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Tuesday 29th May 2007


Basic Computer User


Protect Your Identity
People take risks online with their identity that they’d never dream of taking in the real world. We’ve gathered 12 tips and 3 apps that can help you keep you safe. more

Aussie’s still being scammed
Queenslanders are forking out around $500,000 a month to Nigerian email scammers. more

Pirates of the Caribbean spam ships Trojan
Unwary users heading for stormy waters. more

Symantec warns of ’parasitic storage’
Businesses are being warned over the increasing trend for criminals to store sensitive or illegal data on networks of compromised systems. more

Faking out the fakers Faced with a tidal wave of counterfeit goods, companies are turning to secretive sci-fi technology. But crooks catch on fast. more

Protect Your Passwords
If you’re logging in using one of the 10 most common passwords, you need to change your ways, or you may face a breach in security. Protect your login with these guidelines for coming up with a safe password that you might even be able to remember. more

Security industry losing malware battle more

Alleged spam King Soloway arrested E-mail security specialists were happy to see Robert Alan Soloway arrested, but expressed doubts that the it would make a significant dent in the volume of unsolicited e-mails plaguing Internet users around the world. more

Xerox develops invisible toner ink that fluoresces under ultraviolet light more

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Advanced Computer User

Suits swarm on ’Web 3.0’ conference Tim Berners-Lee has been talking about the next World Wide Web almost since the first World Wide Web, which he’s credited with inventing, took off. Indeed, Berners-Lee first articulated his vision for a next generation Web in 1998, when he called for a standards-based system for tying together all the different kinds of information that companies and consumers now wrestle with. “Semantic Web" is the term he came up with to describe what the next version of the Internet will look like. It’s not great branding, as Berners-Lee, himself, has admitted, and some folks have just slapped the label “Web 3.0" on the whole endeavour. more

Upgrading to USB 2.0
I have an old laptop that supports only USB 1.1. Is it possible to change it to USB 2.0 without changing the hardware? more

Clock ticking on 1024-bit encryption safety more

What to Do With An .iso File
A reader writes:
"I downloaded Vista from the Microsoft Web site, and I can’t find installation instructions. The file extension is .iso, so it’s not an executable. I tried using the Run command and the install from Add/Remove Programs, but they won’t run it. What do I do to make this file run?" answer here

What should you do when you get that vexing message that your computer’s virtual memory is low? here

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Towards the foot of this blog is a great article on the differences between white and other sugars here

Fruits and Vegetables Fight Off Cancer More

Beat Diabetes With 2 Overlooked Minerals

By Al Sears, MD

Lowering your blood sugar should be your first goal to prevent or reverse diabetes. And there are two nutritional supplements I often give my patients to provide them with a powerful support system to help handle more blood sugar and restore good health.

Vanadium, a crucial trace mineral, mimics the action of insulin. That means it helps move glucose from the blood into the cells where it can be used as energy. It works by making cells more sensitive to insulin, which stimulates the movement of glucose into them. It also inhibits the absorption of glucose from the gut, reducing damaging glucose and insulin spikes. In one study, people with diabetes took a vanadium supplement for three weeks - and the average participant’s blood sugar levels dropped by 10 percent.

Chromium is another important mineral to help control or reverse diabetes. In one study, a group of diabetics took chromium picolinate for 30 days. By the end of that time, participants’ cholesterol had dropped an average of 19 points, with their LDL cholesterol (the kind that can contribute to heart disease) dropping by more than 10 points. Even more important, their average fasting blood sugar level fell by 26 mg/dL.

Take vanadium as vanadyl sulfate, 150 mg once a day with meals. The most effective chromium is chromium picolinate. Take 600 mcg once a day with meals. Both are widely available.

[Ed. Note: Dr. Sears, a practicing physician and the author of The Doctor’s Heart Cure, is a leading authority on longevity, physical fitness, and heart health.]

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Wheat free baking tips: here

This is very well worth while watching as it provides a very good synopsis of why I distrust conventional medical practices and have not had my children vaccinated. here

The study, “Antidepressants and Suicide in Children and Adolescents in Virginia: Toxicology Findings,” analyzed toxicology reports in “unnatural” deaths from the Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office, and was presented to the APA last week. Researcher Dr. Antony Fernandez and colleagues found that youth suicide victims were significantly more likely to have SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) antidepressants in their bloodstream than were victims of other unnatural deaths. SSRIs were found in the bloodstream of at least 56 of the Virginia youth suicide victims whose toxicology results were available—the suicides ranged from poisoning to hanging and gunshots. These findings follow a 2004 warning by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that children and teens are twice as likely to experience “suicidal thoughts and behaviors” than they are on placebo. Although the study pointed out that the victims of homicide did not have higher rates of antidepressants in their bloodstream, the APA has yet to acknowledge that eight recent adolescents committing homicide in school shootings were in fact under the influence of antidepressants—documented to cause mania, psychosis, depersonalization, and in some cases, “homicidal ideation.”

China knows how to deal with FDA corruption. Yesterday, China’s leaders announced the execution of their former top FDA official, who was caught accepting over $800,000 in bribes from drug companies.

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Spy Drones Now Watch British Citizens, Too
It could be the 4 million closed-circuit television cameras, or maybe the spy drones hovering overhead, but one way or another Britons know they are being watched. All the time. Everywhere. more

Don’t know whether or not it applies here but Nissan North America has a warning for customers: placing your electronic key too close to your cellphone could leave you stranded. more


By Peggy McColl

Years ago, when I was a vice president of corporate development, I created a system that was used to evaluate our employees and determine the amount of their yearly bonuses. And I found it curious that when the employees were measured against the standards of my system, very few had performed at the highest level.

While all of them had earned a bonus, only 10 percent had gotten the full incentive that was available to those who met all their performance goals.

I asked the president of the company, “If you look at the people in this top 10 percent who achieved the maximum bonus, what do you think they have in common?” Without hesitation, he said “Confidence. They exude confidence, so they get results.”

Confidence is a belief in yourself and your abilities that delivers to you the things you want. What you desire may not come exactly when you expect it, or in the form you’d imagined, but make no mistake: Confidence is a tremendously powerful emotion that will change your vibration and bring you what you hope for.

Confidence will lift you up no matter what the challenge, helping you access all your personal resources. By feeling faith in yourself, you’ll be aware of your many gifts and be able to use them to make your situation better. If you’ve lost your job, you’ll remember all your strengths, talents, and connections with other people who can help you find a new and better one. If you’ve ended a relationship or friendship, you’ll know for certain that you’ll attract a loving, wonderful partner or friend, and your confidence will draw them in just as if you were a magnet.

Don’t talk yourself out of feeling self-assured, and don’t let anyone else try to either. Only you know what you’re capable of and the passion you have for your goal. Your confidence will be like a strong tailwind pushing you toward your destiny.

[Ed. Note: This article was adapted from Peggy McColl’s book, Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions, and Attract the Life of Your Dreams.]

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Get a fee free college class? more

Another couple of exercise links... here and here

Is “benefit selling” obsolete, or does it still work in today’s market? Indeed it does, says Doug Hall, CEO of Eureka Ranch, who gained brief notoriety as the “mean" judge on a reality TV show for aspiring inventors.

According to Hall, of 901 new products and services studied over a 5-year period, the survival rate for those whose marketing communicated specific benefits was 38% vs. only a 13% survival rate for goods whose benefits were less clear.

Conclusion: stressing clear benefits increases your product’s chance of success more than threefold.

Source: BusinessWeek SmallBiz, 5/07, p. 36.

Breakthrough on-demand hydrogen fuel generator may make hydrogen cars safe and practical more

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