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Tuesday 15th May 2007


Basic Computer User

Download backdoor found in Windows Update
No protection currently available for Bits flaw. more

Study: TV Is Babysitting Kids, and Dumbing Them Down more

The best free software here

Cyber-thieves ’richer than drug dealers’
Security firm warns of ’disturbing trends’. more

Tele Atlas unveils 3D city maps including London, Rome and Berlin more

Google warns of ’dirty’ Web sites
A new study from the Web giant of 4.5 million sites shows that one in 10 Web pages could install rogue applications on client PCs or allow hacker access to private info. more

Cybercrooks add QuickTime, WinZip flaws to arsenal
Security holes in media player and compression software had not previously been used in cyberattacks, according to Symantec. more

Study: Workers steal data when changing jobs
With data heading out the door over remote connections or on thumb drives tucked away in pockets or bags, nearly half of IT workers blame poor security. more

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Advanced Computer User

Windows Update KO’s Norton Internet Security
In this blog post from AppScout , Neil Rubenking and Larry Seltzer describe the bad things that happen when Symantec and Microsoft tangle. Neil solves his Norton issue, but Larry’s Symantec issues indicate deeper problems. more

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A short history of dinner time here

From Peter Davies in Melbourne...

Hello All,

Now here’s the New York Times getting into the act.


If you need a login just register as they have some great articles. It was the NYT that blew the whistle on Eli Lilley earlier this year. Or do a search on “Psychiatrists, Children and Drug Industry’s Role" in the NYT.

Get those letters and calls out to the local papers, and talk to councillors, policitians, waiters, cooks, children, adults, teachers, plumbers, electricians, fishmongers, farmers. As a matter of fact there isn’t anyone who shouldn’t know what’s going on.

It also happened in the last week that the drug lobbyist who was head of Canberras ADHD investigation resigned - and we only got half a dozen letters out. If everyone writes the whole sham may get stopped. These investigations usually follow the ’Yes Minister’ format of only holding an investigation when you know what the outcome will be, and the ’right’ people are usually appointed, just to be sure.

It’s about time we set the agenda, and the outcome.

Here’s a teaser from the Times article “Anya Bailey is among a growing number of children given antipsychotic drugs by doctors who are paid by the makers of those drugs.

When Anya Bailey developed an eatiung disorder after her 12th birthday, her mother took her to a psychiatrist at the University of Minnesota who prescribed a powerful antipsychotic drug called Risperdal.

Created for sachizophrenia, Risperdal is not approved to treat eating disorders, but increased appetite is a common side effect and doctors may prescribe drugs as they see fit. Anya gained weight but within two years developed a crippling ... “

So read it and check any other info you need on the www.cchr.org site and educate your neighbourhood. You will save a life.

Peter CCHR Pubs Vic

Why You Want to Keep Your Baby Away From the TV! (The discussion under the article is also interesting.) here

American College of Physicians warns women in their 40s about dangers of mammograms
The American College of Physicians has recommended women in their 40s consult with their doctors before undergoing routine annual mammography screening. more

If You Aren’t Using This Type of Exercise You Are Missing Out Big Time more

If your goal is to find alternative sources of calcium rather than another kind of milk to drink, there are plenty of other food sources of calcium...

Food Calcium (mg)
Broccoli, raw, ½ cup 21
Cereal, fortified, 1 cup 100 to 1,000
Chinese cabbage, raw, 1 cup 74
Kale, cooked, 1 cup 94
Orange juice, fortified, 6 oz. 200 to 260
Salmon, canned with bones, 3 oz. 181
Sardines, canned with bones, 3 oz. 324
Spinach, cooked, ½ cup 120
Turnip greens, cooked, ½ cup 99

Source: National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements.

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Probe shows Venus ’as never before’ here

There are rivers in the sky. Although they can’t be seen by the naked eye, atmospheric rivers (150- to 300-mile-wide regions of very moist and fast-moving air) cut enormous channels through the sky and play a key role in the planet’s water cycle. For instance, they provide snow and rain - and sometimes cause flooding - in the Western U.S. (Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

An interesting site for weight, liquid conversions etc. here

Pictures of the death of a star here

"Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose."
["The more things change, the more they stay the same."]- Alphonse Karr

The Infrastructure of Life, Part 1

By Robert Ringer

If you’re familiar with my writing, you know that I’m a proponent of embracing change through action. Homeostasis - the tendency to live with existing conditions and avoid change - is a curse that paralyzes a majority of the human race.

