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Wednesday 9th April 2008


Basic Computer User

Vista struggles to attract enterprise users
Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system is taking a while to catch on, with just 6.3 percent of enterprise users on the OS by the end of 2007. more

FBI reports internet crime at all-time high
Internet crime is at an all time high, according to figures from the FBI, which said that losses totalled US$240 million last year. more

Windows XP gets two-year extension
Microsoft is to extend the availability of Windows XP by two years. more

UN University opens web learning portal
The United Nations University has launched the OpenCourseWare portal to offer free online access to training courses. more

Complex passwords that are easy to remember
While most end users understand the importance of using passwords to secure corporate systems and data, they don’t always know how to create a strong password. more

Microsoft Windows 7 two years away
Despite ramping up efforts to improve Vista traction in the marketplace, Microsoft is already preparing for the release of its latest operating software – codename Windows 7 – following an announcement by Bill Gates. more

Adobe drops unpopular online Photoshop terms
Responding to criticism, Adobe Systems has modified the legal terms for using its online Photoshop Express service, a move the company promised would happen. more

ISO approval is mixed blessing
Microsoft’s success in gaining ISO standard status for its Office Open XML file format is either good or bad news, depending on your point of view. more

Another New Tech Term: Lockers
As our music files grow to several thousands songs, where do we store them? You’re right! They’re called lockers. There are a few on line lockers now available to store your digital music files on-line, where you can download, sort and playback your music collection, automatically sync your locker and your local computer. You can also sync multiple computers with the same online locker so that all your computers can have the same synchronised music collection library. You can visit your grandma and still play back your favourite music collection online, as long as grandma has broadband of course.

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Advanced Computer User

ICANN turns on IPv6 addresses
The addition of IPv6 data to some of the Internet root servers marks the start of a mass migration that should guarantee the supply of unique IP addresses. more

Icann vows to kill domain ’tasting’
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) is looking to end the five-day grace period when registering a domain, and to start charging the annual fee on registrar domain registrations. more

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Tranquillisers putting children’s lives at risk· Anti-psychotics may cause long-term harm, say critics. Youngsters under 6 being given unlicensed drugs
New evidence has shown children’s lives are being put at risk by a surge in the use of controversial tranquillising drugs which are being prescribed to control their behaviour, the Guardian has learned. more

Bulk Up to Lower Inflammation By Kelley Herring
You’ve likely heard quite a bit lately about a certain “miracle” substance. It’s proven to foster weight loss, improve gastrointestinal health, protect the heart, and even guard against cancer. Food manufacturers are boosting it in their products (and proudly displaying it on their labels). TV commercials featuring models exposing taut tummies urge you to whirl it into juice or water. And a recent book suggests that getting 35 grams every day is the key to losing weight and staying healthy for life.

What is this miracle substance? Fiber! Although devoid of calories, this non-nutritional vital nutrient is anything but lacking when it comes to your health. And new research shows yet another way roughage (as Mom calls it) can help prevent one of the major causes of chronic disease - inflammation.

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the relationship between C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation and a predictor of heart disease and diabetes, with dietary fiber. The study evaluated the body composition, CRP, diet, and physical activity of 524 people. At the end of the study, CRP levels in the body were found to be inversely associated with the total fiber in the diet.

Bulk up on fiber to keep inflammation down. For maximum benefit, eat a variety of plant-based foods that provide both soluble and insoluble fiber. Here are a few:

Black beans, 1/2 cup: 7.5 grams of fiber
Chickpeas, 1/2 cup: 6.2 grams
Kidney beans, 1/2 cup: 5.8 grams
Navy beans, 1/2 cup: 5.8 grams
Northern beans, 1/2 cup: 5.6 grams
Pinto beans, 1/2 cup: 7.4 grams
Brussels sprouts, 1 cup: 6.4 grams
Apple: 5.7 grams
Pear: 5.1 grams
Whole wheat spaghetti, 1 cup: 6.3 grams
[Ed. Note: Kelley Herring is the founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet (www.healinggourmet.com), and is editor-in-chief of the Healing Gourmet book series. Learn more about how simple lifestyle choices can improve your health by reading ETR’s free natural health e-letter.]
From the www.earlytorise.com newsletter
[Early to Rise Copyright ETR, LLC, 2008]
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In response to the letter to the Complaints Dept...
Hello complaints department of this newsletter.... I would like to make a formal complaint (do post this on the website as you see fit) that there has been NO mention of the two most GORGEOUS kids and their antics in FAR too long!! I mean, Shianne has since discovered for herself that the singular of dishes is disha and Jaylen tells me I am a “Good boy mummy!” every time I go wee-wees in the toilet!


I must confess to not communicating one of Julie’s and my grandparent pleasure moments. Julie was attempting to teach Shianne how to spell and the correct pronunciation of a word. Julie said, “It’s dishes, d, i, s, h, e, s!” Shianne did not hesitate, she immediately retorted with absolute certainty, “No, it’s disha, t, q, r, s, v!”

Then there was the discussion about the bird droppings on our car. Shaianne noticed them and asked what they were. Julie told her about the birds not having toilets and sometimes they did their business while they were flying and the next question was priceless, “Do the birds go backwards before they go to the toilet?”

There’s a lot goes on in that four year old head!

US Senator Knocks Psychiatrist’s Funding from Drug Co
A University of Cincinnati psychiatrist who was the lead author of a 2002 study that concluded kids did well on AstraZeneca’s antipsychotic Seroquel has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company since then, according to Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). more

Freedom Magazine - A TV Edition
The nearly 30 year old mag goes video. here... and here

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