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Friday 4th April 2008


Basic Computer User

How Reliable is Recordable CD/DVD media?
Recordable CD/DVD usage is popular and easy. We use it for backing up our valuable data, family photos, music collection, etc. But how reliable is the media? Generally, recordable CD/DVD has a layer of organic dye that is burned by the laser writer to create the necessary 0’s and 1’s. This dye degrades over time. Poor quality dye degrades faster than better quality dye. There have been reports of failures after as little as two years.

So, how do you really protect your valuable data?
1. Most importantly, buy reputable brand blank CD/DVDs.
2. Store them away from light and heat.
3. Treat them carefully, scratches damage discs.
4. Copy your data to a new CD\DVD every few years.

Conroy pulls the plug on $1 billion OPEL broadband project
Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has pulled the plug on the OPEL consortium’s billion dollar regional broadband network after the Government found the group had failed to meet the original terms of its contract. more

Optus says Conroy’s decision to scrap OPEL was flawed
The Federal Government’s decision to scrap OPEL’s $1 billion regional broadband network was based on flawed data according to Optus chief executive Paul O’Sullivan. more

Spam up by 50% in first quarter of 2008
Worldwide spam volumes have surged by 50 percent in the first quarter of 2008 revealed security vendor Proofpoint today, who now predicts enterprises will see inbound spam more than double this year. more

Enterprise Windows use declined in 2007
Businesses are becoming less reliant on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, according to Forrester Research, with deployment in enterprises dropping by nearly four percent in 2007. more

Hackers attack International Space Station
The International Space Station is in crisis after hackers managed to penetrate what Nasa admits are “significant” computer systems. more

HTML Primer
Here’s a _very_ basic primer. here

Internet Etiquette Article
The internet life carries it’s own versions of courtesy, privacy and security issues that all users need to know. Hence a new word has entered the vocabulary - Netiquette (Internet etiquette). more

New music format thousands of times smaller than MP3
Scientists claim to have developed a music storage format that uses the absolute least amount of data needed to reproduce a piece of music. more

Apple fixes critical QuickTime flaws
Apple has issued an update for the Mac and Windows versions of QuickTime. More... and here is the download page here

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Advanced Computer User

91 Ways to Supercharge Windows
The powerful programs we highlight (half of which are free) in our annual utility guide will help you take control of your OS from all angles, including backup, file transfers, organization, networking, and more. See what made the list, and start customizing Vista and XP today. more

Roll back device driver updates in Windows Server 2003
Fortunately, there is a safeguard for situations where driver files are not performing as required, after they have been updated. more

Intel outlines ESP project
Intel has revealed details of its Everyday Sensing and Perception (ESP) project which aims to make computers more context-sensitive. more

Sensitive data ’impossible’ to protect
No matter how sophisticated a company’s IT system is it is impossible completely to protect sensitive information, UK researchers warned today. more

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Neurosurgeon: Mobile phones ’worse than smoking’
Growing evidence exists of a link between excessive long-term use of mobiles and certain types of brain tumors, claims neurosurgeon. more

A great article on signs of aging and how to reverse them
from Total Health Breakthroughs more

The Appendix Has a Purpose After All: Repopulating the Gut with Friendly Flora
Researchers believe that they may have uncovered the function for the appendix, which has long been thought to be superfluous: the organ may act as an incubator for beneficial bacteria that aid the body in digestion. more

How To Live To 101
Here’s a movie that everyone will find intriguing, not that we don’t know what a good diet can do but it is great to see more concrete scientifically validated evidence. It is an uplifting video. here

Reducing Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure May Improve Your Health
In September 2007, the EU’s European Environment Agency (EEA)1 and the country of Germany2 both issued warnings to their citizens advising them to avoid the use of WiFi and cell phones until further long term studies are conducted, citing fears that the ubiquitous use of wireless technology has the potential to become the next public health disaster on the level of tobacco smoking, asbestos, and lead in automobile gas. more

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Internet sleuths track down car thief
A Canadian man has been reunited with his beloved custom car after eliciting the help of an internet talk-board. more

Freezing weather exposes global warming swindle
Recent freezing conditions throughout much of the world have sent Al Gore and his associate fraudsters into a massive panic. The “global warming" swindle was supposed to con us into higher energy prices and for us to willingly “love our poverty," while shutting down our farmers and manufacturers. While impoverishing the majority, a small group of carbon traders, fund managers and scientists willing to play the game have made a fortune. The mainstream media blackout of the majority of scientists not buying into this swindle has failed to fool thinking citizens. And now, given the recent global cooling, anyone insisting that we’re causing a global warming disaster, is starting to look as silly those in the Flat Earth Society. more

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