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Tuesday 12th June 2007


BasicComputer User


Free (and legal) music downloads? here

Hands On with the New Ask.com
Ask.com relaunched Tuesday with an extensive redesign. We went hands-onwith the new search engine, and have first impressions and screencaptures of the new features. more

’Extremely critical’ flaws hit Yahoo Messenger
GLOBAL - Two ’extremely critical’ vulnerabilities have been discoveredin Yahoo Messenger that could be exploited by malicious users tocompromise a system. more

Microsoft readies four critical June patches
Microsoft is preparing to release six software updates on Tuesday. more

1B PCs worldwide by end 2008. It has taken 27 years to cross the firstbillion mark, but it will only take less than 10 to hit the nextbillion, predicts researcher Forrester.

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Advanced Computer User

Solving the network storage dilemma here

How to defend against rogue users here

Four deadly security sins: here

Wireless power has techies beaming
A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyhas created a device that uses magnetic fields to deliver power togadgets remotely. more

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Are Criminal or Board Disciplined Psychiatrists Determining“Safety and Efficacy” of Psychiatric Drugs?

Another breaking New York Times story published June 3rd,“AfterSanctions, Doctors Get Drug Company Pay,” revealed thatpsychiatrists disciplined for criminal fraud convictions and“reckless, if not willful disregard” for thewelfare ofpatients are remaining on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies andcontinuing to conduct drug tests on patients and serve as paidspeakers. With 10 million children prescribed dangerous, mind-alteringdrugs, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental healthwatchdog group, is asking how much information about drug safety andefficacy are based on studies conducted by psychiatrists with a provenrecord of fraudulent and unethical practices.

In 1997, former president of the Minnesota Psychiatric Society, FarukAbuzzahab, had his license temporarily suspended after five patientsdied in his care or shortly thereafter. Further, the FDA concluded thatthis psychiatrist had violated the protocols of every FDA-reviewedstudy he led and had inaccurately reported data to drug manufacturers.Despite this, Abuzzahab is still being entrusted and paid by drugcompanies to conduct research and drug tests—since therestrictions on his license were lifted in 2000, Abuzzahab has beeninvolved in 11 publications or research presentations. Abuzzahabadmitted assisting with the study of popular psychiatric drugs,including Paxil, Prozac, Risperdal, Seroquel, Zoloft and Zyprexa; drugswhich have all recently been revealed to have dangerous even deadlyside effects. CCHR says that conflicts of interest and corruptresearchers may be the reasons why it has taken so long for these sideeffects to be made public.

Even leading psychiatrists such as Steven Sharfstein, former presidentof the American Psychiatric Association (APA), have pointed out thefinancial corruption in their field by publicly admitting thatpsychiatry is improperly tied to the pharmaceutical industry.Sharfstein stated in 2006, “We have allowed ourselves to becorrupted in this marketplace with lucrative consulting to industry,speaker panels, boards of directors and visits from industryrepresentatives bearing gifts.” Daniel J. Carlat, anassistantclinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University, recently said,“Our [psychiatric] field as a whole is progressively beingpurchased lock, stock, and barrel by the drug companies: this includesthe diagnoses, the treatment guidelines, and the nationalmeetings.” CCHR says the vested interests of the APA explainswhythe organization continues to vehemently oppose stronger psychiatricdrug warning labels -- despite the fact that such information couldsave children and consumers lives.

Despite heavy protest by the profitable psycho-pharmaceutical industry,public pressure has resulted in governmental warnings about the seriousside effects of psychiatric drugs—including suicide, mania,psychosis, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and sudden death. Thesedangerous drugs are prescribed to the general population, includingsmall children, based on subjective diagnoses—without anyphysical tests, such as blood tests, brain scans or X-rays, which canconfirm the existence of any “mental disorder.”Read CCHR’spublication, The Report on the Escalating International Warnings onPsychiatric Drugs, to find out more about the dangers of psychiatricdrugs.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights was established in 1969 by theChurch of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of PsychiatryEmeritus at the State University of New York Health Science Center inSyracuse, New York, to investigate and expose psychiatric violations ofhuman rights.

A great article and comments on non-toxic and cheaper householdcleaners here

We have been drinking alkaline water for over a year now and thereseems to be a growing body of experience to support the value of doingso... more

New research shows vitamin D slashes risk of cancers by 77 percent;cancer industry refuses to support cancer prevention more

Cirrhosis of the Liver From a “Harmless" Soft Drink?

By Jon Herring

You can file this article under “another reason to avoid processedfoods."

In ETR #1682, I explained that when the chemical preservative sodiumbenzoate mixes with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), benzene forms as abyproduct. Benzene is an aggressive carcinogen, even in minute amounts.That’s why I strongly recommend avoiding fruit-flavored soft drinks,which are often made with both sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid.

But now there is news that sodium benzoate itself could be responsiblefor DNA damage. Peter Piper, an English professor of molecular biologyand biotechnology at Sheffield University, has been studying thiscommon preservative for the past seven years. When he tested the impactof the substance on living yeast cells, he was alarmed to find that thebenzoate was damaging the “power station" of all cells, themitochondria.

Speaking to The Independent, Piper said, “These chemicals have theability to cause severe damage to DNA in the mitochondria to the pointthat they totally inactivate it: They knock it out altogether."

Damage the energy production capacity of a cell, and the cell willbegin to malfunction in a serious way. Piper suggests that a number ofconditions, including Parkinson’s, cirrhosis of the liver, andaccelerated aging, can be linked to this type of damage.

The bottom line is this. We really don’t know what many of the"harmless" artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives in ourfood will do to us. In most cases, the long-term effects are unknown.So, as always, stick to whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible.And think twice - make that three times - about buying soft drinks thatcontain sodium benzoate.

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Apples. Make sure you eat the skin and seeds... more

Vaccination data hereand more

NO autism in unvaccinated children! more

MICROWAVE COOKING is Killing You! more

De-chlorinate your cooking water! more

Canola Oil is a Pesticide! (i.e. don’t eat it) more

Canadian Cancer Society announces national program to prevent cancerusing vitamin D
The Canadian Cancer Society has announced a major initiative to preventcancer through the use of vitamin D supplements. America’s cancerindustry, of course, insists that cancer should never be prevented withnutrition. Ever wonder why? Read today’s “Outrage!" article on thecancer industry, and you’ll learn why keeping people diseased is a lotmore profitable than making them well. more

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Any time you start thinking you know exactly what is going to happen inthe markets, read this quote from John Maynard Keynes: “Markets canremain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

As one of my trading buddies used to tell me, “Trade what you see, notwhat you think." It might save you some money and a whole lot offrustration.

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Great snow pics... here

Sage advice... here

Amazing Sports Acrobatics here

A video ad for Microsoft’s new Surface... here

The Australian Statistician, Brian Pink, said that using assumptionsbased on recent population trends and information from today’s officialpopulation estimates, the ABS website Population Clock was expected toreach 21,000,000 on 29 June 2007.

The deliberate dumbing down of America (and Australia) here

Global warming or new ice age? here

A fascinating read on supervolcanoes and further compelling evidence(like we needed more with the current water and energy crises) that ourleaders have lost the plot completely in terms of true leadership: hereand here

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