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Tuesday 25th September 2007


Basic Computer User

Critical Zero-Day PDF Bug Compromises Windows PCs
A zero-day PDF vulnerability in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader can allow hackers to take control of Windows boxes. more

Security - Zero-day flaw hits Windows XP
Vulnerabilities in Windows XP could allow remote code execution. more

OpenOffice 2.3 the latest threat to desktop king Microsoft more

Hacker attacks become a business more

Microsoft disabling Word 2003’s ’fast save’ feature more

EU ruling deals setback to Microsoft more

YouTube conundrum for vintage acts The video site is proving a thorn in the side of older, well-known musical artists, from Prince to the Village People. more

Make E-Marketing Work more

SecondLifers, Run for Cover
A researcher finds six easy steps to steal SecondLife accounts with no need for users to lift a virtual finger. more

To make sure your new PC really has what it takes to make the best of running Vista, click here

Americans Give Up Friends, Sex for Web Life more

Storage start-up fits 250 hours of HD content on one disc
An Israeli start-up has created a way to store a whole lot of data on optical discs using fluorescence. more

Police to get powers to censor Australians’ Web more

Vista: The (Annoying) User Account Control
One of the new security feature in Windows Vista is called the User Account Control (UAC) security, where each time you are trying to run a program comes a pop-up message “A program needs your permission to continue”. This can be quite annoying for some, although it does pop up less frequently once all your applications are installed and fully operational. But if you still not happy with this, here’s how to disable it: Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control on or off. Uncheck the default UAC. Then restart Windows.
Please note that Microsoft highly recommend that you do not do this.

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Advanced Computer User

When doing a sort in Microsoft Excel, you can sort by up to three columns. What can you do if you want to use more than three? more

Moore Sees ’Moore’s Law’ Dead in a Decade
In a “fireside chat” with NPR “Tech Nation’s” Moira Gunn, Intel co-founder and chairman emeritus Gordon Moore said he sees his famous law expiring in 10 to 15 years. more

IDF: Intel reclaims floating point superiority more

Flash drives: Your mileage will vary more

How to enhance security using PDF documents more

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Rubman’s Digestion Connection: The Dangers of Colonic Irrigation more

Does A Clinical Trial Database Belong On The Internet? more

What! No tag? Surely they’re jsut being extreme for the publicity?here

A US list of GM (Genetically Modified) foods here

It’s Good to Second-Guess Your Doctor
Of the 149 patients diagnosed with breast cancer, a second evaluation of these patients led to changes in the recommendations for surgical treatment in 77 patients studied (52%).

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After decades of brutal dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising--and they need our help. Today over 100,000 people are on the streets of Rangoon, more around the country. When protesters last marched in 1988, the military massacred thousands. Click here to read the petition and, if you agree, sign it.

An intersting perspective on social networking sites here

MTV to launch activism social network more

Worry About the Right Things here

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