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Tuesday 25th March 2008


Basic Computer User

Important Announcement from Microsoft
Be ready by March 30th for the new daylight saving calendar. This year daylight saving is ending one week later in all states except WA, QLD and NT. The change will affect Personal Computers, Servers running Microsoft® Windows®, Mobile Devices running Windows Mobile®, as well as Microsoft® Office Outlook® calendars. By having Automatic Updates activated on your Windows PC, your computer will take care of changing the time automatically. Click here... before March 30 to make sure you’re ready.

Google rolls-out Google Transit in Perth other states to follow
Google today announced the availability of Google Transit in Perth, the first city in the southern hemisphere to feature the Google Maps’ tool that provides public transport directions to commuters. more

Fake Google Calender meeting invitations used in new spam attack
Nigerian scammers have launched a new spam campaign sending fake Google Calendar meeting invitations in an attack targeted towards corporate users, security vendor BitDefender warned today. more

One in four SSD (Solid State Drive) based laptops fail
Notebooks with flash-based hard drives cost a lot and are plagued by returns, according to mounting evidence. more

Windows Vista SP1 wreaks havoc on some PCs, users complain
A day after it was released for public download, Windows Vista SP1 is drawing barbs from some computer users who say the software wrecked their systems. more

Novell’s antitrust suit against Microsoft get go-ahead
The US Supreme Court has cleared the way for Novell to proceed with its multi-billion antitrust case against Microsoft, which it accuses of unfairly undermining its WordPerfect word processor. more

Silent microchip ’fan’ has no moving parts
Boffins in the US have developed a microchip fan with no moving parts that operates silently and generates enough wind to cool a laptop computer. more

Google Sees Surge in Mobile Web
Google has seen an acceleration of Internet activity among mobile phone users in recent months since the company has introduced faster Web services on selected phone models, fueling confidence the mobile Internet era is at hand, the company said on Tuesday. more

Study: Just Viewing Apple’s Logo Makes You Creative
Talk about a reality distortion field: New research published in the April issue of the Journal of Consumer Research shows that quick (even unnoticeable) exposure to well-known brands has the potential to cause people to act in a way that mirrors the brand’s values. more

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Advanced Computer User

Intel details roadmap to more cores
Intel has laid out its future product roadmap, including a forthcoming six-core upgrade to its Xeon processor line, details of its next micro-architecture codenamed Nehalem, future 32nm chips, and technology with which it plans to meet requirements for high-performance graphics and visualisation. more

Windows in a Window
Virtual machines let you muck around with older versions of Windowsóand even other operating systemsówithout consequences! Learn how to run and use a virtual OS in today’s tip. more

Location-based services expected to rocket
Worldwide subscribers are set to leap by nearly 168 percent says analyst house Gartner, which claims the market is at a “turning point” and mainstream adoption could be just two to five years away. more

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Aluminum Toxicity: A misdiagnosed epidemic (Part 2)
Aluminum, which appears as #6 on the periodic table, is a pervasive metal that is present in the air we breathe through our military’s “chemtrail” project, in public water supplies through the use of aluminum sulfate as a flocculating agent, in medications/vaccines, in toiletries, in the soil and, therefore, in our food and drinks (fruit juice pouches and soft drinks). more

Internet addiction classed as mental disorder
Excessive gaming and email/text messaging should be added to psychiatry’s official guidebook of mental disorders, according to an article in this month’s American Journal of Psychiatry. More... (You’ve got to hand it to these guys, they’re good at spotting a money making proposition. I can see their new slogan: “If it moves, drug it!”)

Can Your Morning Cereal Give You a Heart Attack?
You’ve had it drummed into your head for the past 50 years that eating grains is the best way to avoid heart disease. But the result of millions of Americans following misguided dietary advice couldn’t be clearer: rates of heart disease (and diabetes) have skyrocketed over 900%. more

U.S. Government Concedes That Mercury Causes Autism
In an unprecedented statement, federal officials finally acknowledge a vaccine-autism link. more

A Culinary Combo That Fights Prostate Cancer
By Kelley Herring
New research shows that curried cauliflower - a traditional Indian dish seasoned with turmeric and other spices - provides powerful protection against the development of prostate cancer. What’s more, this Madras medley was shown to be effective in treating established prostate cancers.

Scientists at Rutgers tested curcumin, a phytonutrient found in turmeric, along with phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC). PEITC is a naturally occurring substance particularly abundant in cauliflower and other vegetables of the broccoli family (including arugula, watercress, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, and turnips).

The researchers injected the mice with curcumin and/or PEITC, alone or in combination, three times a week for a total of four weeks. Both curcumin and PEITC significantly reduced the growth of cancerous tumors. But PEITC and curcumin together had even stronger effects.

Pick up a bottle of this powerful prostate protector. Look for high-quality, organic turmeric at your local health food store, and make sure to keep it in a cool dark place. (Light reduces its potency.)

[Ed. Note: Kelley Herring is the founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet (www.healinggourmet.com), and is editor-in-chief of the Healing Gourmet book series, including Eat to Fight Cancer. Learn more about how simple lifestyle choices can improve your health by reading ETR’s free natural health e-letter.]
From the www.earlytorise.com newsletter
[Early to Rise Copyright ETR, LLC, 2007]
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Unverified claim that application of Vicks VapoRub to the soles of the feet effectively counters night time cough
Given the drugs they put in children’s cough remedies I am interested in hearing from anyone with personal experience, either positive or negative, regarding Vicks and coughs. more

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The collection of the best of YouTube for 2007
If you are in need of a laugh, check out “Adorable” here

And you thought people were funny wacked?
Check out what the animals get up to here

Inflation in the USA
If you look at the US Dollar Index - valuing the Dollar against a basket of six hard currencies you will see it has fallen from 83.88 to 72.46 in 12 months. That is an inflation rate of 15.75%, or very close to the increase in M3 of the same period. More... and even more

An expose of the fallacy of exponential growth in the money supply
An article explaining why all currencies in today’s financial world must ultimately collapse. more

The importance of organic farming methods and their potential to avert future crop failures
One of the longest running agricultural trials on record (more than 150 years) is the Broadbalk experiment at the Rothamsted Experimental Station in the United Kingdom. The trials compare a manure based fertilizer farming system (but not certified organic) to a synthetic chemical fertilizer farming system.

Wheat yields are shown to be on average slightly higher in the organically fertilized plots (3.45 tones/hectare) than the plots receiving chemical fertilizers (3.40 tones/hectare). More importantly though, soil fertility, measured as soil organic matter and nitrogen levels, increased by 120% over 150 years in the organic plots, compared with only 20% increase in chemically fertilized plots (Jenkinson, 1994).

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