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Tuesday 13th February 2007


Basic Computer User


In Internet Explorer pressing the F6 key will get you quickly to the Address Bar, the next key stroke would override the previous URL.

An educational article on popups More

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Advanced Computer User

1-Net offers non-stop online backup service More

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After having used a water filter for nearly 30 years I am doing some research on distilled water. A link to an article on distilled water. here
And another on the myths of distilled water here

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Knock knock! Who’s there?
Most people living in modern apartments will know the joy of the video intercom. Just being able to see who is outside without having to go to the door and squint through a peephole would be a welcome addition to most homes. GE has come up with the IntelliCorder Camera System, which is essentially a video feed attached to your front door. The "intelligent surveillance system" simply fits in an existing peephole hole and has a motion-activated recording system that captures a short video of any visitors whose presence graces your doorstep. So you can even see who called around when you weren’t home.

An interesting video of the second chance program here

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