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Tuesday 18th March 2008


Basic Computer User

Office fixes dominate Microsoft update
Fixes for Microsoft’s Office productivity suite dominated this month’s Patch Tuesday release. more

Graduates bemused by low-tech offices
New graduates entering the workplace need more innovative communication technologies, such as instant messaging and web cams, to help them perform to the best of their abilities in the office. more

An odd couple or a perfect match?
Industry experts have voiced a wide range of opinions on the potential acquisition of web search and online marketing firm Yahoo by Microsoft. more

Data creation outstrips storage for first time
Digital information is being created at a faster pace than previously thought, and for the first time the amount of digital information created each year has exceeded the world’s available storage space, according to a new IDC report. more

Cyber-attack launched from 10,000 web pages
A security firm has identified over 10,000 web pages rigged by cyber-criminals to hijack the PCs of unsuspecting surfers. more

72 Tips for Safer Computing
From the basics to the extreme, here are the tricks that will keep your computer, you, and your family secure and safe. here

Berners-Lee calls time on Google
Google may have to stand aside as the next wave of web technologies sweeps in, according to Sir Tim Berners-Lee. more

China becomes world’s biggest internet population
China now has the world’s greatest number of internet users, according to Beijing-based research firm BDA. more

IBM predicts five biggest tech trends
IBM has released a series of predictions that they see as the five big new trends in tech for the next five years. more

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Advanced Computer User

Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes
Jacob Neilsen has some great tips for developers... here

Integrated optical fibres to improve electronics
A newly developed process for the insertion of semiconductors into optical fibres is expected to deliver faster, more efficient electronic devices. more

Observer sees Google’s future in transportation routing
Some people peer into crystal balls to predict the future; Stephen Arnold peers into the vast database at the U.S. Patent Office to predict the future of Google. more

The Ultimate USB Key
With some extra planning, your USB drive can be more than a briefcase; it can be a tool to keep you connected and functional, too. more

YouTube Lets Devs Build Own YouTubes
YouTube, Google Inc’s popular video sharing site, is giving away tools that let Web developers tap the underlying database functions of YouTube, in effect allowing users to build their own YouTubes. more

Build a RAID Array
Don’t wait inevitable hard disk crash; set up a mirrored RAID array and let your PC handle the backups for you. here

Internet heading for a fall, says founder
The internet in its current form is unsupportable and dangerous, according to the man that led its inception. more

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One Woman’s Astonishing Experiment With Aspartame
A picture is worth a thousand words -- see the effects of this deadly neurotoxin for yourself! here

Antidepressants Are No Better Than Placebos
New evidence supporting the notion that these expensive drugs loaded with side effects are about as effective as sugar pills. more

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations
A TV news report from Germany available here... confirmed that the German Military is manipulating the climate in Germany. As a result scientists have filed a lawsuit against the government for climate manipulation. more

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It has been attacked, venerated, questioned and praised.
The adjectives used to describe it are many and varied.
It is the only major new religion to have emerged in the 20th century.
People from all walks of life use it every day.
It is growing at an incredible rate.
Everyone seems to have an opinion on it.
It is in the news.
It is talked about in the media, TV and world wide web.
What is Scientology?

Child-like intelligence created in Second Life
Four-year-old Eddie might behave like a typical young boy. Outside of the Second Life virtual world, however, he is anything but. more

Email mayday saves South Atlantic sailors
A retired couple who got into difficulty while sailing across the South Atlantic managed to raise the alarm by emailing coastguards in Cornwall. more

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