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Tuesday 24th April 2007


Basic Computer User

Here’s some data and new terms for you.
"And, a week’s worth of NY Times has more information than a person in the 18th century was likely to come across in their LIFETIME. But wait, it is getting worse. This year we will generate 1.5 exabytes worldwide. 1,000 gigabytes is a terabyte, and those hard drives are just coming out. 1,000 terabytes is a petabyte and 10,000 petabytes is an exabyte. So that is 1.5 million petabytes." From here

Can ’Virus’ Text Message Kill You? Of Course Not
Mobile service providers in Pakistan have been inundated by calls from subscribers worried by a prank message that they could die of a deadly virus being transmitted via their phones. More

Windows ’patent tax’ pegged at US$21.50 per copy
Patent deals weigh heavy on retail pricing, open source group alleges. More

User-generated content threatens traditional entertainment
Accenture poll highlights disruptive power of home-grown content. More

Nearly half of all mainstream desktop systems are expected to have quad-core microprocessors by the end of 2009, predicts market research firm iSuppli.

Barclays is sending out free handheld chip and PIN card readers to customers, who will use the devices when they access their online bank accounts to set up payments to third parties.

Firefox use in Europe nears 25 percent
Market share nearly double that in some countries. More

Single-victim spam attacks skyrocket
Micro-managed attacks that consist of one e-mail targeting one person are up more than 10 times over last year’s levels, a message security company said Tuesday. More

Essential Security: Firewalls
You need a firewall for protection at home, at your business, or on the road. Read today’s tip to learn more about this essential security device. More

Analogue radio faces its endgame
More spectrum needed for digital, says Ofcom. more

Microsoft has admitted that up to 98 percent of messages sent to Hotmail addresses are spam.

Orange and Vodafone cut VoIP from Nokia N95
It’s about technology not protectionism, say telcos. more

11 Ways to Search Without Google here

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Advanced Computer User

Can I Unstick Items in the Start Menu?
"On my Start menu, on the left-hand side, I list my most accessed applications. That is, I right-click their shortcuts and choose Pin to Start menu and this puts them on the Start menu, above the line. Over time, my usage has changed, and I would like to remove some of the items. I can’t get the old applications off the list. I’ve clicked Unpin from Start menu and Remove from This List many times, but to no avail. I seem to be able to add and remove new items, but the old ones just stay put. Do I need to go through the Registry to modify the list? I don’t seem to be able to do it with regular point-and-click actions." For the solution, go here.

Top 10 Vista Hacks
Itching to make Windows Vista behave the way you want it to, not the way Microsoft does? Take these fun and useful hacks for a whirl. More

Vista Made Easy: 50 Tips And Tricks
In today’s tip, we’ll walk you through Vista’s many neat features and more than 50 tips on installing Vista optimally, configuring it for you and your family, improving system speed, and turning up its coolness. When we’re through, you’ll have made the new OS uniquely yours. More

To learn how to make your own font click here

In pursuit of optimum speed
Vendors spend billions to reduce latency in their gear, fueling the move to InfiniBand technology... more

Web 3.0 gets under way
TopQuadrant and Franz team on semantic Web development environment and database... more

Just as you give your home a regular vacuum to remove the dirt that you and your family bring into the house...well, your computer is no different.... more

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For the top herbs and supplements for wound healing and post-surgical recovery click here

Mobile phones ’killing bees’
Study suggests radio-emitting devices could be responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder. More

Senate committee approves drug safety bill, but FDA still runs on Big Pharma money More

Stronger, Faster, Smarter
Exercise does more than build muscles and help prevent heart disease. New science shows that it also boosts brainpower--and may offer hope in the battle against Alzheimer’s. More

Some data on Xylitol as a sweetener... More

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This week I received a brilliant series of quotes from Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government - never more relevant than today... More

Some funny home videos of people asleep in unusal places. Could this be described as an “out-of-bed" sleeping experience? here

If you are wanting to catch a little light reading on UFO propulsion systems... ... click here

Nasa proves Einstein’s theories
Physicist correct about bending of space-time. More

A record one in three new mortgages were sold to property investors as opposed to owner occupiers, during March 2007, according to figures published this week by mortgage broker AFG. AFG Mortgage Index shows that 32.9 per cent of all new mortgages were sold to investors - the highest such figure AFG has recorded in the four years it has been running the index.

Some truly spectacular wildlife photography... here

And some great computer graphics... here

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