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Tuesday 28th August 2007


Basic Computer User

Spammers use YouTube to spread Storm worm
In yet another twist to the Storm worm menace, spammers are using a fake YouTube site to trick users into downloading the malicious code. more

Make Vista runs Faster
There are many ways to make your Windows runs faster. By adding more memory, running regular disk cleanup, disk defragmenter, having less start up programs, etc. and other usual Windows tweaks. But specifically with Vista, if you’re a power user who usually has multiple programs opened throughout your working day, try turning off the side bar. This is a cool gadgets is of little use for most of us. Next, switch off all animation and the Aero feature. This really cool Vista appearance is taxing your computer’s performance and does little to enhance your productivity.

One quick way to do this is by holding down the Start key then hit Pause. The Control Panel/System windows should pop up. Click on the Advanced system setting on the left bar. In the Performance box, click on the Settings button. Here you can change a few things on the Vista’s Visual Effect. If you want the quick’n easy way, just select Adjust for best performance. Click OK and follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.

If you are dependent on battery run notebook computer, you should notice some improvement on your battery life.

63% of Malware Emerges from U.S. Sites, Report Says
A Cyveillance report chronicles a continued rise in malware distribution and phishing attacks. more

Skype: Windows Update Took Down Service
Watch out for those Windows updates; they might just take down your network. If you’re Skype, that is. more

Storm worm botnet threatens national security? more

Google Wildcards
Searching is easy when you know—even generally—what you’re looking for. But how about when the word you’re seeking is right on the tip of your brain, but won’t make itself known? Use wildcards! more

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Advanced Computer User

The Essential Guide To PC Memory
How much memory does Vista really need? What about Windows XP? And what the heck does DDR mean? How much money will a memory upgrade cost, and where do you buy it? We’ll answer these questions and more, briefing you on the essentials of PC memory technology and saving you a great deal of money and hassle. here

You can get a security utility that allows you to shred (delete) files so they are not recoverable here

Warcraft ’plague’ offers real-life lessons more

Internet users too trusting of search engine results more

Have you ever wondered why Web pages do not display web counters like they use to?
Well often I have and about a month ago I discovered why. I discovered "Google analytics" more

What does Google analytics do? I’ll tell you what I know.

When you set up a web page or blog, you can, by adding a few line of code from Google analytics, get a whole array of data.

Joining Google analytics is free, however it is only useful if you have your own website, business or personal , like a blog for instance, that you want to track who is coming and going.

The information you can get from Google analytics is:

1. How many people visited your website.
2. Which continent and city they are from in visual form
3. Which pages they viewed on your website and how many times those pages were viewed.
4. How long they stayed on your website.
5. How they got to your website, eg, search engine, direct traffic.
6. What the exact keywords they typed in to get to your website, if they used a search engine.
7. and heaps of other details I am still finding about.

So, if you haven’t heard about it like me and you want to know who is seeing your blog, web page etc give Google analytics a go.

and please visit my blog here

(and I’ll know if you visited or not)


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* Increases your risk of bone fractures
* Decreases your thyroid function
* Lowers your IQ
* Causes arthritic-like conditions and dental fluorosis
* Possibly increases your risk of bone cancer

MSG: A silent killer that’s worse than alcohol, nicotine, and drugs is likely lurking in your kitchen cabinets and even your child’s school cafeteria. It’s monosodium glutamate. more

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An amazing story with a great attitude lesson... here

A fabulous lot of tutorials on web page authoring... here

An interesting video clip on choices here

A list of unusual deaths... here

Paramount HD-DVD deal branded ’desperate’ more

From VCR to DVD: Update Your Oldies
With the VCR approaching extinction, this is a very good time—maybe even an essential one—to convert your old VHS tapes to DVD. We’ve got a guide to what you need, and what you need to do here

A marketing viewpoint on your web site: here

Residential landlines are being disconnected at the rate of more than 100,000 a year, but a CHOICE report says it’s still worth hanging onto your landline, despite line rentals still costing more than $300 a year.

Buyin’ up at Yasgur’s farm
In what could be the ultimate property purchase for all those so-called `cashed-up baby boomers’, the farmhouse that once belonged to Max Yasgur - host to the historic 1969 music festival Woodstock - is up for sale.

Could Facebook Swing the US Election?
Nineteen-year-old L.J. Tsunis has some advice for his favorite U.S. presidential candidate: start hanging out on Facebook already. more

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