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Friday 29th February 2008


Basic Computer User

Hackers turn to drive-by downloads
Organised crime exploiting browser vulnerabilities.
Organised criminal hackers are waging a highly sophisticated war by exploiting vulnerabilities in end users’ web browsers using drive-by downloads, security experts warn. More...

It’s Official: HD DVD Is Dead
Japan’s Toshiba Corp surrendered in the high-definition home movie war on Tuesday, giving up on its HD DVD format after losing the support of key studios and retailers to the Blu-ray technology backed by Sony Corp. More...

Vishing. When phishers get vocal
As Internet users learn not to divulge confidential information on websites, phishers move to new, uncharted territories. Their newest weapon is called “vishing”, as in “Voice Phishing”. More...

Why do E-mails Take so Long to Deliver?
This article gives the reasons for the speed of delivery and also the reasons why delivery can take days. here...

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Advanced Computer User

Use Virtual PC 2007 to access a Complete PC Backup image in Vista
Access and restore single files from an image created with Complete PC Backup and Restore. here...

Thinktanks hail era of the ’social operating system’
A recent study has asserted that the next generation of operating systems will link users to each other on an unprecedented scale as developers incorporate social networking into their platforms. More...

Data breach disclosure, new guidelines to help Australian businesses
A data breach notification guideline to assist businesses and government agencies in the case of a significant data breach is currently in development, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has announced. More...

Application Design Mistakes
A great article from Jacob Nielsen on mistakes to avoid when designing applications: here...

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The Omega-3 Fatty Acid DHA Confirmed to Deter Alzheimer’s
The exact mechanism by which the omega-3 fatty acid DHA deters Alzheimer’s disease has been determined. More...

Antioxidant-Rich Yerba Mate Controls Weight and Prevents Cancer
Yerba Mate tea or Mate, widely used in southern Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay), is an infusion made from the leaves of the tree Ilex paraguaruesis, a species of holly. more

New York Sues Merck over Vioxx Fraud
The city and state of New York have filed a joint lawsuit against Merck & Company for deliberately concealing the dangers of its painkiller Vioxx. More...

Private Study Links Vaccinations to Neurological Disorders
Studies financed by pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies - which are now largely under the control of big pharma - keep stating that there is no link between autism and vaccinations or thimerosal. more

Chemical Used in Non-Stick Cookware Continues to Prove Its Toxicity
There seems to be more evidence mounting in the ongoing Perflurooctanoic Acid (PFOA) debate. more

Why Vaccines Aren’t Safe
If you are still on the fence about vaccines then you need to see this video. more

A Holistic Strategy Against Cancer
It’s up to each individual to empower themselves with knowledge of the myriad ways to eradicate cancer without harming the body. More...

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The Perfect Financial Storm
This is a long read, but well worth it, if you want to understand what is really going on. It is a series of articles written by Jim Puplava called “The Perfect Financial Storm”. He is one of a handful that had the insight to see what was coming, years ago and to write about it. More...

A Bit of Fun for Dog Owners
The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show asks: What Breed Are You? here...

Boffins break solar energy conversion record
Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and Stirling Energy Systems have set a new record for solar energy conversion with a solar-to-grid system net conversion efficiency of 31.25 percent. more

A video of a contortionist
This lady has no bones! here...

Sonim shows off world’s toughest mobile
A bus has been touring round Barcelona during this year’s Mobile World Congress trying to get locals to break a mobile phone.. More...

More on the Pacific Ocean Plastic Recycle Challenge
THE WORLD’s RUBBISH DUMP: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan here...

The average Australian worker is now earning $1,110.20 a week, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The 138 acre mountain backdrop to the Hollywood sign, possibly one of the most famous landmarks throughout the United States, is up for grabs, to the consternation of its neighbours, for a mere AU$23 million.

EC hits Microsoft with record US$1.35B fine
The European Commission has imposed a further penalty on Microsoft for failure to comply with sanctions. more

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