While it’s true that we live in a rapidly changing world, it’s important to recognize that the daily changes we witness are changes in form only. The real substance of our universe, and thus of life itself, is comprised of universal principles. These universal principles - also known as axioms, truths, or natural laws - form the infrastructure for the stage of life upon which each of us performs.

When the weather changes dramatically, as it has in the past several years, the universal principles (euphemistically referred to as "science") that cause such radical changes remain firmly in place. Likewise, the economy may change, but, no matter how much mischievous politicians try to manipulate it, the free-market principles that underlie the workings of the economy do not change one iota.

Morally superior political-action groups can create fictions such as "hate crimes" - and even pressure weak-kneed politicians into making such fictions illegal - but human nature is such that people go right on hating anyway. It is axiomatic that a human being’s thoughts cannot be forcibly repressed.

Technology changes on a daily basis before our very eyes. However, our vanity blinds us to the reality that all we are really doing is rearranging atoms. Video games and iPods aside, the laws of molecular structure are the same today as they were in prehistoric times.

This is not just an academic discussion I am engaging in here. On the contrary, it has everything to do with how you live your life on a day-to-day basis. Any civilized religion has built into it - at least through implication - the sanctity of universal principles. (As always, my statement is meant to include the religion of atheism.)

Universal principles are omniscient and omnipotent. Whether they are omnibenevolent is subject to debate and beyond the scope of this article. My focus here is on the importance of living your life in harmony with universal principles as the only possible way to retain your sanity in an increasingly insane world.

Everyone is familiar with George Santayana’s famous words: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Even a casual student of history is painfully aware that, notwithstanding how far mankind has advanced technologically, we continue to make the same mistakes today that our ancestors have made throughout history.

Sadly, when idealistic lads and lasses bid farewell to their clueless profs at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale, they have learned very little about the lessons of history. Worse, the pudding heads who were in charge of teaching them likely perverted the lessons of history to ensure that these future leaders of our society will make the same mistakes as their predecessors.

The great Thomas Sowell explained it even better than Santayana when he said, “Everything is new if you are ignorant of history. That is why ideas that have failed repeatedly in centuries past reappear again, under the banner of ’change,’ to dazzle people and sweep them off their feet."

Which, in turn, is why the words of Will Durant are so painfully accurate: “It may be true... that ’you can’t fool all the people all the time,’ but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country."

In Part 2 of this article, I will discuss how I believe all this relates to you and your ability to lead a full and meaningful life, to provide for your family, and to achieve your most cherished goals.

Until then... think about it.

[Ed. Note: Take a gigantic step toward achieving all your personal and professional goals - faster than you ever imagined - with Robert Ringer’s best-selling personal-development program And sign up for his Voice of Sanity e-letter here.]

From the http://www.earlytorise.com newsletter
[Early to Rise Copyright ETR, LLC, 2007]
If you’d like to subscribe to Early to Rise or suggest it to a friend, please visit: here

An interesting video from Avaaz... here

FBI analyst steals national secrets more

Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV screens its new documentary on oil, “Crude", on Thursday 24 May at 8.30PM. See a trailer here

A Do-It-Yourself website with masses of e.g. vege-growing tips that can help people adapt to energy decline: here

A gravity fed, very low water consumption way of growing food in a low energy future: here

Great commentary on the importance of growing food locally in Australia: here
A quote:
"David Holmgren told a recent food security conference in Melbourne, that “the conclusion is that we should use water at home to produce food. Don’t let anyone, including the authorities, tell you that [it] is environmentally irresponsible."

Good for a cackle... here

When eating in a Chinese restaurant, have you ever stabbed your food with your chopsticks or used them like drumsticks on the table? Tsk tsk. Those are major violations of etiquette in the Asian countries that use chopsticks as eating utensils. Other actions to avoid include pointing with your chopsticks, using them to move bowls or plates, or letting the points touch the table. And when you’re done eating, never leaving them standing vertically in a bowl of rice, which can be associated with certain funeral rites. Chopsticks should instead be placed horizontally on the plate or on a chopstick rest. (Source: Wikipedia)

Having a business that passes the century mark is a pretty noteworthy achievement, but how about 14 centuries?

Until its assets were acquired by a large construction company in 2006, Japanese temple-building company Kongo Gumi had been run by its founder’s descendants for 1,428 years, making it the longest-running, continuously operating family business in the world.

Prior to being taken over, Kongo Gumi had been struggling for several years. As you might imagine, the market for its temple-building services had been declining.

(Source: Business Week)

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