement agents to protect the public from dangerous unapproved “therapeutic agents.” These powers would include:

- raiding homes and businesses without a warrant.
- seize bank accounts.
- levvy fines up to $5 million and jail terms up to 2 years ... potentially for merely selling a herb.

To learn more go to: http://www.stopc51.com

What would this law do to Freedom?

This sort of law is what we are fighting against.

Vitamins D and K2 Prevent Prostrate Cancer
The Vitamin You Need to Prevent Prostate Cancer more

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Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo
Microsoft walked away from its bid to buy Yahoo on Saturday after the Internet company turned down its offer to raise the price by US$5 billion to US$47.5 billion. More...
Microsoft may seek other deal to fight Google More...

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